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The Forgiveness of Sins

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Morning, church. Wonderful to see everybody this morning. Okay, so let's pray for God's help.

father we draw near to you Desiring to honor you and this time in your word Wanting to be attentive to every word that falls from your mouth cuz we know that your word says and your son said that man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that falls from the mouth of God, and so we come now Lord wanting to feed upon your word and wanting to be sustained. By your word and word recognizing that we live. in a world with evils all over in Temptations on every side.

And we need your grace to guard us and guide us through this night. The Lord shine the light of your word on our path. Let her pass be like the righteous that grow brighter and brighter until full day in Jesus name. Amen won $0.01 in the sermon. I hope not a lot that I'm going to say is going to be new, you know in one sense. That's the preachers job is not to get up and entertaining everybody with a bunch of new things to kind of intrigue the mind but to teach you the old old story to recast it over and over again. I trust there will be a few things that will be probably new for you. But I want to tell us just the basic old story cuz that's what I text tells us today. And. This is a roadmap for you as we walk through our texts. We're going to look at where we were Where we are and how the father got us there where we were the domain of Darkness where we are the kingdom of God beloved Son and how the father got us there stay tuned. So where we were look at Art experts 13th. He has delivered us from the domain of Darkness. The domain of Darkness were lingering on this phrase for a few minutes from the outside of a certain kind of weighty heavy but all important note for us to consider where we were where we have come from this domain of Darkness domain that can be translated the Minion or power or even Kingdom. this Domain is characterized by Darkness. What are we talking about here? What time what the domain of Darkness we are talking about spiritual forces of evil at work in people and exercising tremendous tremendous influence over people. spiritual forces of evil at work in people and over people listen afresh to Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12 Search for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood numbers are issue is not mainly with people right for the very tangible people in front of us. But our main issue is against the rulers against the rulers against the authorities against the cosmic Powers over this present Darkness against the spiritual forces of evil in Heavenly places. I words this domain of darkness is the playground of Satan and his minions spiritual forces of evil over this present Darkness.

Do you doubt this power?

You doubt that. This is real.

Jesus didn't doubt it. Do you remember the story of Jesus's Temptations for Satan just kept coming at him with fresh Temptations, right? When he was a second Temptation where he brings him up on a high mountain in his study shows him all the kingdoms of the world. In a moment of time and he sent them to you. I will give all this Authority and their Glory Birds been delivered to me and I give it to whom I will if you then will worship me. It will all be yours. Notice Jesus as we shall Worship the Lord your God and him only but Jesus didn't say it's not yours.

He basically granted him the argument. The kingdoms of the world. This is your domain. It'll Herod King Herod in the different King. They have a jurisdiction, right? They have a realm a domain where the exercise your Authority he's showing them all the kingdoms of the world and saying it's been delivered to me. I have authority over then. I'll give it to you if you will worship. Me just illustrating how vast his authority is Jesus our knowledge it again and Luke 22 verse 53 and this is striking to me. This is in the Garden of Gethsemane. This is the same evening where Jesus gave the last supper and Judas had in his heart Satan came into his heart to betray Jesus. He left the supper and its interests in the Gospel of John against this one deer at this detail as a story is being told that says he went out and it was night. Momentum Were Meant to hear this is dark. What is happening right here. Then you go to the Garden where they come out with with swords and clubs to arrest Jesus and Jesus says to them a little 2253 when I was with you day after day in broad daylight after day in the temple. You did not lay hands on me and he says this this isn't the shadow of the Cross. He's ready to go to the cross and says, but this is your hour. In the power of darkness in this is your hour in the power of darkness is evil hour to that would extend beyond even our of the Cross 1st. John 5:19 is a text has really helped me get my mind around this reality of the spiritual forces at work, even right now in our day when it says this we know that we are from God, but the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. The whole world lies in the power of the evil one at a passer one time this tried to try to help the congregation get their minds and hearts around the reality of the spiritual forces. We live in a very naturalistic day with very natural explanations for everything, right. But don't seem to be account be able to account for everything but he just talked about these invisible forces at work. And he said, you know if we had eyes to see the battle going on in Heavenly Realms demonic forces against Angelic forces these Clashing of Swords above our heads if we had eyes to see these invisible reality. It would be happening over our heads in over our hearts even right now. it's Vivid, but it's powerful to realize the amount of authority these evil forces exercise over this present darkness in this evil age. These forces are hell-bent on blinding people. Hell-bent on blinding people hints that phrase the domain of Darkness. Listen to these words from 2nd Corinthians 4:4 does in their case the god little G the God of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers. Why?

