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The Resurrection of the Body

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Take out again. That's why I had good morning church. Wonderful to be here with you all. It's a privilege to be able to bring the word of God to you and I just want for it to be beneficial to you. So let's pray for God to make it real to all of our hearts. Okay, let's pray together.

Father thank you for our worship team that Faithfully leads us to your throne room weekend and week out. Thank you for these rich songs that we get to sing together. Thank you for that reminder in A Mighty Fortress that though this world with Devil's filled with threaten to undo us. We don't have to fear for you have willed your truth and Triumph through US Let Your Truth Triumph this morning for your gourlay your truth Triumph in our hearts. Or did you overcome things in our minds and hearts that are holding us back? Weighing us down. Forbid you strengthen us and nourishes. With this word, what are Faith be refined and purified? Baby Centaur self closer to that great goal of being with you in glory.

Meet your people through your word and fill me Lord with the power of your Holy Spirit to preach in Jesus name. Amen. So we're coming to the end of the sermon series The plan is this week. We tackle that phrase in the Apostles Creed that old ancient Creed that happens to be the oldest most widely accepted thoroughly use Creed in the history of the church. We're coming to the end of it in the last two phrases the resurrection of the body and the life Everlasting next week. We'll talk with the life Everlasting thinking about how we are going to inherit a new heavens and a new Earth as our Eternal playground Eternal playground of the people of God. We're going to think about heaven next week this week. We're going to talk about the resurrection of the body resurrection and and then specifically for them some our talks directly about the resurrection of the body are physical bodies and how we will be resurrected other words what God is going to do. Then us so that we are ready to inherit an eternal weight of Glory. So looking forward to this morning and next week God willing will we will finish out our sermon series on the Apostles Creed this morning as we talked about the resurrection of the body is to start in John 11. I want to tell the story of John 11 so that we get the context of these glorious well-known verses that John Boehner read for us a few moments ago. So they're going to look directly at those verses after we've heard the story of chapter 11, and then I want to step back the last part of the sermon and look at a specific strength scriptures that teach about Resurrection bodies give us a window into the bodies that we're going to have that are part of our inheritance of a new heavens and a new Earth. So that's where we're going this morning and I want to start in John chapter 11. Just telling you that Story, so this is soaked in the context of our passage the better you get the story internalized the more you're going to appreciate what Jesus is saying in those golden verses and chapter 11 verses 26 and 27. So a man named Lazarus is ill to the point that he is now on his deathbed. He is one of Jesus's friends. As is his two sisters, Mary and Martha who are distraught because of the medical condition of their brother Lazarus in with a sense of urgency. They send a messenger to Jesus to tell him about the predicament that Lazarus is in to not just give that Medical Update but in place at least a come, you're the good physician do something about this raise him up renew his body strength in him heal him. For the messenger comes to Jesus tells him about Lazarus and Jesus is answer calmly. This illness doesn't lead to death. Hold on to that one. Because it doesn't this morning but there's something about how Jesus is thinking about death that we need to lock onto. So Jesus says this doesn't this illness doesn't lead to death and then you give this window into this whole account saying my father is doing something through these circumstances. Through the circumstance with Lazarus and everything surrounding it. My father is wanting to glorify his son. My father wants to show you something about me.

So then Jesus even with all the human urgency pressing in upon him. Decides to stay where he's at for two more days. And then after two days, he basically says okay guys time to go tell the disciples and come with him. It's time to go awaken Lazarus. And the typical disciples Jesus if he's just sleeping. We're pretty sure he can recover from that condition. And Jesus as always has to speak a little more Playmate guys. He's dead. Let's go so they come with him and they travel to Bethany the village of Bethany just a couple miles out of Jerusalem where many Jews have already traveled from Jerusalem to Bethany to be with Mary and Martha to comfort them in their grief to comfort them in their sorrow because at the time of Jesus's rival Lazarus has been dead in the Tomb for four days count that two days he decided to wait back and then travel time. It's been 4 days Lazarus has been dead in the Tomb. And so this is a scene of great grief. Jesus is entering into Bethany. Mary stays back at the house, but Martha gets weird and comes out to see him and she comes trembling with grief. Immediately. It's like a spills over when she gets there telling of Jesus. He's dead. If you had been here, he would not have died.

scree stricken Jesus speaks to her maybe what a lot of people would say to each other at a funeral your brother will rise.

