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MM00067 Sheep, goats, and wolves (Part 2)

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Mentoring Manna:  Sheep, goats, and wolves (Part 2)

© 2003 Pastor Keith Hassell



“All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats.” (Matthew 25:32)  “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”(Matthew 7:15)  As stated in part one, the Lord will one day separate between the sheep and the goats.  He will also judge the wolves. Each of us must ask ourselves the question:  Am I a sheep, goat, or wolf?  Only the Lord’s evaluation will matter one day. In the mean time, we can test ourselves where we stand.  Let us consider a few more comparisons between sheep, goats, and wolves:

·         Sheep seek the shepherd readily, goats seek the shepherd as a last resort, and wolves never seek the shepherd.

·         Sheep allow love to cover a multitude of sins, goats allow gossip to uncover a multitude of sins, and wolves lead others into a multitude of sins.

·         Sheep resist sin, goats yield to sin, and wolves justify their sin.

·         Sheep crucify their flesh, goats pacify their flesh, and wolves feed on flesh.

·         Sheep develop character, goats follow charisma, and wolves depend upon charisma to override character.

·         Sheep serve out of love, goats serve out of obligation, and wolves serve for personal gain.

·         Sheep seek reconciliation, goats avoid reconciliation, and wolves refuse reconciliation.

·         Sheep are humble, goats are selfish, and wolves are proud.

·         Sheep love all, goats love those who love them, and wolves love themselves.

·         Sheep seek to bring about change through humility, prayer, and godly appeal.  Goats bring about change through protest and complaint.  Wolves bring change through manipulation, intimidation and domination.

·         Sheep lift up the shepherd, goats wear down the shepherd, and wolves pull down the shepherd.

·         Sheep are merciful and forgiving, goats are calloused and unfeeling, and wolves are unmerciful and fierce.

·         Sheep promote unity, goats hinder unity, and wolves divide and scatter.

·         Sheep rejoice in the truth, goats tolerate mixture, and wolves sow lies.

·         Sheep rejoice to see the shepherd, goats resent the shepherd, and wolves resist the shepherd.

·         Sheep welcome the shepherd’s hand, goats butt the shepherd’s hand, and wolves bite the shepherd’s hand.

·         Sheep heed the shepherd’s voice, goats heed the shepherd’s staff, and wolves heed the shepherd’s rod.

·         Sheep are led, goats are managed, and wolves are driven out.

·         Sheep identify with the shepherd, goats identify with other goats, and wolves identify with other wolves.

·         Sheep have a flock mentality, goats have a herd mentality, and wolves have a pack mentality.

·         Sheep adapt to boundaries, goats test boundaries, and wolves reject boundaries.

·         Sheep focus on the shepherd, goats focus on themselves, and wolves focus on weak and struggling sheep.

·         Sheep reproduce sheep, goats reproduce goats, and wolves reproduce wolves.

·         Sheep do not heed the voice of a stranger, goats entertain the voice of a stranger, and wolves are the stranger.

·         Sheep are known by their fruit, goats are known by their fruit, and wolves are known by their fruit.


Application:  Well, how do you stand?  In all fairness as Christians, we are being conformed to the image of Christ daily.  It is possible to still have a little of the “goat” residue in areas of our lives that are not yet like Jesus.  The important thing as believers is to allow the word of God to renew our minds so that we think, act, and respond as one of His sheep.  If we found ourselves solidly in the goat category, then it would be good to question whether we are truly one of His sheep or are we just hanging around the sheepfold. If we find ourselves in the wolf category, then it is time to awake out of our deception, repent, and then bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Don’t find yourself outside the sheepfold on the day He gathers His sheep to Himself!


Prayer:  “Heavenly Father, I break any agreement with the goat or wolf.  Through a genuine relationship with Christ I want to think, act, and respond as one of Your sheep. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen!”


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