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amen Well last week we started into Genesis chapter 6 one of the strangest chapters in The Book of Genesis because it introduces us to Concepts and ideas that are so far out of our comfort zone culturally. It starts this way. It says when man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born unto them the sons of God the Bene Elohim saw that the daughters of man were attractive and they took as their wives any that they chose the began to unpack last week what we see here is a a violation of God's ordered creation. And it's weird but that works for me because if you've been around here, you've heard me say this before my first rule of theology is God is weird. And I mean that with all my heart that the word of God says his ways are not our ways his thoughts are not our thoughts as high as the heavens are from the earth. So are his ways and thoughts from are they worth made in God's image God's not made in our we're like him, but that doesn't mean that she's like us God is author. God is so much bigger. Then what you thought of him when you walked in here this morning? That's just a reality. God is infinitely glorious. He's infinitely righteous and holy he is infinitely true and good inexhaustible. In his nature, which means there's always more of him to discover than that, which we've already encountered.

One of the one of my hopes and my goals in the sermon this morning is for God to expand and enlarge our understanding not just asked who he is but of the nature and scope and size of his creation. Read this text draws us into a larger narrative a larger Cosmos a larger creation. We live in a scientific materialistic culture. We we leave the air we breathe says all there is is the air we breathe all that exists are things that we can taste and touch and feel an experiment on if we can't validated with a scientific experiment or hypothesis, then it's not real. The Bible rejects that way of thinking about him. The Bible Embraces unapologetically and unashamedly a much larger world you it does not deserve it doesn't it doesn't dismiss science. It doesn't dismiss the material world. It acknowledges the material world. The scripture is not opposed to material or science. It is simply larger. There is a supernatural bence a supernatural acknowledgement throughout the scriptures that challenge us to consider that there might be more to reality than what our world so commonly assumed. I think that's true not just outside the church, but inside the church because we are also products of our culture. SS followers of Jesus we have to acknowledge some Supernatural reality that way I mean, it's hard to have a resurrection without Supernatural intervention. And without the resurrection. We don't really have much right. So in the church, we have to acknowledge some type of Supernatural reality, but we do it almost begrudgingly what we what we've done especially in the last several hundred years within the church is we tried to reduce and limit the supernatural to as minimal and his little role as we can. And so the story that we've been told the story that we tell each other the story that we tell our children is of a primarily materialistic world with just F every once in awhile a weird Supernatural pop in but we try to minimize it and make it as non weird as we possibly can. And so that leaves us in a really weird place. It leaves us in a place where we say. Okay. Yeah, there is Supernatural God's Supernatural. And yeah, I guess we see Angels every once in awhile and then there is this enemy thing out there and and it's so there are but that's about all there is. God devil Angels demons. Holy Spirit, sometimes we're comfortable with that. Sometimes we're not and I put let's just get back to the business of living. Shall we?

One of the reasons I wanted to preach to Genesis is that it really destroys that kind of mindset and forces us to deal with a larger reality.

This morning. I want to talk about what we commonly call angels. And I want to expand in a large our understanding of how the Bible describes beings. that live in the spiritual or Supernatural Realm and when it comes to Angels our culture loves the idea of angels and is really really messed up when it comes to Angel and the church frankly isn't that different? I can't trick people say weird and strange and non-biblical things about angels all the time. Here is the most common somebody dies. We're at their funeral and we say, oh God just needed another angel in heaven. No, he didn't. And know they are. Angels are not humans humans Are Not Angels. They don't become us. We don't become them. We're so confused about the supernatural realm in the end and what the Bible says were so actually ignorant of what it says. We've minimized and reduced and ignored and pretend it wasn't there for so long that when we're confronted with it. We make we get our theology from Touched by an Angel and Michael Landon more than we do from the Bible.

