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Mark 6:1-56

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All right, we've been looking at the gospel of Mark and as we've been looking at the gospel of Mark we've been asking why a lot. Why does Mark record this in this or why is he saying it this way and an awesome times the y in the gospel is to challenge us when we're reading a gospel be at Matthew or Mark or Luke or John and it's often that why is a challenge to us? What are your preconceptions about Jesus in here? Let me demolish those for you write. Jesus is not the kind of King that his people Israel were expecting and so a lot of the gospel writers are seeking to set that end in place. What kind of King is Jesus? Right? And in Jesus came for claiming the kingdom of God. What kind of kingdom is that right with these these terms King which the Jews would have been referred to would refer to him as as Messiah write this one who was promised by the prophets before Would come and fulfill the reign of David God made a promise is David you will not lack someone a descendant of yours to sit on the throne forever. Right? And so they get that like they they understand that we're looking for this one who will come and rule on the throne of David but they did not understand some of the rest of the message of the prophets. And so Mark many scholars would agree is is essentially just taking the preaching of Peter one of the one of the 12 apostles. He's taking that and he's riding down Peters thoughts and he's showing how Peter himself a faithful Jew himself growing up with this understanding of the Messiah who would come himself beginning to understand more how that was going to look Mark records for us the teaching of Jesus and that the miracles of Jesus that are pointing us to what kind of King is he? And what is the nature of his key? And that's what we've been looking at so far. But there comes a point when we take all that information in there comes a point when we have to ask. So what? So what? Right if Jesus, is that kind of King. If the kingdom of God is to that kind of Kingdom, what does it matter? For the people around him. What does it matter for the people that he's interacting with? Okay. Yeah, so we saw him kill somebody we saw him praise him from Buddy from the dead. We saw him call mr. When we see him do all these things and we hear him teaching in Parables about the nature of the kingdom and how it's it's hidden to those who can't see it, but it's clearly seen to those who have eyes to see right? Okay. Okay, we're starting to get the teaching was starting to see what he did. But so what? What's the impact of the Kingdom on the people around him and in Mark chapter 6 Mark goes through and he shows specifically how the kind of King that Jesus is and the nature of the Kingdom that he was establishing how that impacts the people around him. How did the people react to this teaching? This is a good thing like sometimes I know I won't make you raise your hand if you grew up in church, right you've heard all of this and and right about this point in the sermon you're thinking man is this guy going to say anything news? You just going to say the same old thing every week, right? You've heard it all before you're very familiar with the gospel. You're familiar with the Bible you get all of that stuff. Sometimes it's helpful to get out of your own head for a second if I can just put it that bluntly. Sometimes it's helpful to say, okay. Well, let's look at the text and let's see how the people who heard Jesus for the first time reacted to him. But some of you did not grow up in church. Some of you came to church later in your life. Some of you this may be your first time in a church, right? And you're coming at this with fresh eyes. I envy you because when you come to the word of God with fresh eyes, and you say what is the impact of this message? What is the impact of this King? What is what is this Kingdom call forth out of me. You're getting close to the heart of what mark would have wanted for the readers of his gospel to think what is this? And why does it matter for my life? So as we move through chapter 6, that's what we're going to be looking at. How did the people in the text react to Jesus? How did they respond to what he was doing and what he was saying and we start in chapter 6 verse one, right? This is coming on the heels of of these these Miracles that Jesus did he calm the storm? He he healed a demon-possessed man. He healed a woman who the doctors had been working on for 12 years and they couldn't get to the bottom of it. And now all of a sudden she's made well and he raised a young girl from the dead. And this is how Mark transitions he went away from there and came to his hometown. This is why I like Mark. Mark just goes here's how we're going and I'm not going to give you a lot of transition Jesus just raise somebody from the dead. So we went away from there and came to his home town The Narrative is Shifting away from that perspective quite clearly. Let's keep reading and on the Sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue and many who heard him were astonished saying where did this man? Get these things? What is this wisdom given to him? And how are such Mighty Works done by his hands? So Jesus is in his hometown. He's teaching at the the synagogue that he grew up in right and the people are amazed. Look at the sky's teaching. Where did he get this wisdom? And what about these Miracles? We keep hearing about that this guy did where did that come from? And you think this is legitimate because when we looked last week in in chapter 5 and we saw the Miracles we saw the response of the people to him. They were they were afraid so much power had been manifested they were afraid or they marveled at the power that Jesus hat.

