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Jesus Christ-Our Passover Lamb

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Today is traditionally the day we, in the Christian Church, talk about the Triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into the city of Jerusalem.  We are not discounting the beginning of the Passion of Christ or the Passion Week and the importance of it.  However, if we go through the motions without the knowledge of the history of God’s perfect timing of the Triumphal Entry, we will not grow in the true meaning of the Death of Christ.

Therefore, we are going to go back to the Book of Exodus, to the Israelites leaving Egypt and we will learn how God instituted and used the Passover to point to the ultimate Sacrifice, His Perfect Lamb: Jesus Christ—Our Passover Lamb.

The Passover Lambs points to fives provisions of God:

The Passover Lamb points to:

I.        God’s Protection (7, 13)

A.     The blood of the lamb provides a covering

B.     The blood of the lamb creates a shield from judgment

The Passover Lamb points to:

II.     God’s Deliverance (11)

A.     The lamb prepares the way

B.     The way to eat it leaves no room for human logic

The Passover Lamb points to:

III.   God’s Judgment (12)

A.     Judgment comes on the unprepared

B.     Judgment comes without bias

The Passover Lamb points to:

IV.  God’s Compassion (4, 23)

A.     He provides for everyone

B.     He does not discriminate

The Passover Lamb points to:

V.     God’s Perfect Sacrifice (1 Cor. 5:7b)

A.     He was Sacrificed (John 1:29)

B.     His Blood Covers our Sin (Rev. 1:5-6)

C.     Whoever Receives Him will be Delivered (John 3:16-17)

D.     He Does Not Discriminate (Romans 10:12)

A. B. Simpson describes the Jesus as the Passover Lamb this way: 

For the Church of the New Testament, and so for every redeemed soul, the beginning of months is the cross of Calvary and the shed and sprinkled blood. . . .  The selection of the lamb on the tenth day of the month and its being kept until the fourteenth, suggest unmistakably the coming of Christ in the fullness of time, and the three and a half years of His public ministry . . . and the waiting for the accomplishment of His sacrifice.  The death of the lamb reminds us of how He (Jesus) was delivered up . . . and formally condemned to death.  The sprinkled blood expresses our personal application of the merits of His death . . . the complete justification and acceptance of the soul that has found refuge under the precious blood.  Divine Emblems, pages 176-177

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