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Luke 13:18-21 - The Ins and Outs of God’s Growing Kingdom

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This week we look at Jesus’ parables comparing the kingdom of God to a mustard seed and leaven.

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So I thank you Pastor allow for that kind introduction and and it truly is my my my privilege to stand here in and share this time and God's word with you this morning and I look forward to what will be accomplished as we look together in and seek to apply the trees and scripture. We're going to continue on this morning and in the Book of Luke and the passage that I was given to preach comes from chapter 13 verses 18 to 21 and it's a passage where we find to brief but familiar Parables about God's kingdom and there Parables did Jesus use the teach about the nature of the Kingdom there Parables that build on what Pastor Jude preached last week. We're through is compassionate work. Jesus gave her a powerful demonstration of the nature of the kingdom of God there is healing Miracle of the woman in the temple. The Parables will read today. They paint a clear and Vivid picture of God's Rule and Reign and what that looks like in our lives and I think as we consider them God can use them to strengthen our faith and encourage our understanding of what really what it really means to experience on a practical in a dynamic way to live as a part of God's kingdom the text and it's printed on the insert in the bulletin or if you have a device or your own Bible you can turn to Luke chapter 13 verses 18 to 21 Miss is Jesus speaking. He said therefore. What is the kingdom of God like it? So what shall I compare it? It's like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sold in his garden and it grew and became a tree and the birds of the air made nests in its branches. And again, he said to what shall I compare the kingdom of God? It is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour until it was all leavened. I like to pray and ask again God's blessing on this time in his word father. I thank you. for the truth and the clarity of your word even in Faces in pictures that are painted there's potential for us to see your glory and there's potential for our lives to be transformed to better reflect your son. God help me this morning to Proclaim your word Faithfully help me to do it in such a manner that honors you be with each of us as we here and we listen and we seek to apply the truths from this passage help us to write we perceive your kingdom in your king help help us to do so in a way that honors you Holy Spirit I ask that you would Baron us the fruit of a deep and Faith authentic joy and a piece that abide nightstand pleases you and your name, I pray amen. As a means of framing my sermon. I have a statement that I'd like to offer is my main idea and I believe it's printed at the top of the insert as well.

The kingdom of God is a dynamic reality that can be known in the lives of those who followed Jesus in Repentance and faith and its growth can be experienced by those who acknowledge their sin persevere in faith and strive to reflect God's holiness as they eagerly await the Fulfillment of his promise now throughout this sermon series and Luke we've heard that this idea of the kingdom of God can be understood to mean God Sovereign Rule and Reign Over both creation and Redemption and then you just made that clear through his messages in and I think in our passage this morning, Jesus is going to bring more definition to this idea and having just performed a miracle in the temple that demonstrates the power of the Kingdom. Jesus uses a comparison a simile to make a point about the kingdom of God. It's a comparison that will hopefully help us to make a vivid and clear connection with the King. of God he says the kingdom of God is like Now I have a personal connection with with this approach my wife and I have over the years have a variety of a working experiences. But to currently we we both find ourselves as Elementary School teachers here in London the music teacher at the school where I work and my wife is a grade 3 teacher for a number of years old on the number for a few years. I was a grade 7 and 8 homeroom teacher and among other things. I really enjoyed the parts of the literacy rate and literacy curriculum where I could help my students to effectively you recognize in the reading and using the writing literary devices, like similes like metaphors and you know, I found it at times though despite my best efforts this by my best lesson planning. I failed and some of my students would really struggle with this concept of using these techniques. So I have my own examples that I've collected over the years for my teaching Despite their meaningful to me, but I did come across some online that two other teachers of shared that illustrate how difficult in fact it is to really effectively use a simile and use these literary devices. For example, I found this where one student wrote her face was a perfect oval like a circle that had its two sides gently compressed by a Thigh Master.

Another student wrote that she grew on him. Like she was a colony of E coli and he was room temperature Canadian beef.

