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Broken: Because I reject the truth

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Broken Because I Reject the Truth!

Colossians 2:1-10

I.        Introduction

A. Basis – Eve was given the truth by God – not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, but she decided that she was more right than God.  If she followed her plan she thought life would be better.  It turns out God was right as sin only brought problems.  She rejected the truth of God and things became difficult, not better, when sin entered

B. Illustration – Jake and me in the parking lot yesterday

II.      True knowledge and Wisdom are found in Christ (2-4)

A. Exegesis

1. Paul’s hope is for the encouragement and unity of the church so that the knowledge and wisdom of Christ can continue – It is through His church

2. Full riches – plouto~ - abundance and great value of three types of knowledge

a) Explain it - Plhrosofia – Wisdom - Complete assurance –

(1) Knowing the truth to such an extent that you can defend what you believe

(2) 1 Peter 3:15

b) Apply it - “sunvesew~” – Critical knowledge – the ability to apply first principles to any situation – application

c) understand it - Epignosi~ - Knowledge – the power to understand the truth instinctually – it becomes who you are

3. The three types of knowledge apply to the “mystery of God” – Christ

4. In him are hidden knowledge and wisdom

a) The word for hidden is apokrufo~ - which is where we get the word for apocrypha.  Today we see the apocrypha as false writings but in the first century they were books held by the Gnostics which they believed held certain knowledge and wisdom that would gain them deeper spirituality or even salvation

b) Paul is saying the deepest levels of spiritual knowledge are found in Him, not our wisdom or books.

c) The truth of Christianity is not a secret which is hidden; it is a secret which is revealed

5. We are not to be deceived by fine-sounding arguments – persuasive speech that is not based on fact – it just sounds good

a) Did you know that you can get your seminary degree on line for $19.95?


B. Application

1. You cannot mix Jesus in with other philosophies or systems of belief

a) You cannot be a Christian Buddhist

b) You cannot follow your horoscope and Jesus

c) You cannot follow the American idea of success that you see on TV and follow Jesus

2. Jesus fixes our brokenness with His truth

III.   We are to Walk in Him (6-7)

A. Illustration – rainbow vacuum cleaner guy that came to sell us something we could not afford.  They get in the house by making it sound like anyone could have one, but when they hit you with the price you can’t do it.  Many see faith in the same way.  We start to understand God’s perfection through Christ’s wisdom and realize that we can never do it.  It is Christ who does it in us

B. Exegesis

1. Notice that it is not “Live it out on your own,” or build yourself up, or strengthen yourself – all of that is found in HIM

2. Begins with receiving Jesus Christ as Lord – first and most important wisdom is understanding our need for forgiveness and salvation

3. Continues with being rooted and built up in Him

a) Roots do what? – provide stability and nourishment

b) Foundations do what? – provide stability and direction in the building process

4. Wisdom of Christ becomes thankfulness in Christ – The result of living in Christ and knowing Truth

C. Application

1. We are able to live in accordance with truth because of the wisdom and knowledge IN CHRIST – We are to grow in our relationship with him and as we do so, He will strengthen us according to His knowledge and wisdom

IV.    Christ is the ultimate authority in this world (8-10)

A. Illustration

1. Being led into pornography or alcohol because the world says it will make you happier, and yet people are not happier

2. Being led to believe that Money is the ultimate purpose in live, and yet most who pursue money as their end are not happier

3. The more we pursue self-interest the less content and happy we are

B. Exegesis

1. Paul compares human tradition and basic principles of this world (elementary spirits of this world) to Christ – What we can come up with as opposed to what He reveals to us

2. Paul uses terms of slaver – being taken captive – you have been set free by Christ from Sin and its effects,

3. Those of hollow and deceptive philosophy only lead back into sin

4. They are not rooted in ultimate truth

5. But in Christ the fullness of deity dwells – His mind understands the fullness of creation and it’s parameters

6. He is the head of all things, there is no wisdom that exceeds Hi

C. Application

1. Why would we not trust the ultimate authority of Christ our creator?

2. We do not need to look elsewhere for truth, it is found in Him

3. All other science and truth will align with Him

4. We are not to seek truth from other sources – Science is OK and will lead us back to Christ if we go in without prior convictions

V.      Conclusion

A. Find Truth in Christ

B. In Him we find the truth that gives us abundant life and Hope

C. In Him We find the truth that offers forgiveness of sin and salvation

Jake and I were in a parking lot this morning.  It is a rule that he must hold my hand in the parking lot, but at the moment he was trying to get away from me.  I said to him, “Jake, we are in a parking lot!”  He replied, “No we’re not!”  The truth was obvious, but it did not fit his desire for the time.  Therefore, he simply denied the truth.  That is what so many do today.  The truth is too difficult to handle, so in our sin nature we try to deny the truth as though that would make it go away

1 Peter 3:15, "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,"

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