And Martha gives her Theology of the Resurrection. I know Jesus. I know that at the end of the day and the End of the Age. There's going to be a general resurrection of the Dead. I know Jesus is if there is but he's dead now.

And then Jesus Cervantes in essence Martha. I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, even though he died she's going to live again forever and whoever lives and finds life in me and Believes In Me will never die. Never ultimately die.

and then

she Jesus looks at him Jesus looks at her and says a really direct question. Do you believe this? Do you believe this? In her responses stunning, I believe that you are the Christ the son of God who is coming into the world. And otherwise, I believe that you're the one that our people have been waiting for all this time at all. The promises of God are found in you. Yes, I believe every word that you just said. Stunning response by Martha. She goes and tells Mary and I'll Mary comes to Jesus in this is the Mary that was sitting down at his feet choosing the good portion one who knew Jesus quite well and perhaps even felt even more freedom in her sorrow before she she comes Falls at his feet burst into tears. Say the same thing. Your sister said if you would have been here. My brother would be alive right now.

Jesus taking In This Moment swallow starting parts of this account to me. She's just taking in this moment in a way that no human being could no one had the capacity to grasp the depth of what was happening all around you seen Mary burst into tears looking into the depths of her sorrow and human suffering looking into the chain reaction of weeping with all these comforters around her. He's looking at the reality of death row in the face in sing it all the way to the bottom of the depth of it human sorrow suffering grief. He sees it all in all of it as we're swells up in his big Divine heart in that moment and with the most simple eloquence you can hear ever in the scriptures foretold Jesus. He himself burst into tears in that moment. And then he was led to the tomb.

And He commands that the tomb that the stone that's in front of this cave is Tomb would be removed and Martha immediately objects. Just going like cheese. It's been 4 days. There's already going to be an older. Let's not add insult to the injury here and make things worse than they already are. It's been 4 days. Jesus commands if that's the only removed and he immediately lift his eyes to Heaven thanking his father that his father always hears him when he tried to talk to him and acknowledge for him, but it is for everyone that's listening and everything the one that will hear about this account and what's happening in that moment saying that father I know that you're doing this so that they would believe that you sent me other than they would see a window into who I am and as it were after he utters his amen. You left a lot with a loud voice and says Lazarus come out. And every eyes glued on the mouth of the cave.

And also there since the movement the cave and then you see this figure walking out down hands and feet with a cloth over his head strips all over him all that marking Jewish burial Customs. He calms wobbling out of this cave Jesus command unbind him. As if not just to talk to the people that I'm buying him, but almost to speak to death itself.

This is John chapter 11 in the not showing at the very heart of this chapter. This account that we just read is those two glorious and famous verses John 11 verses 25 and 26 where Jesus is speaking to Martha number. Jesus says your brother will rise again. Martha says, I know if he's going to rise in that General Resurrection at the End of the Age. Jesus is going to respond to Martha statement about her theology her understanding about the resurrection and he turns her inside. Martha I am the resurrection and the life ever believes in me though. He die yet shall he live and everyone who lives and Believes In Me shall never die. consider this text with me and especially all the way just heard about this account and how it informed that we understand those two glorious versus so looking at chapter 2 verse 25