We need to get it from the Bible. They man this there's a bigger world out there. Then what we've been led to believe. I want to I want to kind of paint the big picture 30,000 ft view this morning of what the Bible says about. The supernatural realm the Divine realm and the creatures the beings that inhabit it we've reduced the mall to Angels. There's a lot more. There's a lot more and so I want us to walk through what the Bible has to say about Spiritual Beings really the Old Testament the Hebrew scriptures in the New Testament use a variety of terms and words and descriptions about the denizens of the spiritual realm those that were made not for the material realm that's us Humanities gods immatures in the material Realm. But there's also the supernatural the spiritual realm the Heavenly realm and that round is not empty. It's filled with God's imagers as well. But they're different and unique and distinct from us in the scripture talks about them all the time. I think three primary different ways terms that describe just first off the round they come from their nature right? Just stating the obvious. These are not Earthly creatures. These are not from here. They're from somewhere else. Then he uses terms that talk about their role what it is. They actually do and they don't all do the same thing. And then thirdly it talks about the rake there's terms and phrases that they discuss the reality that in the Heavenly Realms just like in the Earthly realm there's hierarchies of authority. They're not all the same. So let's let's start walking through that first. Let's talk about terms that describe their round. This is the big one. The first one that this is the weird one the hard one for us. the Bible talks about God's It talks about God uses the word Elohim and it uses it literally that I am a rabid monotheistic. I believe there is one Lord and creator of all. But I also believe there are other Divine beings made by that guy who dwell in God's Realm. And the scriptures unapologetically teach that over and over and over again. If you've been here with us in our study of Genesis, we looked at Psalm 82. So I made it to one is one Watershed versus for me. It broke my fiala G. I did not know what to do with it. Because you read it in the English and it's hard to read it in the Hebrew. It's harder. God Elohim has taken his place in the Divine Council in the midst of the Elohim. He holds judgment.

I thought we were monasteries. I thought there was only one God I thought this is not saying there are other gods that are equal to God. There is no one like God but there are those that are like, I'm not talking out of two sides of my mouth. I think we understand some distinction here. They dwell within the same realm of him. They are spiritual being disembodied beings like him because of him and by him and for him, but they exist with him. God has a Divine Council.

It's not because he needs it. Let's be really clear on that. What why did God create the church he create the church cuz he needs us. Don't need anything if you serve like human hands as if he has need a scriptures are clear that it doesn't God doesn't create a human family and give them responsibility and privilege and ask them to join him in his work because he needs us. But because it's in his nature to create for himself a loving family that participates in God's wise and divine plans together. And if that is true in the natural round with humans, where would we imagine for a second, but it's not in the spiritual realm with non-human Spiritual Beings. God doesn't have a council because he doesn't know what to do. God has a council because he loves to share himself and part of sharing himself with truly free. Is the give them actual participation and responsibility in the process? That's what God. If so, there are. power for being beans of great Authority and responsibility in the spiritual realm because that is how God has set it up. And scripture paint that picture clearly and consistently over and over again.

Secondly, it talks about these Divine beans these supernatural beings as being spirits. And again, that's just describing their nature. They are by Nature disembodied by Nature. We are embodied now. We know that we're more than just our body. But we are in body. We don't know what it's like to not be anybody. Those that exist in the Heavenly realm are by Nature diss. Somebody doesn't mean they can't interact with the material world. It doesn't mean that that that that that they're not able to encounter physicality it but means by Nature they are non embodied non-physical beings. They're different than us. They're different. So I can leave a call or next door called Holy One. Holy ones and this is not just a description of their characters actually description of where they dwell they dwell in the presence of God's holiness. That's where they dwell where we dwell right now. We're going in a Broken Oar. They dwell in the in the in the presence of the Holy One. And because of this they are known as the Holy One. They're also known as the Heavenly ones that makes sense. Right? It's again just the way of saying this is the round they belong to it's not saying they leave in the air or they live in outer space. Okay. It's not a term of distance. It's a difference of type. We live in the Earthly realm they live in the Heavenly Realm. And just like we were created to worship the Creator. They were created to worship the Creator. I love Psalm 89. I love song 89 it's beautiful. I love it because of what it teaches and I love it in this context because it uses multiple terms and words for these Divine beings. It says it sent this is my first life let the heavenly beings with a Heavenly Host praise your wonders. Oh lord your faithfulness in the Assembly of the Holy One. They were used to the Psalms calling us to worship and they do that over and over again. And this song actually does I2 it has a component where it's calling mankind Gods images on the earth to worship him. Also calling the Heavenly beings Gods images in the heaven around your created to worship God to and in fact from the scriptures, we know that right now.