And yet that's not the response.

Did we see here? Yes, they're amazed at the teaching. Yes, they're amazed at the works. But is this not the carpenter the son of Mary brother of James and joses and Judas and Simon and are not his sisters here with us and they took offense at him. And they took offense at him. Okay, Jesus we get it you raise the girl from the dead? Okay, Jesus we get it you cast out a demon. Okay, Jesus. We get it you're healing people and your commanding the storms and they're listening to you. Just depends me.

Where does that come from? This is who you are. This is the kind of king you are. This is the kingdom your established singing. How dare you.

They took offense and why did they take offense at him? Is this not? The kid from down the street is this not the kid who helped his dad in the carpenter shop is this not the one whose brothers and sisters are still with us? Who does he think he is getting all uppity like that? This is a Backwater Town. You're not supposed to do anything with your life Jesus. You're not supposed to be anybody important. You're supposed to be like the rest of us content to just sit here and get along. The response of the people in Jesus's Hometown is the responsive Mini. Okay, we see the record of the Miracles you did. We see the record of the teaching that you have Jesus, but we're just not going to believe that. We're just going to be skeptical of that. This is a failure on the part of his hometown to reconcile his message and to reconcile his ministry with the fact that he's just a man who was born and grew up among them. Like anybody else. They're having trouble reconciling the just plain Jane old origin story of Jesus with the Miracles with the authoritative teaching that I don't see how this all fits together. And so they took offense at him. This skepticism is something that we see Frank Leonardi a lot. There are a ton of people have members of my family who say Jesus was a great teacher. I just don't buy into all the Miracles in the whole Resurrection thing. I got just doesn't make sense that just couldn't happen. I don't believe any of that stuff. Like I'm cool with the whole, you know, love your neighbor as yourself stuff. Like that's that's appealing right the whole turn the other cheek thing. Yeah, that's a great moral teaching. Don't kill people. Don't be mad at people right? Don't don't commit adultery. Don't look lustfully at someone right like I'm good with that teaching. But Jesus was just a great teacher and the disciples just made up all this other stuff. No, they didn't. His hometown says look at these amazing works that he's doing look at these Miracles. He's done.

If the witness of Jesus's enemies is he's doing Miracles. What kind of just as CS Lewis. What's a chronological snobbery does it take to imagine that we know better than the people who were there? Write the skepticism comes in and it's it sees the truth of who Jesus was and what he did but it says even so I'm not going to accept it. Had conversations with people maybe you have is well where the they readily admit there's something to this Christianity thing. There's something to this that I just can't explain. I can't get away from but I just can't go there. Ultimately. What's the people in Jesus's Hometown or wrestling with his what a lot of people today wrestle with? I just can't go there because of what it would mean for me. Right. I know your family Jesus. I'm not ready to Crown you Messiah. Right. I saw you growing up. I'm not ready to say that you have the anointing of God to completely change the world. or today I just don't believe Jesus that you did all those things. I just cannot accept the stories of the Miracles and some people react then and now with skepticism to do Jesus is an Jesus said to them look back in your text at verse for a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household and he could do no Mighty work there except that he laid hands on a few sick people and killed them and he marveled because of their unbelief and he would have went about Among The Villages teaching their skepticism is based on the fact that they saw Jesus growing up and they knew his family. Friends here in America. We are increasingly living in Jesus's hometown. The place where the church was so strong for so long has instead become the really the seedbed of a skepticism about who Jesus is. Do, you know where most of that skepticism comes from frankly? Comes from the church. When the people who say they're following Jesus when the people who say yeah, that's Jesus. He's our brother. He's our savior. He's our Messiah.