Jesus says I am the resurrection and the life I give Resurrection. You don't need to say I give life in her life. She actually says that resurrection and life are so bound up and so dependent on and so find their Source in him that he can say. I'm sure footing I am the resurrection and the life. I am the resurrection and the life. And then he unpack sit in the rest of the verse and he's going to kind of do it in two parts. The first part is he says whoever believes in me though. He died yet. Shall he live in a sense what he's doing? He's unpacking that parties explaining that he's the resurrection. Rently says whoever believes in me though. He die yet shall he live and then in verse 26 everyone who lives and Believes In Me shall never die. He's unpacking the fact that he's the life. So think about that you said I am the resurrection am the resurrection and he says whoever believes in me though. He die yet shall he live or you can put it this way? Whoever believes whoever puts their trust in me. Whoever is United to me by faith. Cuz I'm the resurrection. Even though he dies even after he dies he's going to live. Like Resurrection is guaranteed if you're connected to me. That's what Jesus is saying here because I am the resurrection Resurrection. Unto eternal life is guaranteed. If you are connected to me by faith, if you believe in me, whoever believes in me, even though he dies he shall live but then he unpacks the fact that he is the life when he says and everyone who lives and Believes In Me notice of shift there. Inverse 25u says whoever lives in me though. He die yet. He shall live speaking of this future Resurrection Life. You will be resurrected that person who plays will be resurrected and you'll have life eternal life in the future. But notice a shift in verse 26 everyone who lives. present everyone who lives and Believes In Me and those two words are so bound up together and in John's mind here, whoever lives and believes if you believe in Jesus you have life. What life is you talking about here?

We could answer two ways. He's talking about eternal life. That's a strange idea, isn't it? I thought it said we're going to get later. But, you know like John says the same thing and John first John chapter 5 verse 13 when he says I'm writing to you so that you may know that you have eternal life eternal life is something that one can have in the present, and we'll have fully in the future. You think if you believe if United Me by faith you have eternal life now, and you're going to have it later if you had if you believe in me you have Resurrection Life now, and you're going to have Resurrection Life with her. I love how scripture just interpret scripture and how the apostles are. Just one Accord on this the Apostle Paul talk to exact same way, you know, what a fusions to and it talks about how we were dead in our trespasses and sins and when were United in Jesus by faith. It says that we have been raised with him and seated with him in Heavenly places. In other words. You're not just going to be resurrected through faith in Jesus Christ. You are Resurrected In Jesus Christ, you are presently raised from the dead. I am the resurrection and the life if you believe in me, you have Resurrection Life now and you're going to have it later and notice what he says they're in verse 26 and everyone who lives and Believes In Me shall never die.

She'll never die what he doesn't mean by that. Is it you're never going to breed your last breath, or what? Do you think he means by that? It obviously is aware that people died in heaven 9 4002 years.

He's saying you will never ultimately die. It's a stunning thought the way Jesus talks about death in chapter 11 is really something for the believer to grab hold up, right? He says at the beginning of the chapter all this illness doesn't lead to death. Really? Actually what we're getting a window is how Jesus is thinking about death for a Christian.

If you believe in Jesus Christ. Death Becomes pretty small

He already said Lazarus is sleeping. Let's go wake him up. Why do you say that? Death is small, Christian wake him up. Because for the believer death is really a small thing you go from Life To Life as a Believer. There's never a time that you are not living if you believe in Jesus Christ you realize that

If you believe in Jesus Christ you are raised. You are raised at the moment of your conversion. Spiritually. I live with Jesus Christ in Union with him. And when you die your spirit goes immediately into his presence. You're alive More Alive than ever. I would say about Elder Bernie when I talk about him like he's more alive than any of you are. Who did myself what's he waiting for? She's waiting for the resurrection of the body, which we're going to talk about a lot, but he is plenty alive right now. We go from life to life in that little thing called Death is just a portal that shoots us into Glory into the presence of guys waiting for our Resurrection bodies. If we believe in Jesus, we have life presently and we're going to have life eternally and we don't have to worry about the record skipping at all in between. We have life in Jesus Christ. This is extremely hopeful thought if you let that land on you the fact that death. Is small like the way that she's a streets death. Harry says that you'll never die. Ultimately you're going to live. Like death is just just so small for the Christian. How do you think we should feel about it? I'm not exactly looking forward to the process of it. Are you? I'm Not Jesus not saying we should celebrate the process of death or the pain that could be involved in death, but he's saying in light of what we have right now and we'll have fraternity death is very small. So how should we feel about it in light of this?