There are Divine being surrounding Throne of God. And they are worshiping and they are singing and they are shouting and they're praising. I think of the weird freaky seraphim and cherubim want to talk about them in a minute and pictures of them in the scripture and their surrounding the Throne of gods and their chanting back and forth in this tripartite chance one goes together. The whole earth is full of the glory of God and holy holy holy night and day constantly praising. the glory of the creator what the Heavenly beings praise your wonders in the Assembly of the Holy ones. We see that term there for who in the skies who in the heavens can be compared to the lure who among the Heavenly being raised there is like the Lord in other words. They all dwell together in the Heavenly Realms. They're all Elohim, but there's none like Elohim

God greatly to be feared in the Council of the Holy ones and awesome above all who are around him O Lord God of hosts. Who has as mighty as you are? Oh Lord with your faithfulness all around you. the Bible uses all sorts of different terms and phrases to describe the nature the realm of these being but secondly, it describes the role. We see that actually here in verse 8 in this phrase. Oh Lord God of hosts. Very common way of referring to Divine beings and it and it and it focuses in on their role in their called the host or the mighty ones. This is terminology describes the army of the Lord. The scripture describes God's creation in Kingdom language God is a king creation is his kingdom and he has his standing army who do his wealth his mighty ones those bit battle on his behalf for that which he wants? So we see often this reference to the host of the Lord. the army We see them coming and to intervene and battle on the half of the profits and God's people we see them in the announcement of the birth of Jesus. We see them throughout the scripture. The host the mighty ones of the lord. We also see them called Angels. Here's the one that we latched onto the most interesting Lee enough when you really look at the scriptures and look at the language used to describe them angels are certainly members of the Divine realm up at they're one of the lower-ranking members of the word simply means messenger. That's what angel mean. It means messenger. There's a cosmic gophers. Go tell this person that they need to know it. Go tell them to stop doing this. They need to stop it. Right. These are the vine beans who are entrusted by God with messages to his people. And we see them throughout the scriptures. We see others as well. We see those winter called minister. And those are simply those who serve who come and meet the needs. Sometimes very naturally. Sometimes supernaturally not only do they serve the Lord, but they serve the large people. So we see you in a text like Daniel chapter 7 verse 10 Daniels given this vision of the heavenlies and this is what he sees. He sees a stream of fire issued and came out from the for him and a thousand thousand serve him. The servants are there in ten thousand times 10000 stood before him the court sat in judgment, and the books were open. So there are Divine beings that are created to be messenger their Divine that are created to be servants and ministers their Divine beings that are created. with distinct purposes

next we see this one. There's some that are known as mediator. They're angels that serve as mediators they intervene. There's angels that establish covenants and contracts there's angels that come and and and reason and and and call out to us to make better decisions there angels that serve as mediator.

I get the Strange ones with the cherubim and seraphim.

interesting lie enough angels The Minister's the mediators All the ones that we've talked about so far. the Bible not once not once does a single word about any of them having wings.

Chew on that for that mean. It's almost impossible to conceive of an Angel without wings. Nothing. Just culturally it's almost impossible to conceive of it and yet there's not one Biblical reference to an angel that has wings. Now. There are references to Divine beings that have wings. It's the cherubim and seraphim and they're freaky. They got multiple Wings, they got weird faces and heads. They got their surrounding the throne room of God. They're described in in both Babylonian and Egyptian terms as strong Guardians that protect and preserve the righteousness and Holiness of the worship of the glory of God. And they got wings. They're weird at the Bible's weird y'all. It's it's not this clean sanitize modern book.

