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Proverbs 7

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Lyrics: Kevin Laffoon

Music: Kevin Laffoon

Inspiration and aid: Holy Spirit

04-07-06                                                                      Don’t Trust em’



Verse 1

  1. A lotta’ girls got, no modesty, honestly

  2. Gotta’ hole in their pants lookin’ for romance

  3. (Man) What’s wrong with this (the) picture, What’s wrong with her mind

  4. Wrong with the television, Wrong with the times

  5. I know I ain’t cha’ daddy, butchoo’ put some close on

  6. Gottcha breast poppin’ out and your shorts look like a thong

  7. (Did he say it, tell me did he really say it in a song?)

  8. Sho’ did cause I’m sick of da things goin’ on

  9. Please trust that a girl knows a guy will lust

10. When she wears a small shirt when she’s so robust

11. And don’t think for a minute that the clothes she in

12. Ain’t got somethin’ to do with attractin’ men

13. Forget it boy, she ain’t the girl of your dreams

14. With them low cut jeans bustin’ out at the seems

15. It aint holy girl and it ain’t right

16. Canchoo’ see we in a spiritual fight, come on…




1. Please trust a girl knows a guy will lust

2. When she wears a small shirt and she’s so robust

3. And don’t think, she don’t know the clothes she in

4. Have (they) got something to do with effectin’ men

5. Don’t trust her brother…

6. Or she will lead you astray


Last 2 bars Hook (Rap)

7. Don’t give into the fact she all that

8. Cause behind it is the devil’s attack.


Verse 2

  1. I heard a story bout a man I will never forget
  2. He had a half dressed women show up at his door step
  3. You can see her, blinkin’ her eyes, lickin’ her lips,
  4. Workin her hips, tryin’ to say that she’s all his
  5. Tell me what would you do if a hottie offered her bodyProv
  6. Wouldja,’ quickly crash the party or act naughty
  7. But the rest of the story to God be the glory
  8. Cause the man didn’t fail, but the Spirit prevailed
  9. See the man took a stand and voiced it out loud
  10. The words that he said made me proud
  11. He said, you’re just [another] “lump of dirt with a soul in it”
  12. [Me break the Lord’s heart forget it]
  13. And as the man took a stand, she heard the door slam
  14. Never to return again, Amen.
  15. May the apple of ya’ eye be the Lord’s will
  16. So you can tell the women to chill

Hook (2X)

Proverbs 6, 7, 8 Read.




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