Should we fear it? We have no need to fear that that's a stunning. Isn't it? We don't need to fear death or not to worry about our data because we know that we are saved Christian because we know the one who's the resurrection in the life and I safely. Can yield up our spirit on that day and I safely at peace at rest not with wishful thinking not with presumption. But with a joyful in this is what I've been told I've been living in Jesus Christ since I got saved and now I'm looking forward to doing it in an even more direct way and it just going to get better from here is an amazing thing that death is small for the Christian. What sauce is amazing about this text is that Lazarus this experience here is really instructed to us because we're told in the scripture said if we believe in Jesus we have died with him write his death is our death and his resurrection is our Resurrection silver spiritually alive with him right now and don't ask you this. You can imagine this from Lazarus this perspective. Okay? Obeys a voice he comes out of a tomb and everybody is going you've been dead for 4 days. He's going to look at yourself looking down and all his bandages.

If you were Lazarus and you've been brought from Death To Life, how would you want to live?

And you think Lazarus would just kind of go on as usual or do you think things will be a little different for Lazarus?

You think Lazarus would fear death so much. I've already died Lazarus is dead or if you're in Christ you've already dyed you don't have to fear death anymore. The death you died you died to sin and you've lived to Christ and you've been raised you actually like Lazarus have a brand new lease on life and consider your position here. Why do do imagine Lazarus like kind of getting his bearings after that and just immediately just being anxious about the little things he was anxious about before he died. Like that relational conflict that he had. Marriage difficulty do you imagine Lazarus just born?

Are you imagine him walking with a new perspective on life into those things? Not that they don't exist. But do you think he's going to come at him with a little different perspective a little different Power a little different hope other than energy and I just want to say beloved. That's us we have been we have died and we've been raised with Christ. We have this new lease on life and we can live we don't have to live in fear. We can live like we've already dyed and we can live like we are more alive than we ever had been in our lives because our lives are hidden with Christ who is the resurrection and the life. We don't have to fear anymore. There's a certain fearlessness that comes over a Christian and there's a certain fearlessness that God wants a Christian to walk in and I hope that God will impress that in your hearts as we look at it as we're looking at this text here that you won't be able to look not just at at the fat death and not fear death as a Christian but also that you wouldn't fear dying to yourself daily. Play Paul says I die every day but there's a sense in which we die to the old self every single day and some of the things you know, somebody like I'm not that afraid of death, but you know what you are afraid of your afraid of fully living for Jesus Christ. In this text is speaking to you saying live for him cuz you're alive in him let this life energize you recognize your position. You are in a better place than Lazarus was after walking out of the crate for 4 days.

This is really stunning. Let that land on you and one last thing. I want to point out here from this Texas. Thanks really instructive that how the Two Sisters come to Jesus

Because in this moment and it's contact me there is very real sorrow, very real grief, very real pain. And I think it's pretty powerful that they come with a certain Arana the Christ. Look at Jesus Christ in this text. Look at how approachable he is.

We would be fools not to come to him with our grief with our sorrow with our pain. I know some of you been celebrating anniversaries of of the death of loved ones lately come to him. Come to him with your Sorrows fall down before him like Mary did. Express your grief like Martha did we can come before him with all of our sorrows with all of our pain with all of our Brokenness recognizing. That he and his big Divine heart actually feels all these things. He's our great high priest who is able to sympathize with us in our weakness. He understand your pain better than you do. Come come to him with freedom and confidence now. This text teaches that Jesus is the Resurrection Life. He emphasizes belief. Whoever believes in me though. He die yet he shall live whoever lives who's alive now through faith in me. Shall never die. Never die ultimately. We have to consider the opposite don't we?