Cherubim and seraphim they they have a roll. as was thrown guardian of the Lord Lastly this morning. There's a group called The Watchers. The Watcher and the washers are those that serve on the Divine Council and are entrusted with rulership and Authority responsibilities. In other words the council is not just a bunch of yes men that don't actually do anything. When God creates the Divine Council, he creates them not cuz he needs them but because he wants them and what does he want from them? He wants them to actually participate in his rulership and governing of creation. And so he and Trust some of them with significant amounts of responsibility and power they have authority

We see this play out multiple times in the scripture. The most obvious one is in Daniel chapter 4 Daniel chapter 4 Nebuchadnezzar. The king of Babylon has embraced an in-body Pride like few before him or after him. He believes in his own success so much that he thinks he becomes the most high God he thinks that he is the ultimate Authority any bowls of it. You both of it and those both start her and judgement is past against Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon. He will not live in the pride of humanity. He will spend a year living like a beast.

He won't be at the top Hill dwell in the bottom to be crazy. He'll be unapproachable. He will not be the great power. He will be powerless. What's amazing about that reality? Is that that was not done by the decree of God? But rather at the decree of the Watchers, let's listen to the text. Listen to the text. I saw in the visions of my head as I lay in bed and behold a watcher a holy one came down from the heaven. Do you see the distinctions even in that sentence a water the specific type of the Holy ones who comes from where the heaven? In verse 17 we jump down. So he pronounces the Judgment upon Nebuchadnezzar. And then it says this this sentence is by the decree of the Watchers the decision by the word of the Holy ones to the end that the living may know that the most high rules the kingdom of men and gives it to me will and set it over the lowliest of men.

Just take that in.

Nebuchadnezzar was judged and driven insane. To live like a beast for a year by the decision and authority and Power. Not of God, it was for God but not of God of the Watchers. the members of his counsel the pastor judgement over the Affairs of men

the Bible paint such a more complex. More complicated relationship between the supernatural in the natural than most of us are ready to accept. They're not meant to be separate that that's the way we think about it. We think of them as completely separate. We've got the Earth and of course in the church, we play a prayer we believe in Jesus and so after we die we get to leave the earth a load off to this place called heaven.

Lucy they weren't designed to be separate in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth are meant to function in Harmony in Partnership. And the end of the story is not the destruction of the earth and floating off to some place called Heaven the end of the story is the new heavens and the new Earth coming together in the power of the resurrected King.

The storyline of the scripture does Net it does not Envision this incredible Golf and separations between the Heavenly realm and the Earthly round the supernatural round in the natural realm shows deep and profound connection between the two.

And the challenges we don't influence it nearly as much as it influences up.

We see that's not only in the Old Testament. We see it in the New Testament as well. New Testament gives us all sorts of terms for these Divine beings not just angels. We got Spirits have only ones glorious ones lights. Holy ones ministers. And of course Angel many of the same that we saw in the Hebrew scriptures in the Old Testament. We see again in the New Testament, but in probably the most well-known and and often thought of text in the New Testament about Spiritual Beings, we we see something else significant. We find a connection to geography. enter geographical Authority in other words Divine beings Can have and do have connections to Earthly Placer? We see this in in Falls one on text of Ephesians chapter 6 in Ephesians chapter 6. He's encouraging them that the Believers in Ephesus to stand firm in the Lord to trust in Jesus and to battle the spiritual battle. Any reminders on our battle is not against flesh and blood.

The enemies aren't the Jews the enemy aren't the Gentiles the enemy's not roam Caesars. Not the enemy. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but he says we battle against the rulers against the authorities the cosmic powers of this present Darkness against the spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly places.

Most of you probably read that and go I'll Paul. You're such a preacher and exaggerator. You just picked out your thesaurus then. Write like like all of those things that he's talking about are really all the same things. He's just using different words to describe the same reality.

Against the rulers. What else? Can I call them will call them Authority. What else? Can I call them to make posters out of it? I'm good.

Not what's going on here every single one of those terms. Is a unique Greek term for a hierarchical position of authority in the Roman army system Roman political system. These are political military terms that are associated with geography and Authority.