Turn around and look no different than the society around them. That message is hard to believe it. So some of the skepticism in our day and age is related to the family of Jesus related to us and our failure to take seriously what he said but skepticism is not the only reaction that people have to Jesus. Write his his hometown did not receive him America is increasingly rejecting him. But there are those who obey him. This is word Marcos next in verse 7, and he called the 12 and he began to send them out two by two and he gave them authority over the unclean spirits you charge them to take nothing for their Journey except a staff. No bread. No bag no money in their belts, but to wear sandals and not put on two tunics essentially to to translate this into modern-day a parallel right there going on a week vacation. And they're not taking any bags, right? They're not taken any money. They're leaving the Visa at home. Right there not even taking a change of clothes. They're going out with literally the clothes on their back and a staff in their hands and that's it. Okay, and he said to them whenever you enter a house stay there until you depart from there and if any place will not receive you and they will not listen to you when you leave shake off the dust that is on your feet as a testimony against them. So they went out and Proclaim that people should repent and they cast out many demons and Anointed with oil men who are sick and healed them. So this is another response to Jesus. What are the disciples sent out to do but what they've already seen Jesus do right go cast out demons. Go heal the sick go preach the gospel of the kingdom and trust. God has you do it. All the things that Jesus modeled for them they're sent out to do and how did they respond they respond in obedience some of our favorite punching bags in the New Testament are the disciples. It's so much fun to look at them and say what a bunch of idiots like I couldn't get out of their own way. They couldn't see the truth of Jesus was right in front of them. They kept missing it over and over and over they miss it. But how many of us Would be willing to hear the call of Jesus leave your nets leave your job leave your family. Come follow me. And then after having followed him not very long. He says all right. Now you guys go out and do the same thing and they go in they do it. Let's Marvel for a second at the faith of the disciples. Let's put ourselves in their shoes and say is this something that I would be willing to do would I be willing to respond to the demonstration of the Kingdom that he's bringing the teaching of the Kingdom videos bringing the example of what kind of King he is. Would I respond in faith to that Christ. Would I respond in obedience to him like the disciples did That ought to challenge us.

Sometimes we imagine that that was okay then. For a bunch of backward Hicks, you know for a bunch of fishermen, but like Jesus, I've got a real job, man. I don't just sit out on the lake and fish all day. Okay, I just walk away from that. Jesus says How is that different they weren't fishing for enjoyment. This was their job. It is a matter of fact because of the lack of refrigeration and modern banking institutions. Their job literally was day by day. They had to work or they did not eat and so they are walking away from every single aspect of security and then Jesus sends them out and says now go do it again, but without me by your side. Go do it two by two. The faith is incredible. It's the same faith that would lead somebody here today to hear the call go and make disciples of all the nations and to leave everything and to go be a missionary. It's the same called that would lead someone to say I have a line on a very lucrative career and yet I'm going to turn away from that and I'm going to pursue Ministry because that's what Christ wants for me. It's the same kind of thing. That would lead somebody to give up. Fa Fame and Fortune to go home in to take care of an ailing an aging parents. because Jesus said to write the need for Faith the need for obedience in response to the king is no different today. And so take this example and be challenged by it. The disciples responded with obedience having seen exactly what we just saw having heard exactly what we just heard they obeyed. What are we going to do? Will we respond with that same kind of obedience? There's been this interesting little bits in the midst of the narrative here and so often used as I've been reading through Mark for this series. So I like Mark tell a story man. Quit jumping all over the place right quit putting this stuff in here. What's this doing here? Right I think about that with with what we looked at last week, right? The synagogue leader says come heal my daughter and as they're going Mark put this whole story in there about this woman needing healed interrupting the narrative entirely. Then he does it again. He interrupts the narrative writing. So Jesus sends out the disciples they go and do it and then we get this random insertion. It's not really random by the way. Just that's my view of it. That's not actually the Holy Spirit inspired view of it right in front of it for Jesus name and become known and some said John the Baptist has been raised from the dead. That is why these miraculous Powers aren't working him like we doing with Herod