And think about this. Martha's Theology of the Resurrection is actually pretty good. There's going to be this great General End of the Age resurrection of the just and the unjust she's spot on Jesus just wanted her understanding of Resurrection to settle on himself because you can't have a fully accurate understanding of Resurrection. If you're not seeing it through one person and that is the god-man Jesus Christ, right? but understand this that there is going to be a general Resurrection at the End of the Age. Those who believe in Jesus will indeed go from life to life and death is a small thing. Not to be feared. But for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ death is a massive thing. I cannot emphasize enough. How big death is for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.

Jesus talks to the Pharisees and says you're going to die in your sins.

To die in one sins bearing them by yourself is a terrifying Prospect. Which is why Jesus came the way he did saying what he says doing what he does. And in that moment the father wants to glorify the son and Stacy I sent him into this world. See he's the resurrection in the wife see everything hangs on him. Look the one who speaks can call a dead man out of it to him and it's just a foretaste of that ultimate Resurrection Day.

the question the Jesus ass Is more relevant today as it has been in Neah, he tells us he's the resurrection in the life. He says whoever believes in him. So he is going to live our lives and believes in him will not die forever eternally. But he says do you believe this you personally do you believe this?

Eternity hangs on whether or not you believe this. You either believe in Jesus Christ and you have life now. That's not that big of a deal and you're going to live for eternity or you're actually dead now, spiritually you're going to die. If you're going to die for all eternity cuz the Bible teaches that those who don't believe in Jesus will be raised on that day, but they're like me raise the endless life in a new heavens and new earth there going to be an into an eternal conscience punishment with an experience that just wrath of God for all eternity. This is eternally significant. What Jesus is saying here and he's asking do you believe this? See to it that you believe it today. See to it that you believe if you don't believe it today, the Bible says telling you turn from your sins and put your trust in the one you're hearing about right now because he will pardon your sins so you don't have to die in them. And if you have him you can have life even today eternal life even today. It's going to just Blossom when you are raised from the dead into an eternity with him in his presence. Now in this text Lazarus his resurrection as amazing as it was if you were if I was there it would just be Did that really just happen?

Many of the Jews who watched it at least some of them were tattletales and they ran to the Pharisees and said he's screwing up our religion.

Cuz I care more about the religion that our relationship with the Living God. right Okay to paraphrase but that is the point. No. Lazarus Resurrection is amazing. It was it was only a temporal Resurrection. I mean he rose he had life. He didn't have a resurrection body and it became just a normal person again with your normal life and he had another funeral. Okay, but it is so significant that moment this event. We just looked at lazarus's death and Resurrection is so significant because it is a dim, but it is a real foreshadowing of Jesus's resurrection. It's 24 to the one who's going to Houston. I'm the Resurrection Life. I'll prove it. Lazarus come out and then just a little while later. He would go to the Cross. He would be put in a tomb. Remember what Jesus says I don't just have the authority to take it to lay my life down. I have authority to take my life back up again. Why because he is the resurrection and the life. This moment is just a foreshadowing of Jesus's resurrection and his resurrection is a foreshadowing of the ultimate Resurrection at the End of the Age. The one that we get to look for another by the fact that Jesus has authority to come up out of the grave. Means that he has authority to call us up out of the grace and that's why I want to transition to the last part of the sermon here where we consider not just the resurrection but the resurrection of the body the resurrection of the body what it means to have a resurrection. body couple foundational things before we look at a few verses enclosing Jesus is our Resurrection is tied to Jesus's resurrection. I know this is 101 but I always just like to go back to the basics cuz we can forget them so easily right? I like to think of it this way like Jesus as false as is the first fruits of the Resurrection The guarantee that the last of the Harvest is going to come. So the fact that Jesus was raised gives us confidence that we will be erased. Can't fear not thinking about faith in Christ. It's like the silver cord that is attached to Jesus Christ. It's just a matter of matter of time before we go up with him. We are connected to him by faith soul resurreccion body. We have to realize that that it's tied our Resurrection is tied to Jesus's resurrection. And then our Resurrection bodies will bear a resemblance to Jesus's resurrection body. This is really Foundation where I can understand Resurrection body and we'll have even though in one sense like I won't be able to share every detail, but that would be like him once and I don't think human words can fully capture. What our bodies will be like when they're resurrect but I just want to point out the foundation. Is it our four resurrections bound up in his and our Resurrection bodies will resemble his resurrection body and we have to think about that. Jesus had a body right? He took on human flesh. That's what Christmas is all. He took on human flesh. And as near the end of his wife his body was beaten bloodied bruised pierced. You say crushed right all that he endured in that broken worn-out body was placed in the tomb three days later. He rose from the dead. And we have to rush into that. It was hard for people to fully recognize it. Like there was a resemblance there for sure. He even for the wounds as Perpetual reminders of what purchased our salvation but there is hard to recognize my point. Someone thought he was a gardener at one point someone like the guys on that fellow's on the road to Emmaus weren't fully tracking right away. He comes in the room a locked room and they're going there's things about his resurrection body. He is not that broken frame that was put into the tomb his body was completely renewed and strengthened and Powerful body it bore a resemblance is still Jesus.