Why would Satan blind the minds of unbelievers the text tells us to keep them from seeing the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ? To keep them from seeing the light to keep them from seeing the gospel or you can flush out even more that they are hell-bent these authorities these dark evil authorities are hell-bent on keeping us in that condition from seeing our true condition. They want to keep us blinded to the reality of our sin. Want to keep us blinded to our need for Rescue. They're hell-bent on making sure people don't recognize the vulnerability that they have the danger that they're in and how the wrath of God hangs overhead console. These forces keep people from seeing the light the sun of righteousness that has risen with healing in his we from seeing the light of the world. This is what the spiritual forces have done and continue to do because Satan and his when he's the God of this world. He is the one who exercises Authority in the domain of Darkness know we're at work we're talking about where we were okay, it's good for us to recognize with sobriety where we were What was it like under the domain of darkness and allergies are coming to my mind. The first one comes to slavery in Egypt right going back and remembering the slavery in the oppression that Israelites. This is what I felt when they were in Egypt as Pharaoh this cruel dictator cries out more bricks, but give them last straw. This is the kind of domination a picture of this domain of Darkness or take a very modern example. We're going to last places in the world. You'd want to live. I can tell you when the last place in the world. I'd want to live North Korea. Right in North Korea under the evil dictatorship of Kim Jeong Hoon. Right now if you were to fly at night over North Korea, you know you'd see. Nothing, just pitch Blackness, right? Because under this evil dictator the people don't have for vision there. It just a picture. This Blackness is a picture of the domination of these people how they are kept in darkness sadness fills my heart even speaking about this as an example right now. Did it happen by accident? No, there's dark Wicked forces at work influencing directing guiding encouraging. Such things could you imagine living in North Korea? It's a terrifying thought, isn't it? living under such a ruthless dictator The promise is everything tries to put a good spin on it. But really you're going without so many basic Provisions you're living in fear every single day or just under this bondage don't want to miss step or you're going to end up in a Work Camp and you won't come out of there alive. This is life in North Korea in a picture of what it was like where we were under the domain of Darkness. You know what people say, I'm in a bad place or someone so is in a bad place. I think the only think about this phrase domain of Darkness like that is to be in and what's even more scary about it to me is not just that were in that place blind miserable. Under a ruthless dictator like Satan and his help is minion, but we're being kept there. It's that we're not even sure in that state that we want to leave. That's was terrifying to me to see that it's not just that we're being kept there. It's that we're not sure we want to leave their number Ephesians 2 verses 1 2 3 There's very real demonic forces, but it's not just the Demonic forces. That's what's going on in our own Hearts. It says in those verses then you were dead in your trespasses and sins and what you want to watch following the course of this world falling the prince of the power of the air the spirit not work in the sons of Disobedience among whom you all once lived in the passions of your flesh carrying out the desires of the body and the mind and we're by Nature children of Wrath like the rest of mankind another words. It's like he keeps us there with his oppressive influence. But it's our own sinful Hearts. They don't know any better and don't know any better to want anything better. We follow by Nature the passions of our flesh. So we could say we're in a really really bad place where we were. But that's enough about where we were let's talk about where we are. Okay, he delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred ice literally brought it from one place to another he transferred into the kingdom of his beloved Son and we think about the story of scripture right from Genesis to Revelation 666 books that tell one unified story and one of the main things about the main theme of this story is that God promises a King deliver we learn from the earliest chapter of the Bible of the great need of this deliver and that he would come and he would exercise his Dominion. That he would Flex his authority that he would crush the head of Satan that he would overwhelm. the powers of this present Darkness sore throat destroy the Bible we're waiting for this King in the picture of who this king is his identity just gets clearer and clearer and clearer us the story The Bible as one of the joys of reading the Bible in details, we get to see the portrait of that deliver the one who would bring rescue get clearer and clearer and clearer. And of course, we know this deliver came in the person of Jesus Christ in Hebrew desert his authority and it's good for us in this moment to make a contrast between his authority authority of this King it would bring and when our Redemption and authority of the ruler that we were under even think about the Realms that we were in the domain of Darkness Kingdom of Light. We were Satan was bent the ruler of this present Darkness was bent on blinding and keeping us blind. But Christ is bent on making the light brighter and brighter and brighter for the children of God Satan makes big promises and gives little Provisions right make a lot of bricks no straw, but Jesus King, Jesus calms him a huge promises and supplies us with unending provision. This is not a dark hermit Kingdom like North Korea. This is the light of the kingdom of God. Satan is aimed at destruction. He's and that are stretching it out to steal and kill and destroy he wants you to go to hell.

