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Maybe This Time

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Music By: Kevin Laffoon

Lyrics By: Kevin Laffoon

October 31, 2005


Verse 1

Life, threw me down about twenty flights

Shut the door to the basement and cut the lights

From the day I was born I’ve been in the dark

It took 14 years till I saw the spark, God

That’s when I started my climb

An outline of the door had begin(un) to shine

When I got to the top that’s when I found hope in

A voice through the crack that said the doors open

Said His name was Jesus Christ

Opened up the door and He changed my life

We were close for awhile then everything changed

When I started hangin’ around the same old things

Started bangin’ on the door of the basement

Until I got the cravin’ to taste it, don’t ask why

Foolish people do foolish things

And get trapped by the folly it brings, I wanna’ change and…

Hook (2x)

Maybe this time I can go just a little further

Maybe this time I can try just a little harder

Maybe this time, Maybe this time…


Verse 2

I looked up in my life, saw the waters were risen

Waves all around to the far horizon

White cap(s), Christ shown like a blaze of lightnin’

Reached out His right hand and said don’t be frightened

I made the waves I made the earth,

I put you in your mother’s womb and I gave her birth

So be [still (eco)], Are you still afraid?

No I’ve been covered in His blood, no reason to be afraid

Went down I was baptized, and was raised with the saved

Drippin’ wet when I was resurrected out of the grave

No sweat of my own, but its by the power of Christ

He took the cross (and) bore the sins of my entire life

I went from worthless to priceless, because of who(m) Christ is

I’m lovin’ every minute in the light kid

No I’m not perfected, and my flesh gone be plottin’ to make me fall

But until I’m breathin’ my last then I’m gone give Him my all

Hook (2x)

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