But it's also a glorified body. So it's a body now that it's it's very real. So he wanted to make sure his followers didn't think he was a ghost remember what he did? He ate fish. She's like, okay guys. Watch this ghost. Don't do this. Okay, so we can station front of them seem like I have a real tangible body flesh and blood but then he also walk through a locked room and just enter into it and said peace be with you and I don't know his body is capable of things that Are different, you know, they're different. He has a new body. Now I point these things out because it's important because our our Resurrection bodies will bear resemblance to Jesus's resurrection body. Jesus's worn-out body that was laid in the tomb was transformed. When he was resurrected Jesus's resurrection body had all these different Martian, you know, it says when that when Jesus we just talked about some of his resurrection appearances to people while when he ascended into heaven remember what the angel said to the disciples after watching him and sent the father's right hand. You guys gawking at you got work to do and then he says he's going to come back in the same way that he left another is this physical Jesus that you just bought and he's going to come back bodily. He's going to send but notice the descriptions in the scripture about his return. He's going to come back with all his glory. So his glorious body. The Shining vibrant powerful body so all that is just foundations to look at a few different passages with you let's do this down the home stretch your first John chapter 3 verse too many of you are familiar with it. You're welcome to turn these passages or just listen but first John chapter 3 verse 2 says this

Beloved we are God's children now and what we will be has not yet appeared, but we know that when he appears we shall be like him because we shall see him as he is. They're going to do this refrain here. Jesus's return will bring about the resurrection of our body. So our bodies only rezurrection when he returns in seeing him as he is in all of his glory upon his return will be the reason for our change, right?

We will be like him because we shall see him as he is. His glorified body is going to transform Mars to be like his our bodies will be different than they presently are. He says what we will be has not yet appeared. It's going to be different because we're going to be like him. And so that's the basic thing. We're going to see her in first John chapter 3 verse 2 is that Jesus is coming is going to change everything is going to bring about a resurrection and seeing him. Will become like him so flippin chapter 3 verses 20 21 love this text as well as glorious hole. Philippians chapter 3 verse 20 and 21

Paul says but our citizenship is in heaven in from it. We are way to save your the Lord Jesus Christ who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious Body by the same power that enabled him to subject all things to himself. So what will bring about our resurrection and transformation Jesus's return right? So again, just wanted to connect it that way and notice what it says, we're going to go from these lowly humble week frames to being like his glorious body. So when you hear me talk about Resurrection body or a glorified body part of why we use as languages that we're going to our bodies going to be like his glorious body type of glorified bodies bodies. They're like Jesus Jesus and noticed this and this text is sweet. The last text I just assumed like we're going to see him or become like him just automatic. Hear it kind of dials in a little bit more and it says that he's going to do this by the power than enables him to subject all things to himself by his Sovereign power. He's going to flex it to see to it that your week lonely frame that's in the group in the grave and it may be decomposed hundreds of years before is going to be like his glorious body is going to be glorified in his power to take that raw material and make a true you and a new you. Can I explain that completely? No, but that's awesome. And I believe that the one who called Lazarus out of the Tomb is going to do that. They'll have no problem putting the pieces and particles together.