I knew that we were a people of culture here. If you haven't seen The Emperor's New Groove do yourself a favor and go watch it. But there's one point in the narrative where he's telling this story and the camera zooming out and all of a sudden is zooms it there's this lady bug on a branch and there's this monkey and he picks up the bug and eats it and the narrator says, alright, what's with the temp in the bug? Can we get back to me? Right? That's how I feel when I look at this. What's with King Herod and John the Baptist. Can we get back to the disciples in the whole casting out demons and Healing The Sick thing, please but Mark as appoints the holy spirit is trying to teach you something. He's showing us a different responses to the Savior and how does Herod respond when he hears of it? Well, he assumed. He connected with John the Baptist other said this is back in a text with 15 other said he's Elijah other said he's a prophet like one of the prophets of old but when Herod heard of it, he said John who might be headed has been raised for it was Herod who had sent and seized John and found him in prison for the sake of herodias his brother Phillips wife because he had married her.

Right. Let's get back to the the teaching. Let's get back to the healing right now instead. We get pulled into this, you know, first century love triangle there in the palace at Jerusalem, right? And we get this whole back story. John gives us the backstory and I'm not going to read all of it just for the sake of time, but you can follow along with me. So Herod had John beheaded what Mark has to tell us why John was beheaded John was beheaded because he was preaching against Herod taking his brother's wife for himself. Right? Well that did not sit well with Harrods so we had John arrested but he was afraid because John was popular, right? We need to remember that some of Jesus's disciples were were John's disciples first, right? John was popular. There were a lot of people listening to him until Herod did not want him to keep preaching against what he was doing. But the same time you didn't want to kill him because he was trying to make sure everybody stayed happy with him, which is a common failing for politicians.

So he has John in prison, but he can't the head of me says let's just keep him safe. All right. Let's keep him safe for a little bit, but then throws a birthday party. Hey give this banquet and the the the tenor of the text is such that we get the impression that this is a little later on in the festivities in Harrods already had a lot to drink right his step daughter comes into dance for them in and we're not giving details. I'm glad we're not but this is probably not a dance. That would be appropriate for Sunday morning. All right, and a Pepsi. Please hear it in the gas. And so the king said to the girl ask for me ask me for whatever you wish and I'll give it to you whatever you asked. I'll give you up to half my kingdom.

So this is pretty generous offer. The girl goes to her mother and says, what should I ask when she said asked for the head of John the Baptist on a platter? Never once have I thought you know what I should really gets somebody's head on a platter. Never once would it had entered into my kids Minds had I said you can have anything you want never in their right mind would they ask for this and yet the daughter goes and does what her mother told her to do? She asked for the head of John the Baptist on a platter Herod is in a tough spot. He's afraid of the people. Because he doesn't want to kill John. But he lives in a shame honor culture and if he does not if he goes back on his word now, he lose his face. He loses standing with all of The Guess Who her to make this promise that we send the Executioner go and Butthead John. And so he does not all of that is backstory right is very important backstory because we need to understand why Herod reacts to Jesus the way he does when when Herod hears of what Jesus is doing his reaction is one of Shame. It's one of guilt. It's one of not godly fear, but worldly fear. His conscience has been plaguing him about this whole thing with John. And now he thinks Jesus is The Reincarnation of John come back as a judgment against him. He has this response of guilt and shame. fear Jesus who's healing people Jesus who's raising people from the dead causes Herod to feel guilt and shame. It's a good thing. Jesus doesn't make any of us feel guilt and shame, right?