In our context it would be this.

the sheriff's of Darkness the governors of Darkness the senators of power the presidents of power. These are these are specific political and Military General Colonel Brigadier. These are specific terms that describe not only the nature but the role in the authority of these being and they're all connected the actual places on the Earth.

Now that's fascinating to me because we also see that in the Old Testament Hebrew scriptures primarily and Daniel chapter 10, Daniel chapter 10, Daniel has prayed and fasted and ask for the Lord's help to intervene. And if we see this this this messenger this Angel comes and said that he said to me fear not Daniel. We're from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humble yourself before your God. Your your words have been uttered and I have come because of your words was interesting said we heard you the first day and I was sent out but he didn't show up the first day and he didn't show up the second day or the third day or the 10th day or the 12th day. He didn't show up for 21 days. Why do the messenger take 21 days to bring the message to Daniel? Thank you for asking. Daniel tells us. He says the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me for 21 days. Now. I defy anyone in this room to make me any sort of rational arguments that he's talking about human Prince of Persia. How in the world is it human prints going to defy and withstand a Divine messenger? What time you don't look like every time human beings encounter Divine Messengers, even the lowly Angels We Fall Down on our face mini or struck as I have Dead series the common response. You got to change your diaper. How is a human Prince of Persia going to fight with a Divine messenger for 21 days? They're not. And that's not what he's referring to. He's referring to Divine beings in the spiritual Realm. We've been given Authority.

Over geography over people and places and some of them have rebelled. The prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood for 21 days. So Michael one of the chief princes came to help me for I was left there with all the kings of Persia. When is the angel? You can't get through you just call for backup send in the big guns. Michael comes in other words Daniels just praying and fasting and praying and fasting and waiting and waiting and waiting and he has no idea what's going on. All around him is that there is a cosmic conflict in the spiritual Realm. Virginia this year.

I have no idea what's going on.

Eventually, he makes it because I came to make you understand what is happening to people in the latter days for the vision is for days yet to come. So we we have the the the picture the Bible paints is of a much more complex and varied and dynamic and populated realm in the heavens than what were you I want to try to want to try to bring this all home this this going to be fun when I go back to Genesis chapter 6 ready. Women began to multiply in the face of the land and daughters were born within the sons of God saw the daughters man more attractive and they took as their wives any they chose historically every every ancient Jewish interpretation.

up to and Beyond the time of Christ has interpreted these as Divine Spiritual Beings that rebelled left the realm as I said last week. This is quoted both in Jude and in Peter. From The Book of Enoch that these are Divine Spiritual Beings that have rebelled interesting enough.

in the story What's recording The Book of Enoch and throughout Jewish tradition this Rebellion described in Genesis chapter 6 took place somewhere a very specific place.

at Mount Hermon Mount Ramon is a mountain in Israel. Sexually the tallest mountain in the land of Israel Over 9000 feet tall. It's a very specific place. It's at the northern edge of the kingdom of Bashan fish on when we study through the Old Testament. We discover we meet him in Deuteronomy chapter 3 and 4. It's the place of the giant plans the descendants of the methylene which are The Offspring of the sons of God and the women of man mating together. It is it is known as a place of wickedness in the Canaanite mythology and understanding of the Mountain of Bashan and the area surrounding it it is a place of magic is the place of ball. It is the place of the lord of the dead it is the place where if you want to go into the underworld you go there but Sean is the place where the underworld and the Earth meet it is the worst of the worst is the place of absolute wickedness and Rebellion when some of the leader Jewish monarchies rebelled against God and offered false worship the false god, they set up sanctuaries and false places on Mount the shunt. It is the place associated with evil and death are none. That's historically where the fall of the Bene Elohim the sons of God took place. without Mount the shot

in the day of Jesus was known as penius the city of pan because the Greeks and Romans have build a large Temple to the god pan there. Was known as a place of revelry and magic and debauchery. It was also known in the Greek and Romans as a place of the underworld it was known.

The place of great evil white. Why do I paint that picture for you?

Because Mount her moan. Funniest during the time of Jesus was called by another name. It was called by the name of Cesery Abilify. And Jesus spent a significant amount of time doing Ministry there.