2nd Corinthians Chapter 4 verses 16 and 17. There's a lot to learn from second in the chapter 4 & 5 on this point, but I'm asking to limit myself to a couple verses to your 2nd Corinthians 4 16 and 17. So we do not lose her older self. I can let her body is the physical friend door outer self is wasting away. Our inner self is being renewed day by day for this light momentary Affliction is preparing for us a weight of eternal glory beyond all comparison is a glorious thought consider that Are outdoor Nature's are wasting away right? You hit the flower view you with I'm sorry. It's all downhill from there, right? Aging illness pain all these things circumstances take their toll on her physical frames in this present life that we live. Our outward majors are wasting away. But here's the encouragement. Those of us who have life in Christ Our inward nature is being renewed day after day. RN where Nature has been renewed after another with the transformation we're waiting for has already begun. I put sanctification is Right becoming more and more like Christ. Like it's already begun in us. It's just going to be complete when he comes back again. So the transformation is already begun by the creationist this longing this longing. We're in this frail tent we're longing to be further clothed in one sense were longing to have a body that would catch up with her heart. I got hearts are being transformed. Our bodies are going the opposite direction, but we're told the scriptures that our hearts are going to be fully Sanctified completely radically change no more sin. And we're going to have bodies. That can fill out the rest of that experience for a spring to be able to allow our hearts give full rein in range to our enjoyment of God in the new heavens and new earth. That's for next week, but I wanted to point this out before leaving this point. If part of our hope is the transformation of our bodies, how should we think about our present bodies It's a good thing to think about like you're part of our hope. Is it going to have these Resurrection bodies? How should we think about the bodies? We currently have? Just trash them right because we're going to Resurrection by Zack on them.

No, don't trash them. Don't idolize then don't make an idol out of them. Stewart them as good gifts from God our bodies are good gifts from God and it's part of our worship offer your bodies as a holding Living Sacrifice to the Lord Romans 12:22. We are called to bodily training is of some value right take care of your body is the best you can you know, what if you're doing the best you can and they're going to be encouraged by that but be a faithful Steward of the body that God has given you I want to point that out because we don't want to be flippant about the gifts that God gives us even in this life. There's a reason why he gave us these bodies. Let's be faithful stewards of them. No. 2nd Corinthians chapter 15. This is the last one. The closing with this one. Perhaps one of the most important where this idea of the Resurrection body is flushed out the most and could have been looking at a few different spots and not going to cover the whole glorious Resurrection chapter of 1st Corinthians 15. Start in chapter 15 verses 35 through 38.

Paul says this but someone will ask how are the dead raised? With what kind of body do they come you foolish person what you sow does not come to life unless it dies. In what you saw is not the body that is to be but a bear colonel. Because of wheat, perhaps of wheat or some other green, but God gives it a body as he has chosen in each kind of seed its own body basic point there. Your body will be raced. This is what he is teaching Jack your physical body will be raised there will be an earthiness to your heavenly existence to me. I think that's sweet like your hands are going to get dirty in heaven. There's going to be an earth in that you're having the existence. These few will have these bodies and he says that after that after you get this Resurrection body. It's like this old body is being sewn like a seed a bear colonel. And in one cent it's nothing like what's going to come out the other end. And if you're likely I'm going to praise God, you know, praise God but it doesn't but that Colonel is real like it's going to be really you truly you your personality like each one's going to be different still. But it's going to be radically transformed just like a seed into the full grown crop. It's going to be different. It's going to be changed. Picking up in verse 42 going to verse 44 this so it is with the resurrection of the Dead what is sown is perishable. What is raised is imperishable? What is shown in dishonor will be raised in glory? What is sown in weakness will be raised in power it is so none natural body will be raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body. There is also a spiritual body. So just to find out everything that is weak frail breaking down in our bodies. There's going to be this great reversal that happens. When Jesus Christ comes back again and calls us out of the Grave like he calls Lazarus out of the Grave. There will be this great reversal. Ben and verse 50 picking up there. I tell you this brother's flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable behold? I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep and is summer going to be alive when Jesus comes back again. But we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling are blinking of an eye at the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised in perishable and we shall be changed for this impartial body must put on the imperishable and this Mortal body must put on immortality and I love that must and those last couple of verses like there is a must to God is planning to do for our physical frames when it comes to what we are going to be built to enjoy for all eternity. God must see to it that this transformation happens and it's going to happen so fast in the twinkling the blinking of an eye when he comes back when we Behold Him we shall become like him and we won't have a body that can wear out your age or have a body that will be strong and built to soak in the glory of God for all of eternity a body that will be built to last a body that will be Built for Eternal Pleasures at God's right hand to be enjoyed forever more so think about that. These bodies are going to have are going to be like Jesus has glorious body. And on that last day when this all happens. Just like Jesus says Lazarus come out. He's going to say your name. He's going to call you out of the grave in this this marvelous transformation will happen to every single one of us who are in Christ and then will come to pass the saying that is written death is swallowed up in Victory death. Oh death. Where is your Victory? Oh death. Where is your sting answer? It's been swallowed up in Victory by the one who conquered death. Let's pray.

