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Trust in God as He Works to Fulfill His End Result

We have seen God work through out the book of Acts.
Beginning in Acts 2 with the Holy Spirit coming on the believers
There has been miraculous intersessions
Peter’s release from Prison in Acts 12
Paul’s conversion in Acts 9
Paul getting up and walking away from a vicious stoning
Paul and Silas released from prison by an earthquake
The Holy Spirit’s warning Paul he would be bound and afflicted in Jerusalem
The church has been established and has spread massively across the Roman Empire and as we have noticed in the passed few chapters, God is still at work but now He is working through His agents in His providence. He is functioning to bring about His final result. We don’t see God at work in the same way now but make no mistake about it God is working behind the scenes in the same care and precision that He was working when the Holy Spirit was front and center. What we will learn and what we need to keep in mind is we need to trust God is at work in our lives and we need to discern how we are to act within His master plan to bring about His End Result, which is the gospel message for His own glory.

God’s Work through Unbelievers

God’s Work through Believers

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