Have you read The Sermon on the Mount? I made reference to this earlier. Jesus doesn't just say don't kill anybody. Right. Jesus takes it a step further. He says don't be angry with anybody. For the one whose anger angry is murdered in his heart. He says don't even lust after someone because the one who lust has committed adultery in his heart. You can't come to the teaching of Jesus and pretend like everything's A-OK with your life. You can't see what Jesus is doing and be like, yeah, that's cool. I'm good with that. You can't hear what he's teaching and be like, hey good word Jesus. That's not what happens when you listen to Jesus that your heart should be pricked. How many of you have ever been angry how many of you have ever lasted?

Right, we should feel some of the skills. We should feel some shame with it at the revelation of Christ. butts We should not respond exactly like Herod did hair doesn't do anything with it. He just sits there and trembles but Jesus invites us to something more. He says, you know that guilt that shame you feel when I teach the truth of God. Yeah, that's legit. That's real.

But I'll forgive you anyways. you know that sense of worthlessness that you get when you read the word of God and you think man I fall short and so many ways Jesus says and yet my father longs to forgive you.

We're told throughout the word if we confess our sins. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We don't have to sit and stew in that guilt and shame. Right. We don't have to avoid reading the Bible avoid going to church cuz we might feel guilty. Guess what? That's how it's supposed to work. We're supposed to be brought into the confrontation with the Holiness of God through the teaching of Jesus Were Meant to see this broad gap between how we live and how Jesus calls us to live. And we're meant to confess that to him. And to throw ourselves on the mercy of God and find their forgiveness and an invitation to Healing to wholeness to holiness. That's what Herod Miss but we can still come to Jesus. Even when we feel guilty or shameful knowing that if we confess our sins. He is faithful to forgive them. So that's a response to Jesus. Right? We've seen the skepticism of his hometown. We've seen The Obedience of disciples receive the guilt of Herod now we get this story and this is one that if you're one of those that grew up in church, you've heard this one. It's one of my favorite stories of Jesus is one of my favorite teachings of Jesus and miracles of Jesus. It's the feeding of the 5000 look at look at verse 30 of chapter 6 The Apostles return to Jesus and told them all that they had done and tops and he said to them come away by yourselves to a death desolate place and rest awhile for many were coming and going and they had no leisure even to eat. So the apostles come back to this was amazing. We obeyed you we did what you said and listen to what happened it all happened. Demons were cast out sick people got healed the kingdom was proclaimed and Jesus's want y'all come take a break for a second. Come take a break. Let's let's just be together. Let's hang out. Let's let's let's chill for a moment. Not probably the best translation of this but let's let's rest awhile. Right? So he says to do that. We're going to have to go away to a desolate place. So they get in the boat the infamous boat and they go to a desolate Place. Well, the problem is that the the lake to see that they're on is a very small one and if they didn't have a good wind is very possible for the people to beat them to that desolate place. So the people who been tracking around him, who were there were so many of them coming and going to have no leisure even to eat. Jesus plan for a little rest will get away doesn't work cuz they're sailing over the crowd runs around and meet them there on the other side. Now at this point, we're not giving the disciples reaction, but I can guess what it was all my goodness with these people just leave us alone, but that's not Jesus reaction. And that's not the point of the story Jesus reaction when he sees them he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd and he began to teach them many things 35 and when it grew late his disciples came to him and said this is a desolate place and the hour is now late send them away to the countryside Villages and let them by themselves something to eat and unspoken, but I think thought by at least a few of the disciples was and we can finally get a break. But Jesus has something to teach them. But he answered you give them something to eat and they said shall we go and buy 200 in there. I that's 200 days wages worth of food and give them to eat. He said to them how many loads do you have go and see when they found out they said Five Loaves and two fish. Then he commanded them all to sit down and groups on the green grass. So they sat down in groups by hundreds and fifties. So Jesus says the disciples like let's get rid of these people. Let them go solve their little hunger problem. And we can rest Jesus's know you feed him. And they stay with what? Keeping in mind that the outside of the little interposition of King Herod. This is the same group of disciples who just came back and they they were gone for days with no money. No second clothes change of clothes no food and yet they somehow didn't starve God provided for them the whole time they were out. They saw God do Miracles through then they saw God works through their obedience. And yet they have trouble imagining that Jesus could do something on this scale. The disciples who obeyed so readily before have a failure to understand it was Jesus's provision for them God's provision for them is not limited to just them. God who can provide for them who can take take care of their needs can take care of the needs of this crowd. The same God who did that work in them can work in other people how cool it is that? They failed to scale what God could do in the in the book of Acts Peter stands up. There's about a hundred and twenty Believers right when Jesus ascends is about 120 people, which is maybe about how many people are here today imagine that the entire population of the World Church. The entire population of Jesus followers is about what you see here. Go ahead look around with each other. There it is. There's the first church about 120 people.

