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Don't Worry

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Anxiety over uncertainty is one of the greatest causes of human misery.  We are constantly concerned about what tomorrow holds. 

Many people are what some would caption as “control freaks.”  Their whole life is about keeping a handle on things so they won’t have to worry.  I’m here to suggest some things that we probably have not considered about worry.

Worrying is an ever-present threat on the horizon of the human existence. 

Most of us, are never very far from a championship bout with worry.  It seems to hound us and every time we get one thing settled, there always appears to be something waiting in the line to worry about!

I want to tell you today, that if you look for things to worry about, you will find more than you bargained for!  It is damaging, dangerous, detrimental, devastating, and disgusting for believers to engage in the awful business of worry.

Brothers and sisters, many of us in this room have heard people say to us, more times than we can recall, “DON’T WORRY” And we have thought, if we didn’t say, more times then we can recall, “That’s easy for you to say!” “ You’re not going through what I’m going through” 

Many of us believe we have an acceptable reason to worry.  We believe our worry is legitimate.  Because everybody feels their worry is authentically initiated and instigated.

When we read the bible – And I want to make sure I see this correctly again, This particular text gives us no alibis or excuses for worry of any type!

As a matter of fact, in all of your biblical explorations, you will not find any permission given from God to worry.  You Won’t!!!  Because God is anti-worry!

Many of us are caught between what God is saying, and everything the world is doing!  And when you become more exposed to what the world is doing, than what God is saying, you are going to become frustrated, confused, and weakened. Because what you entertain, what you digest, what you receive, controls you.

What we expose ourselves to, makes us vulnerable to this demon called worry.  Yes, worry is a demon force.  It is a demonic attitude.  It is a demonic insertion into the human experience, to disrupt our relationship with God.  Satan does not want you to have a good relationship with God; he knows the more you worry the more doubtful you become, and worry is doubt about God’s ability.   So Satan wants you to worry, because, he knows that when you worry you won't have time to worship!

Wait a minute, before I go any further.  Let me clarify something.  Worry and concern are not the same.  There is a difference.  I can hear somebody saying, “I’m not worried, I’m just concerned.”

But let me tell you baby, there is a big difference between the two (2).

  • Worry - paralyzes you, it immobilizes.  Worry will freeze you right in your tracks
  • Concern - will make you act, it will move you to do something
  • Worry - will make you lose your appetite
  • Concern - will send you out to fish
  • Worry - will make you lose sleep
  • Concern - will make you say, “Now, I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.”
  • Worry  -will keep you on the phone with others saying, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”
  • Concern - will make you say, “Lord, give me a plan, so I can get busy.”

Let me give you a few reasons why not to worry.  The first one is in Matthew 6:30

I.          God Can Be Trusted


The same God, who created your life, can be trusted with the details of your life.  In other words, if God made you before you knew you, if God took care of you in the womb, if He allowed you to make it safely into society, the universe, on the planet.  If God did that before you had any knowledge that you were a person, and took care of you under all kinds of circumstances, surely He can be trusted now, with the details of your life.

II.        Worrying About The Future Hampers What You Can Do Today

If you keep worrying about tomorrow, you’ll get nothing done today. And if everyday is spent worrying about tomorrow, you’ll have a life of no productivity, no results, no activity, you will reap no prosperity.  You will know no happiness.  You will baptize yourself in pain and drown yourself in Pity!!

III.       Worrying Is More Harmful Then Helpful

Worry never helped anybody.  It’ll help you become nervous, irritable, agitated and easily annoyed.  It will make you antisocial.  When you get worried you don’t want anybody around.  You don’t want to talk.  You don’t want to see anybody, because you’re too busy worrying. 

You’re too busy hurting yourself; too busy filling yourself with misery.  Worry is more harmful than helpful.

·         It does not help to worry, it hurts you to worry

·         It does not heal you to worry, it hinders you when you worry

·         It does not deliver you when you worry, it damages you when you worry

IV.     Worrying Shows Lack of Faith In God


God does not ignore those who depend on Him.  Stop worrying and start depending! Depending on God is not a plan to destroy you.  That’s what some people believe.  They think that to lean on God is self-destruction. They say, “if I don’t look out for number one who will.”  GOD WILL!!  And He can look out for you better than you can.  Because He can see stuff you can’t see.  He looks behind all those frowns and smiles and sees what's in the hearts of people.  He knows all the people who smile in your face, ain’t your friend, that you haven’t figured out yet.  I tell you who will look out for number one. GOD WILL!


I hope you don’t miss this.  God does not ignore people who depend on Him. 

Ø      It you want to be destroyed, stop depending.

Ø      If you want to have a torn up life, stop trusting

Ø      If you want to have a friendship with God that’s full of stress, frustration, and anxiety, STOP having Faith

But, You don’t have to worry, because God never ignores people who depend on Him.

And so today, I came, to tell you, my Lord, wants you, to lean on Him.  When you worry, what you are saying is, God won’t, keep His word. 

            But He said, “If you call on me, I will hear you, and not only will I hear you, I will answer thee.

That’s why I’ve learned to Trust Jesus, and I’ve learned to live one day at a time, yes, I take one day, at a time, because,  I know who holds the future.  I know who holds my tomorrow.  So I live one day at a time. 

When I pray I don’t ask for bread for the month, but I ask for my Daily bread.  I don’t ask for my yearly bread, I ask for my daily bread.

I trust Him, and I know, if He feeds me on Monday, He’ll still be alive, when I wake on Tuesday.  I know that the same God, who fed me on Monday, will feed me on Wednesday. 

I know this because God is in everyday.  That’s why He said, " I am Alpha and Omega; I am the Beginning and the End."  So Don’t worry, live one day at a time,

When you feel like worrying, when you feel like giving in, try this remedy, say, “Father I stretch my hand to thee, no other help I know.”  You can trust Him; you don’t ever have to worry.  Don’t worry, lean on Him, Don’t worry, know that God is, God will, God will always be.

 Don’t worry, put your business in His hands, bring your burdens, to the alter and leave them right there. 

Don’t worry, whatever betides you, God will, if it’s sickness, God will. If it’s a job God will, God will take care of you.

Don’t worry!

Let me tell you about me.  I trust God, wherever I go.  I’m not fooling you.  There have been times when I worried.

Ø      When I look where He brought me from

Ø      When I look at what He’s done for me

Ø      When I look at how He picked me up

Ø      When I look at how He saved me

Ø      When I look at how He brought me

Then I know He didn’t bring me this far to leave me now!!!!

That’s why I’m gonna trust Him.  I’m gonna keep my eyes on Him. That’s why I’m gonna stay right here where He brought me!

I’m gonna stay right here where He placed me.

Because I know there is no storm That He cannot calm.

·         There are no waters that He cannot put at peace

·         There is no moment that He cannot control

·         There is no sickness that He cannot heal

·         There is no hurt that He cannot help

Don’t worry, I’m a witness, for I’ve seen the lightning flashing, I’ve heard the thunder roll.  I’ve felt sin breakers dashing trying to conquer my soul.  BUT HE NEVER – NEVER let me walk by myself.


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