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Kings Eyes 2

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Music By: Kevin Laffoon

Lyrics By: Kevin Laffoon and Patrick Simon

1st Verse

They walked Him through the streets, but you didn’t pay attention

Turned your back on Him while He took another lynching

Eye swelling to the size of a melon while they released the felon

Chantin’ to crucify Him they illegally tried Him

Not once did He resist as they nailed His wrist

And nah, you ain’t never seen a love like this

He was so cold as the warm blood flowed out of His flesh

You were always on His mind through death, you never left

So, take a long, hard, look, into His eyes

Stare at the strain and the pain as He fought the cries

See the clench of His fists as they scourged His back

With a cat like whip that they prolonged to crack

Till the veins and the flesh made a bloody mess

And all the wounds he received had began to mesh

Till the parasitic cross that He bore prevailed

And they tore His battered body of the rusty nails, Now take a look in His eyes.

Hook (2x)

Why don’t you stop and take a look in his eyes

Bet you can’t imagine all the tears that he cried

Nails in both hands, feet, and pierced in the side

A king between to thieves hung there and died, Woe-oh (woe-oh)

2nd Verse

Forgivem’ father for they just don’t know

The price you paid so they could have more

You gave your life for the sins of the world

I owe you everything cause you are my mentor

Just look into his hazy eyes

Can feel all the tears he cried

On the cross where his body lied

Nails in both hands feet and pierced in the side

You ain’t never known a love like this

Gave his life on a crucifix

Can you feel all the pain he felt as the blood flowed from his whelps?

My Jesus will find a way

Cause even in the grave he rolled the stone away

Even death couldn’t try to refrain

Cause up in heaven my savior remains

Hook (2x)

Bridge (2x)

It’s clear to me, know I realize what he did for me

Opened my eyes to reality, died for, me now I see, clear to me, clear to me


3rd Verse

Bout’ to drop for the one bore a crown out of thorns

As the blood flowed out of His body He was beaten and scorned

Then the sky turned black and the earth started to shake

And the saints rose to life when the tomb started to break

Terrified were the people when they dropped the facade

And exclaimed, surely he was the son of God

On the third day He arose later appeared to the eleven

Spoke to them a while and then ascended to heaven

Hook (2x)

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