How are they supposed to do what Jesus told him to do?

God provides not just for them. But for the people who just a chapter later Peter preaches and 3,000 people get saved in the church goes from 120 to 3000 literally in the span of a couple hours.

Peter learned his lesson from the feeding of the 5000. The church doesn't even bat an eye. They scale. No problem. Here they failed to scale. They they began to understand God's going to take care of us God's going to provide through our ministry for our ministry. But how in the world did God provide for 5,000 people in Jesus's watch this. How much do you have Five Loaves and two fish will break up into groups? Let's divide this out. He prayed. He said a blessing you broke the Lowe's in a game of the disciple that divided the two fish and they all ate and were satisfied. They took up twelve baskets full of broken pieces and of the fish those who ate the loaves were five thousand men. Hi, this is this is a crowd because they were women there. There would have been children there. This is a bunch of people and there are twelve baskets for why are there 12 baskets? Mark doesn't tell us but there's several theories one of which is there's 12 tribes of Israel God showing his provision for the 12 tribes and later and Mark will read about him feeding the 4000 that was among the Gentiles region. And so there's different amount of baskets. It's also probably just hey guys, there's 12u disciples. You guys just went out and saw Jesus provide for you. Well, not only did Jesus just provide food for 5,000 men plus women and children but here's a little turtle doggy bag for you guys to take with you in case you forgot the God can provide for more than just you, right? So we need to have this this ability to recognize God's work as being bigger than us. When we respond to the kingdom of God, we need to respond in a way that indicates. It's not just about me. The point of Jesus dying on the cross we hear this phrase time and time again if you've been around church for long, right if you were the only person on Earth Jesus would have still died for you. Yes true, but you're not and he didn't just die for you right there are billions of people on this planet right now. There have been countless billions who've lived up until now and Jesus sacrifice was sufficient. Jesus ministry was not just about you who is about billions of people who without Christ would have no hope of reconciliation with God. We need to understand that God's provision in the Kingdom that Jesus was building is one that's meant to Encompass billions. And so when we start thinking small will God could do this for me, but she really can't do that over there. Right? Surely God won't do that. That's too big. We need to get those thoughts out of her mind and see Jesus responding to the disciples response and saying watch what I can do people also responded. Another way look at Versa 45. So this is after the feeding of the 5000 immediately he made his disciples get into the boat. Now. What were they hoping? Get rid of the crowd let them go take care of their food and then we can get a break. That's why I think the text is he made his disciples get into the boat because they did not want to get in the boat. They wanted to rest. That was the whole purpose of this little trip in case you forgot Jesus. But he makes them get back into the boat and go before him to the other side to bethsaida while he just missed the crowd. And after you taken leave of them. He went up on the mountain to pray when evening came the boat was out on the sea. He was alone on the land. He saw that they were making Headway painfully for the wind was against them and about the Fourth Watch of the night. He came to them walking on the sea. He meant to pass by them, but when they saw him walking on the sea, they thought it was a ghost and cried out for they saw him and were terrified but immediately he spoke to them and said take heart is I don't be afraid he got in the boat with in the wind ceased right before getting to be a pattern for Jesus and the disciples and they were utterly astounded again at the same thing that happened before. But why there's 52 for they did not understand about the loaves but their hearts were hardened. Their hearts were hardened. They had God saying I can do more than you can think of her imagine. I can do more and more people than you can even count. And yet their hearts were hard and so the next Encounter With Jesus their reaction. Is still unbelief because they had these hard Hearts. What is it going to take? For the disciples to get it. It's going to take Jesus rising from the dead and the spirit coming and completely transforming. That's what it's going to take. What's it going to take for us today to not turn a deaf ear to these calls love God love others make disciples. What's it going to take for us to take seriously this Jesus being shown to us. What's it going to take for us to say the faith that motivated. The disciples to Bay is the same face that's available to me. What's it going to take for us to see that the Miracles that Jesus could do then? We're no lar no less true today and that he desires to do that resurrecting work in our neighbors. Right. That's what we're told. We're told that in our sin. We're all dead every time a sinner turns from their self and they turn to Christ and they confess his Lord and they repent of their sins scripture says that's a resurrection that just happened. When are we going to learn that or have we become so accustomed to these stories of Jesus? So used to seeing him do the utterly astounding that we have hearts that are hardened. That's thankfully not the end of chapter 6 that's not where we finish. When they had crossed over they came to land at ganesa roots and they more to the shore when they got out of the boat the people immediately recognized him and they ran about the whole region and began to bring the sick people on their bed to wherever they heard. He was whenever he came wherever he came in villages cities and Countryside. They laid the stick in the marketplaces and implored him that they might touch even The Fringe of His Garment and as many as weird as touched it were made well, The disciples were told had hard Hearts the people that went out in obedience that hood obey they had hard Hearts. But who is it that's doing the work of the Kingdom. At the end of chapter 6, who is this this responding to the work of the king responding to the message of the Kingdom with faith? It's the crowds who run out. And they bring as many sick as they know. To wherever they heard Jesus was.