Right. Why does he keep people blind he knows what the law demands he knows that people are stuck in their sin and he knows how to endless to distract people. So they are not aware of who they are where their hearts are at their need for a rescuer. He does a really powerful job doing the work that he does. He's ashamed at your destruction. But Jesus is aimed at your sanctification your transformation your Holiness your likeness to himself. This is his bent. This is his aim. And so we think about being under the rule of King Jesus. This is what we're being told her. We were delivered out of the domain of Darkness into the kingdom of his beloved Son wear under his beautiful rule where there's a bun in provision. There's perfect security and there's no sense of unrest like when's this was Glory Days going to end it will continue for Endless ages the government shall be upon his shoulders and there will be no end to his Brain, now when Jesus when this King came there was many expectations about him in the dominant expectation was that he would come and he would deliver and everything would be put the rights in that moment immediately. Upon his arrival, but of course we learn from the gospels the same Kingdom in described here at the Kingdom that Jesus talked about in the gospels the kingdom of heaven, right? And how does that Kingdom start? Like a mustard seed right small seemingly unimpressive, but it's going to grow and it's going to grow and it's going to be dominant and it is going to wow. Absolutely everybody. It's the nature of this Kingdom and I highlight this because this Kingdom that we have been brought into the kingdom of God's beloved Son is something that we threw his rescue experience and part now but we have an experience the fullness of it yet, right. It's an hour and a not yet reality. So what do we experience now? I'll talk about the not yet next week because the next two lines in the Creed that goes from forgiveness of sins the resurrection of the body and the life Everlasting. Okay, so we'll talk about the kingdom in full, but for now, what do we experience even right now presently, that's what's being emphasized in this text. Even now even know even in this Fallen World in this present Darkness we experience very real Freedom as the children of God. We know our hearts. We no longer under bondage. We are actually transferred to such an extent that we're no longer under Satan's power anymore. We're no longer a susceptible to the the world's poor and even not even controlled ultimately by those Fallen Desires in our own Hearts. We experience freedom of the children of God with the Holy Spirit dwelling in as we experience peace genuine. Peace, you know when you got converted that experience a piece that you never had before. Joy I know we have leaky Joy buckets on this side of Heaven were looking forward to the day when they don't leak anymore, but it's real like the fact in this present Darkness were experiencing joy, peace, the comfort of knowing that we are redeemed and we're no longer under this power, even though we see its influence everywhere. It's really a stunning thing. It's like the Israelites in Goshen when everything else is dark, we're sitting in light. Because we have been transferred into the kingdom of God's beloved Son. know what we need to know is this but even though we've only experienced this Kingdom and part we're going to experience it in full. Listen to these words Luke 12:32 fear not little flock bird is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. You will receive the fullness of the kingdom of God, you will shine like the sun in the Kingdom of your father. And when you do it will come to pass what's said in Revelation 11 verse 15 listen to this. Listen to when you think about the domain of darkness in the very real power and rule that evil forces have in this world right now and then you think about King Jesus and his rule listen to this Revelation chapter 11 verse 15. This is what we're looking for with you. Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and all of his grace and he shall reign forever and ever and all God's people said. Amen. That is what we are looking forward to State and take them up on them on TalkBack. Look, I'll give it all things like, nope. I'm going to resist you cuz it's all going to be mine. No matter first. I have to go to the cross and win the right to rule and bring a people are redeemed people into that rule with me we talked about where we were at domain of Darkness where we are. We're in the Kingdom of God's beloved Son in part now waiting for the fullness of it. It's going to come in due time will shine in that day. But now let's consider how the father got us there. How did the father get us there? Verse 13. There's this key at the beginning. He has delivered us. Who's the he in verse 13 backup the first 12 with me giving thanks to the father. Who has qualified US qualified you to share in the inheritance of the Saints in light? This one who has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved Son. This is the father who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the Saints in life. He makes it possible for us to be in that Kingdom. This is the father who made this happen. Now it says that he qualified us to share in the heritance of the Saints in light. How did he qualify that what did you do with it make the Smiths qualified to be part of that Kingdom to experience that transfer. That's the beauty of our text our text answers that question. How did the father qualify as to share in the inheritance of the Saints in light? And the answer to that question is that he transferred us get this listen really close to this point. This is really really important. He transferred us not just to a better place. but into a relationship with a person this is really really crucial to getting this text and the Bible for the matter heat transfer to a different place that's going to be a consequence of but to a person where do I get that look with me at the text? He delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son in whom. We have Redemption the Forgiveness of since those tumors in whom that little phrase is probably the most important phrase. In these two versus is too glorious verses that we are looking at because we've been transferred and I just told her place but to a relationship with a person in other words, the father has seen to it that we would be United to his son in whom is talking about Union with Jesus Christ that transfer what did you to replace? It was connecting us to a person who is now ruined. That makes sense. To be in Christ is what we are talking about here. If we have Jesus we have everything else that we need. If we are united in Jesus Christ, we have absolutely everything this week this doctrine of Union with Christ. It's probably be most important doctor in the New Testament. Because all the other juicy doctrines depend on it. It's either were United to him and we experience the blessings that come from that or we are cut off from him and know only curse everything hangs really on those two words in whom. We have redemption in the Forgiveness of sins. We have Christ. We have everything and makes me think of that parable of the hidden treasure that Jesus tell us about the kingdom of God, right?

