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What Does it mean to Be Justified

The Gospel According to Paul  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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We are justified through faith in Jesus

A Recap
ch 1 told us about the progression of unbelief
When people choose to not believe God gives them over to their sin
ch 2 we asked this question “does God grade on a curve”
God shows no partiality (Jew or Gentile we are all judged the same)
ch 3 told us our religion can’t save us
No matter how many religious practices we do, they have no power to save
tonight we are going to get at the heart of the letter
Remember Paul is writing primarily to the Jews
They rejected Christ
They thought they were better than the gentiles even though they did the same things as Gentiles (sins)
They thought their circumcision made them God’s people
They believed following the law made them righteous
The heart of the letter is justification by faith in Christ Jesus
The only hope for any and all men is in Jesus
Nothing else can save us
Nothing else can wash us
Nothing else can justify us
Nothing else can change us

We are justified freely by His grace

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