Church, do you understand? That's what we're called to do. That's what we're called to be. We are called to recognize the resurrection power of Jesus to recognize the nature of his kingship is one that is Redemptive and restoring Humanity to a right relationship with God. We're meant to see that all of the problems we face in this life are answered in Christ. All of the concerns the things that we chase after those all of those priorities get Rewritten when we have Jesus is our King when we recognize that all of the societal ills greed lust theft War all of these things are answered by the gospel by Christ calling us into a new relationship with him in a new relationship with the people around us when we recognize we have the solution. To so many of the problems that plagued this world. Why are we not rushing out? So that we can bring others to Jesus. we have a choice see that's that's what I think Mark 6 is calling us to As is the people of God when we come to this text, we're not meant to just be like, okay. Yeah just did another miracle.

We're meant to say how did the people there respond to Jesus? Okay, how am I going to respond to Jesus? Am I going to respond with skepticism? Yeah, whatever. Am I going to respond with obedience like the disciples did am I going to respond with guilt? Am I going to respond with the lack of faith in my going to respond to the hard heart? Am I going to respond with a mix of all of those at various times and yet do everything that I can to bring others to Jesus and say look at the healing you can find here. Look at look at the hope that we see in Christ. So the question for you today the question for me today the question for us today, Red Hills. Is what about us?

Is this just going to be words on a page? Is this just going to be something we pay lip service to? Or is this going to be radically transformative in our lives? Are we going to see the truth of this word and stored away is a nice little nugget for Bible Bible trivia night. Are we going to see it? We're going to rush out to a world in desperate need of the Hope offered by the gospel. They let me tell you about Jesus the people in the first century had a choice of how they would respond to Jesus you and I have no less of a choice today. You don't get to walk out of these doors as if Mark chapter 6 was never written. You don't get to go about your life this week as if Jesus was not King on the throne of a kingdom that looks totally different than the kingdoms of this world. You don't get that privilege anymore because you showed up and you saw what Jesus would do what he did do what he could do. How are you going to respond to Jesus? Would you pray with me?

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