And he stumbled upon a treasure. And he notices it like a bear is it with joy and sells everything that he has in order to buy that feel cuz he has that treasure it was working. Everything is all because of the worth of that treasure if you have the treasure, if you have Jesus Christ the King of the Kingdom you have everything else if you are in him. You're connected to this person. You have everything given the place that we were in okay given the place that we were in there is nothing greater. If the father could do for us then to transfer Us by uniting us to his son. That's what he's done for you beloved. He's United you to assign which has opened you up to every other blessing listen to 1st Corinthians chapter 1 verse 30 and because of him because of the father you are in Jesus Christ. Okay, because of the father you are in Jesus Christ, what comes with that who became Center in him who became to us wisdom from God righteousness and sanctification in especially relevant for this text and Redemption Avenue to the sun. You have Redemption the Forgiveness of sins. The father's rescue took the form of connecting us to the power of his only son of his one and only son.

I love this text in 1st John 3:8. It says the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. I hope you appreciate that. Like I do after thinking about the domain of darkness and the works that the Devils hell-bent on doing and to recognize the reason the Son of God. Can the reason why that promised King arrived was to destroy the works of the devil.

Jesus came it says he's actually says that he cast out demons, right and they're wanting at your casting out demons by the prince of being your casting out demons by the power of the devil.

And then he says or could it be that the kingdom of God has come upon you?

Could it be that the kingdom of God has come upon you and then he says this to bind the strong man. You must R22 plunder the drama is good. You must first bind the strongman. Then you can plunder his Goods in Jesus's point is yep, a stronger man has come and I've come to bind the strongman Satan and plunder his guts. And I intend to do that. That's what Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil to bind the strongman to plunder Souls, but how would he bind the strongman? Write the one who exercises incredible influence and power over this present darkness in this evil age. You see the only real power. What's the only real power that Satan has over people you stop and think about it. I got bottom. What's the real power that he has over people?

It's the fact that we are guilty of our since right? Like he can hold the genuine guilt of human beings over there. He holds them captive because in one sense they belong to him. He's the ruler of this dark domain and everybody is a sinner by birth and by choice And so the only real power that Satan has over people is their sin and their guilt before God if he still has that record of their debt so he can hang over their heads can try to run even if you wanted to. I just keep pulling you back into darkness keeps pulling you back into darkness and tell that one thing that record of debt is taken out of his hands thin is a legal issue before God, right? The sin against God becomes a legal issue before God God has to actually exercise Justice to be consistent with his character God's law has been broken God's law has been transgressed spin legally demands condemnation and separation from God who understands this. quite well Satan understands this he knows how this works. He understands the law. He understands the legal demands in the real guilt that sin brings. He understands that sin. Khalid's the condemnation and eternal punishment. That's why I said earlier. He's hell-bent on keeping up with keeping people blind so that they go to hell.