Father we can't help but Glory.

in the thought that we true faith in your son have been raised that we have life even now. Eternal life Resurrection Life now that's going to expand endlessly into all eternity. Ford wheel of that you have opened our eyes to love and value your son Jesus Christ, who is It's our joy to say it the resurrection in the life. Lord we know that we would have never come to you if you didn't draw us to your son. Open our eyes to see his Beauty. Open our eyes to see our sin. Open our eyes to see how willing he is to forgive him that you would even Inspire this passage so that we would believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God in that by believing have life in his name. Father you are so kind to Sinners Like Us. We praise you we praise you for your design that we wouldn't even experience in this life the hardships that come even do our physical frames. But even in those pains and even some sitting here with chronic pain can in one sense laugh at the eggs that will come the rest of the day or week or month or years because we will have Resurrection bodies built to withstand and enjoy the Eternal weight of Glory that's coming our way. Thank you for this glorious hole. Thank you that we have life in our Lord and we confess but you give us these bodies and we don't always take care of them the way that we should you give us these bodies and we do with him what we please instead of what pleases you God forgive us for ways that we have not Steward our bodies and we think that we own them instead of you owning them. The word says that we are to honor you with our bodies because we've been purchased. To glorify you with our bodies because we've been purchased. God forgive us for ways we treat that lightly God help us to renew our stewardship of the body. Be careful what we let in. And how we use our bodies help us to use them for your glory Lord. Is a foretaste of how I resurrected bodies will be used.

Got to pray that you would cleanse us from all the fears anxiety and all the things that are just bogging us down forgive us Lord for acting like we didn't die with Christ and raised with him. Forgive us for acting like we don't have a new lease on life. I'm going about life like the world is still dead in there since Can we pray that you would give us a renewed perspective on our position in this world that we are alive now that we don't have to fear that that is so small. And then we got endless eternity to look forward to in your presence. I pray that we would truly live for you now. Got to pray that some of the things that we are getting unnecessarily bog down by now. Would you lift these weights? Walla Walla map with this eternal perspective that were given in this passage of scripture.

Father we pray that you would help us to come with you come to you and to your son our great high priest who can sympathize with our weakness help us to come and not stubbornly isolate ourselves. But help us to come to him with our griefs and Sorrows help us the fall at his feet like Mary did.

Try to pour our hearts out before you stressing that you're big enough to hold our hearts. We're Jesus. We praise you we glory and you because you are the resurrection and the life. We pray that as we turn and worship you in song that you would be enthroned on the Praises of your people are glad people who are filled and brimming with hope and got to pray for anybody here. It has not trusted Christ yet. But I pray. I pray. Maybe you would make your son. So compelling to their hearts. That they would believe upon him. and not perish But they would experience Resurrection until life in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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