The story is that I'm going to look at right now with you from the life of Jesus on their own their good stories. on our own what kind of makes sense? but in the context of Genesis chapter 6 and a rebellion of spiritual beans it takes on an unbelievable New Perspective and I said this last week when we think about the fall we only think about Genesis 3. We think about The Serpent and the fruit that's always think about the Jews of Jesus's day and the ancient Jews. They thought of Genesis chapter 3, but they also thought of Genesis chapter 6 and I thought about Genesis chapter 11, we're going to get there and they all connect together. The Jesus shows up in the district of Cesery of Phillipi and it's there that he asked his disciples a question. Who do people say that the son of man is Jesus's favorite way of referring to himself is as the son of man. It's a reference from Daniel who had a vision of one like the son of man who comes to rule over the nation's Jesus connects to the spread of the phrase in the Hebrews fascinates. Literally, son of a dom dom means mankind, son of a Dom. Jesus is connecting himself to Adam. He is the new Adam he's going to do what the first Adam he's going to be the true.

So I says to disciples who do people say that the son of man is who people say that I am and they said will some say John the Baptist and some say Elijah another stream Air1 the prophets in other words the ministry of Jesus was so unique and so profound and so powerful that nobody could understand it or described it the only thing they could come up with is it this must be one of the great prophets of old come back because nobody does this anymore The way he teaches the things he does nobody does this. And then Jesus looks for them and says what who do you say that I am?

Simon Peter replied you are the Christ again. This is not his last name. You are the king you are the anointed one. You are the long-awaited promised Messiah. You are the Fulfillment of Genesis 3 and Genesis 12 and the promised one who comes to set things, right? When Peter says you are the Christ you are the king. He's saying a whole lot.

Whole lot of story being summed up in that phrase. You are the Christ the son. of the Living God

Jesus says I am. Good job, buddy. You're right. Let's and blood has not revealed this to you. But my father who is in heaven, and then Jesus said something amazing. You know what the church has fought over this for a long long time. Jesus says and I tell you you are Peter and on this rock. I will build my church and the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against it. I think the Roman Catholics say see this is when Jesus met Peter the pope and he's got the authority and we all got to do what he says and the Protestants have said no, no. No, that's not what he's talking about talking about the confession that use the Christ and if we just confessed that he is the Christ that's what makes the church it's and so they're going to know it's Peter we're going now it's the confession and I'm going neither of them are right. We're missing the obvious, which is right in front of us. Where is Jesus? He's about her mom. He's in the land of Bashan. He is in the place that is known as the gates of hell. That's what the place is called. Right, if you're at a place, it's called the gates of hell and Jesus said Upon This Rock. Right here. I'm starting my church. And guess what the Gates of Hell will not stand against it.

now with the human ruler it was a divine. He's coming to the place where the Divine Rebellion took place and on their turf.

Which is known as the Gates of Hell, Jesus says right here right now. I'm starting my church my echo CS my called ones my gathered once and there's nothing the gates of hell can do to stop it. If you don't got goosebumps right now, I'm not doing my job or you're not paying attention. That's amazing. That's beautiful. You see why we need the whole story. How many times have you read that passage inside? Oh, that's nice. You had Jesus is the Christ Jesus on the Living God. Oh, that's just trinitarian language. Yeah, it might be a whole lot more. Jesus sight right here the Church of starting and in fact as as if you keep walking through from that moment on in all the Gospels. the record this when you leave there, he began steadily making his way to Jerusalem. In fact in Matthew when you when you continue reading here and I don't have it up here, but when you continue reading Jesus because it says he immediately began to teach them about his death and Resurrection. He began the pizza. I got to go to Jerusalem. I'm going to die. I'm going to be buried I'm going to rise again. They were not super happy about that information. Peter who just said you're the Christ and he got he got a great attaboy from Jesus right? Just like Peter God told you that Peter Paul, Jesus decide to rebuke him the Texas to rebuke him before you start getting too hard on Peter. I'm convinced that's probably about 90% of our prayer is actually us trying to do that with God.