I mean even Kim Jong who's not sitting around going. I hope everybody goes to hell. I don't think

but Satanist all of his tactics all the commands I give them are bent on keeping people blind so that they will perish in their sin. This is why he uses his influence. He uses it to keep people from seeing the light because what will the light do? People that love the darkness hate the light right because what does light do? Exposes right exposes are so if you can keep people from seeing the light their sin can stay in the darkness where sin loves to stay, right? Cuz soon grows their girls really wear it well there and it goes to the point of Destruction in Ultimate condemnation Satan knows this and so he keeps it in the dark. He keeps people blinded to the sin that is in their own heart keeps them blind to the fact that they are legally guilty before God that their guilt is very real in the condemnation is very just keeps them blind to the reality that not only condition is that bad but there's actually rescue like there's someone that can actually Remedy the problem and he he's hell-bent on making sure no one knows about it. Just like Kim Jeong hoon is making sure that North Koreans don't know anything about the outside world and know that their conditions. It's like living in a cesspool. He's bent on making sure they don't get that knowledge. Will Satan has been on making sure people do not know. The truth he wants people to go to hell if he's armed with the record of people's guilt reminding people of who their innocence people are rightly under his jurisdiction.

This is why Jesus's death was so crucial. This is why Jesus's death was so crucial since Jesus is perfect. He met all the legal demands of the law, which is perfection in since Jesus Is God he could actually Bear the weight of guilt and condemnation on behalf of Sinners and soul. What is So Glorious about this is that when we are transferred out of the domain of Darkness into the kingdom of God loves that when we are united to Jesus Christ, We are connected to the only in true source of power for Redemption deal with the core issue that keeps Austin at present darkness, which is our sin in the guilt of our sin and it's legal demands and so this in home, so there's four in Christ. We have Redemption the Forgiveness of sins. Listen to Ephesians chapter 1 verse 7 in him in him. We have Redemption through his blood the Forgiveness of our trespasses according to the riches of his grace through his blood we have Redemption forgiveness can come when his blood is shed and Redemption can be made the purchase price is paid for Galatians chapter 1 verse 4 says This is him who gave himself for our sins Jesus gave himself for our sins to Deliver Us from the present evil age according to the will of our God and Father and listen to this. the well-known text but hear it in light of everything you've heard so far Colossians chapter 2 verse 13 and you Who were dead in your trespasses and uncircumcision of your flesh God made a life together with him having forgiven all our trespasses by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands this he set aside nailing it to the cross. He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open Shame by triumphing over them in him. So through faith in Jesus Christ We experience Redemption we experience of forgiveness of sins. We are bought out of our slavery to sin and we are brought out of our position of guilt and beautifully, you know when you're under that kind of, you know dictatorship. How glorious it is when that power estoppel. You're the first one cheering. Right? Well, we ought to be cheering because when our record of debt was nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ, the one thing that Satan could use to keep us. In the domain of Darkness was taken from him. He was stripped disarmed the rulers of Their Eyes Were disarmed and he put them to open shame. I love this picture in Roman days when they would conquer a foreign army invade walkthrough with all their spoiled. It had a big parade down Main Street, you know, and they're bringing all their soil their Toyland captive or not the most beautiful picture none of us love war. But when I think about when I think about Jesus Christ coming in disarming the powers that kept us in such bondage and then stripping the bear that were in Walking them and humiliation through Main Street through the church. I also all the saints and go. Yeah. Look what happened to the one who killed held us and bonded and look how it happened. Look how the father brought us from where we are to where to where we were to where we are fired connecting us to his son. This Redemption is are Satan has been disarmed. We are no Longer in the domain of Darkness, but we are in the Kingdom of God's beloved Son. Jesus came to demonstrate his power over the Demonic dictator over this present Darkness praise the Lord now. question this morning And I'm preparing the stacks on thinking there's someone here. That I'm I'm afraid this isn't real for like you're still in the domain of Darkness. And the scariest thing about it is the way Satan works as he tries to make sure that you don't know that is that a terrifying thing to be in that really bad place like the worst of all places? And not know it. Eke out your existence to live all your day is not even realizes that you are under the state Panic power that is hell-bent on getting you to hell. It's a terrifying thing, isn't it? It is terrifying to live under that power. And if you're here this morning and you don't know this Redemption that is found in Jesus Christ, and you have not put your faith in Jesus Christ. Do you know what God's doing right now? He's Shining Light on your life. He's aluminum your mind so that you can actually see your own condition and your sin and your real guilt before God that is worthy of condemnation. And he is trying to lick your eyes to his son Jesus Christ and he is calling you right now to put your faith in his son as the only way to escape the domain of darkness and be transferred into the kingdom of his beloved Son. He offers it to you. Think about that any North Korean that could get out will give their right arm. Look at both arms to get out of North Korea and I'm telling you North Korea looks like Disneyland compared to what Satan is doing to salt. And you have an opportunity today. If you do not know Jesus Christ to put your trust in him and receive God's rescue and Rescue out of the domain of darkness and transfer you into the kingdom of God's beloved Son. If you don't know this rescue, there is an urgency. There is an urgency here because we don't know how many days were going to get and you don't want to stay under this dark Decatur. And if you feel a war in your own heart right now. You know, I just wanted to pull you back in the darkness throw yourself upon the Lord Jesus Christ because this King will not fail you this King will deliver you. This King has never closed the door and anyone who's come to him in Repentance and Faith. So come to him and he will not turn you away.

Church it is a glorious thing isn't it to be in this place? To know Christ to have been brought out of this domain of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of his beloved Son this phrase in home to be in him and to know that we have everything that we could ever need. It is a glorious thing and I want to give us just a few points of application to close with just really concrete things that you can think about in light of how we should respond to this text before we turn to prayer number one for things number one. Let this let this text sister a hearty Thanksgiving in your heart to the father. I just love that in our context of our passage back and forth 12 giving thanks to the father who's qualified us to share in the inheritance of the Saints and white thanks to him because he is the one who transferred Us by connecting us to us. And he's the one who's given us this Redemption. So let us give hearty Thanksgiving to our father not just In this moment in responding to the sermon and prayer but all the Days of Our Lives. Let's not forget the Redemption that our father has brought to us. That's not forget. The reason we're in a kingdom of life right now is because God sent his own son to get us out of that darkness. And so let's let's let the sex store Thanksgiving worship on Thanksgiving in our hearts number to let this text to give sweet Assurance to your heart. Let it give sweet Assurance to our hearts even the way it's intentionally where did hear listen to the past and he has delivered from the domain of Arthur has transferred to the kingdom of his room. We have presently Redemption the Forgiveness of sins. And this reality that God has accomplished through his son Jesus Christ in your life. Is a done deal like he sealed you that we talked about a few weeks ago with his holy spirit for the promise day of redemption you are going to make it but just focus here on the finished work of Jesus Christ in the plan of his father. This is finished work that God has accomplished through Jesus Christ. You have Redemption you have been transferred let that settle on you. Remember where you were remember where you are right now by the work that has been accomplished through Jesus Christ, I think about the song We sang to start the service today. There's a line in it and how How Deep The Father's Love For Us when it says, but this I know with all my heart his wounds have paid my Ransom But this I know with all my heart his wounds have paid my Ransom let this be a reassuring to your heart. If you put your faith in Christ, you can be reassured that you have been ransomed Satan cannot take that away from you. But you can lie about it. That's why I'm telling you. Let this text give sweet Assurance to your heart. This is what your father is trying to do to you right now. So if you have all these warrants in your mind, let the text break through if you're struggling with guilt confess your sins before the father in this is a wonderful time, isn't it for us to recognize what Satan is bent on doing? All right, we're out of his clutches. But is it going to leave us alone? Now? He's going to do everything. He can't stop you from going to hell now. So what did we know what he's going to do? He's going to stop you from stopping others from going to neutralize your life. He's going to try to get you to be a worldly Christian. He's going to try to get you to fall in love with this world and it's fleeting Pleasures. He's trying to get you to Value anything above the treasure king. of the Kingdom of Light he's going to be hell-bent on it resists. I'm here I go give it another application here, but it does leave me my next phone number three let this text grow our faith grow your faith in ongoing Deliverance. Okay, I'll be clear this text. The focus of this text is on this initial once and for all act of Deliverance that God has done. He is Deliver us he has rescued us from the domain of darkness is this ultimate rescue that he has brought but like the Israelites he rescued him, you know, he watch him break the back of the strongest leader in the world drowned his entire Army let them walk through on dry land. Justice delivered, right? Okay, he broke the power disarm the authorities to his cross right? We've walked through on dry land is worth that's Deliverance. But what is he trying to get you to do in the wilderness?