A couple side raducan. Let's stop talking about this. It's really harsh in the vibe.

We got some good momentum going we've had some hellions. We've had some Miracles people are coming around. People are getting side. We got some good buzz when you start talking about death and Resurrection makes us uncomfortable. Let's just cut it out. And what to say what did Jesus say to him? Get behind me Satan. Wet feet 1 minute Peter's getting Revelation from God now. He's getting Revelation from another power and it's on the wrong track. Get behind me Satan you don't have God's will.

The man and then Jesus launches into a teaching about the cost of following and it says listen if you want to follow me, you got to pick up your cross and follow and there's a cost and you may very well die but here's the deal when you throw your lot in with me. There's a day coming when the son of man will appear with his holy angels. Oldest language is intentional to the context of where he is.

With all go well for you. And then then he does something amazing beginning of chapter 17 does after 6 days. Hanging out their ancestry to Phillipi Jesus Took with him Peter and James and John his brother and let them up a high mountain by themselves in a text doesn't say it was Mount Ramon, but their ancestry to Phillipi, which is on the base of Mount Ramon. It's the tallest mountain in Israel. It's right there. So I think we can pretty be safe and assured that that's where he took them. Guys want to go for a little hike let's go and take some up to mount Ramon. Listen, this is awesome. And he was transfigured before them. Face Shone like the sun and his clothes became as white as like something freaky happened to Jesus like this is don't don't sanitize this don't ignore the faceless Jesus chose at this moment to reveal something about himself. He doesn't do this anywhere else. So I think it's really rational and sane to ask yourself. Why is he doing this here? Why now? And what's he doing?

All the Cycles don't get it there just freaked out. It says behold there appeared with them Moses and Elijah talking with him. Okay. And Peter Peter said to Jesus Lord if it's cool with you. I'm going to make three tents 3-g welding places one for you one for my man Moses one for Elijah and we're going to stay here. You're glowing Moses is here. Let's just stay here. I'll build you a really cool place. It's going to be awesome.

I love that. While he was still speaking.

A bright Cloud over Shadow them and a voice from the cloud. SPO Or Peter, he's laying out. His plan is pulling out architectural drawings.

From the cloud. This is my beloved Son. With whom I am. Well pleased listen. Yeah.

Think about the contacts with me. on Mount Bashan The sons of God of ennio him rebelled against God they left their having a round. They came to the Earthly realm. They took for themselves something that wasn't them. There's the daughters of men they procreate human spiritual hybrid called the Nephilim

It was their plan to rule their Kingdom their way for themselves. Where did it happen? It happened on the shot now Jesus come Jesus marches up to the Gates of Hell. Jesus goes to the heights of the mountain to the place of their Rebellion to the place where they're at those sons of God rebelled and the true Son of God is revealed.

and the father speaks and said this it's the one.

This is the one promised. This is the one who will be faithful. This is the one who will crush the head of the serpent. This is the one who has come. To destroy the works of the evil one. This is Jesus. the son of God


When is Cypress heard this they fell on their faces and were hair?

The Jesus came and touched them. Saying right don't be afraid have no fear. When they lifted up their eyes based on no one. But Jesus only.

I like that a good place for us to end a message like today. because while the message of the scripture in the story of the scripture talks about many Divine being and many images of God and many rebellions and much Brokenness. It only talks about one savior.

It only talks about one faithful spotless Lamb of God. It talks about one who has overcome and because of his victory we can stand in Freedom over that might be true for us. Live in a world full of powers and authorities of spiritual evil in the Heavenly places. We might look up. And only see Jesus. The one who conquered death hell and the grave the one who has now been seated above every throne and every Power and every Authority both in heaven and on the Earth. It All Belongs to Jesus now and he it's worthy not just of our worship. but of our Allegiance and of our very lives because he is and he alone is the King of Kings and the Lord of lords. And the day will come and Lord hasten the day when every knee will bow. And every tongue will confess that Jesus is the king. To the glory of God forever and ever amen. And amen.

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