Doubt him his ability to deliver and sell as I wish I was strong cuz I was studying this. I told a few in the permit in this morning that that as I'm starting to realize this is so important but this Deliverance is meant to make us confident and all the other forms of Deliverance that we need until we are safely home in glory read the scriptures and it talks about being delivered from deadly Peril delivered from ultimately the Wrath to come at the End of the Age delivered from wicked and evil men from persecution. Paul says, did you deliver me from the lion's mouth in from every evil deed being delivered from the distress that's felt by being in a wicked and depraved culture. Like a lot felt when he was in Sodom or delivered from trials other words, this initial delivering should make us more confident that he's able to rescue us. What do you need right now? What kind of rescue what ways are you being tempted? Remember what we're taught to praying The Lord's Prayer and lead us not into temptation, but Deliver Us from Evil or maybe even better at the evil one. So cry out to him for deliverance let that Altima Deliverance encourage you to cry out for all different forms, even if they're smaller forms of Deliverance last one left this text to give bold motivation to your mission to our mission that we have were Great Commission Christian. This is burning on my heart. We are called we've been rancid. We have all this is sure hands like we are in Christ. Right. We have the joy of knowing that were redeemed. We're not interested in where there's no Guild hanging over our heads. So now we can live comfortable lives, right? The chill kick our feet up make life about us. Just try to pad things a little bit more another pillow on the way to heaven.

We are called to help others out of this present Darkness. Your mission in life as a Christian if you call yourself a Christian is to help other people out of the domain of Darkness. This is not me making up saying all just another mission application here. Listen to how the apostles thought about it first Peter chapter 2 verse 9, but you are a chosen race a royal priesthood a holy nation a people for his own possession.

That you may proclaim the excellencies of him who brought you out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light. Or Acts 26 vs. 17 and 18 two powerful. This is the pasta Paul. He just gets done telling his testimony about how he brought God brought out of Darkness into light how that blindness did he had gave way to the light. He's telling that story and he's telling about his mission to commission. It really is the mission in commission of every single Christian. Jesus says that he's going to preserve Paul in the midst of all this persecution delivering you from your people that Jews and also from the Gentiles that this is what I need to hear to whom I am sending you. Why is God why is Jesus sending Paul to Jew and Gentiles? Why is God sending you into this world into your community? You're worthless all your different spheres of influence here. We have it brothers and sisters. He's sending you to open their eyes.

He's sending you to open their eyes so that they may turn it says from the darkness turn from Darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God that they may receive this is what this is all about the Forgiveness of sins in a place among those who are Sanctified by faith in me Jesus.

Father we draw near to you this morning and we do give hearty thanks to you because we know a father apart from your intervention apart from you loving us first, we would still be under the domain of Darkness. Third. We tremble when we think about where we were Where we would be even now if it wasn't for your intervention. We praise you for sending the true king. We praise you that we can look forward to a day. When the kingdom of this world will be the kingdom of your beloved Son. When your kingdom will come in full view for delivering us from the domain of Darkness for transferring us into a vital Union in a relationship with your son Jesus Christ. What I pray for anybody here whose souls in turmoil. Because they don't know this redemption in Satan's hell-bent on them not knowing I pray the Lord by the power of your holy spirit that you would open their eyes through your word through this good news about your son is death to free Sinners and disarm rulers and authorities or show your power over this present Darkness. Let your kingdom breakthrough Lord set captives free just as you've done for us what I pray for anybody here or the doesn't know you were which you set them free For Your Glory All for the glory of your name for the good of their soul. Set them free.

And what I pray for us as Believers that we would find. The we would find tremendous Assurance here. The stand against the devils live to know that there is one word over our lives redeemed. forgiven Lord help us to rejoice in the Forgiveness of sins and help us to realize how great this. Redemption is in that we would continue to call out for your deliverance father. I pray that you would help your people knowing that we are going through many different trials and temptations. Come here Lord. Just having some patients pounding on their lives Lord. I pray that you deliver them.

Lord and those were enduring many battles with different forms of Trials, but I pray that you would deliver you to rescue show your power to preserve them in the face of these trials or hold off your people by your power. God I pray I pray that you use your church your people Lord to Open the Eyes of the blind. Order to show share the good news of your son's Deliverance Lord. The people would turn from the Power Station to the power of God. Or use your church, press this sweet and privilege obligation on every single heart of every professing Christian in this room. For that we would feel. The sweet burden of being able to set others free who got let us not come out of this slavery and watch and be content with other people being enslaved have mercy on us o God lift our eyes to you help us rejoice in this great truth and let it move us into action in Jesus name. Amen.

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