And still another wrote John and Mary had never met they were like two hummingbirds who had also never met. Teaching and writing similar. It's not an easy thing. Thankfully Jesus the master teacher was far more proficient at doing so in the end. We got a very clear and Vivid picture from scripture of the point. He's going to make about the kingdom of God. I got a few Disney clear throughout the sermon series in Luke Jesus placed a priority on the kingdom of God in his in his life in his ministry. In fact, we've seen how the idea of the kingdom of God shapes and has shaped his mission has shaped his message. It's at the center of his life in the end and what he's doing if you think back all the way to chapter 4, Jesus explicitly states the purpose of his ministry like this saying I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God for I was sent for this purpose. Jesus knew exactly what he was doing his ministry in his life on Earth Day wasn't directionless. It wasn't purposeless. It was forward-looking. It was Define with an urgency to Proclaim and demonstrate the fact that God's Rule and Reign his Sovereign Rule and Reign was to be experienced. It was a reality that was to affect the lives of people who would respond to Jesus in Repentance and faith is Kingdom wasn't simply to be a mere distance future events hi to a single geographic area or a single political system his kingdom his Rule and reign with something current. It was something personal. It was Dynamic. It was good news, and it was for now. Now this presentation of the kingdom of God, perhaps would have challenged the ideas of those listening to Jesus particularly in the temple on the day where he spoke to these Parables those listening may have had their own ideas of what the kingdom of God would look like in those ideas likely would have been shaped informed by the Old Testament prophets. It's possible those listening to Jesus would have had undermined the words from the Prophet Daniel where the promise Kingdom would be a political Powerhouse. It would never be destroyed if it would break into pieces and he Kingdom that it would oppose. Or perhaps they remembered how God promise to Daniel that the Messiah would share the kingdom with the Saints and possess it forever and ever or maybe they remembered the words of Jeremiah where the Messiah would rain in in in judgment and Justice. He would be God's ruler even his name would be peace. It would be Wonder his name would be power is name would be eternity. In the minds of the people listening to Jesus at the time God's kingdom was to be something physical external tangible powerful otherworldly. Robert dramatically by God at the end of the age and those listening to Jesus were expecting a particular kind of kingdom and a particular kind of King and what Jesus was about to compare the kingdom to Mustard Seed and Levin. I think that would have challenged the expectations of the people and maybe they looked at him and wondered like John MacArthur said in one of his writings where the trumpets where the horses were the Conquering armies. Where's the throne? Where's the palace? Where is the exaltation people would have been wondering can we really trust this picture of the Kingdom that Jesus is trying to paint. In the same way this passage challenges us to trust the picture of the Kingdom that Jesus is painting. Can we really trust it? Well, I think to gain Assurance we need to start by looking at the word. Therefore that begins our passage noticed right at the beginning expands outward with therefore. He said therefore, what is the kingdom of God like Now when I read the word therefore, I read that with new eyes now having heard Pastor Judy messages and his instruction to us that when we come across the word therefore in scripture. We ought to stop and ask what the therefore is there for. So I think in this case the word therefore requires us not only to look at the immediate context the story from the Temple of Jesus's healing of the women oppressed, but also wraps take a grander. Look a greater. Look at the context of what we've seen and read so far in the Book of Luke. Let's look for the evidence in Jesus is life that will give us a sherance that what he's about to tell us about the kingdom of God is Meaningful and trustworthy. Just like the original limit. Listen is before we can regain a true understanding about the mustard seed in the leaven. We need to hold in our minds how Jesus is life and Ministry demonstrate God's plans to fill his promise about his kingdom. So what do we see in the Book of Luke? What do we see in the life of Jesus that will bring us Assurance. I think we see Jesus announcing the present Dynamic reality of God's kingdom through his exercise of divine power and authority over three distinct but essential rounds of Our Lives. He announces his authority over the physical rounds over the realm of the law in over the spiritual Realm. First as we look back in the Book of Luke Jesus announced the present reality of God's Rule and reign in the Physical Realm through his miracles over nature over sickness over death. Remember we've read how he fed the crowds he calm the storm. He heals Jairus his daughter. He raised the boy from the dead. He healed the centurions servant the episodes are powerful pieces of evidence face during evidence that show well, even the most daunting circumstances that we face in our lives may seem to be beyond our control Beyond any human control. Nothing lands inside the fear of a sphere of God's Authority. Nothing lands inside the sphere of God's control. And as we take part in God's kingdom through repentance and Faith. We're invited to know and experience in each circumstance in our life. The comfort of that same Authority that Jesus demonstrated over the Physical Realm. What else do we see? Well, if we look back in the Book of Luke Jesus announced the present reality of God's Rule and reign as he displayed authority over the Hebrew religious law. For those listening to Jesus in the temple that day that the Hebrew religious law and the law would have been woven very closely to every fabric of their being it would have closely Governor not just their religious idea, but also the Practical aspects of their lives are working lives the relational lives. and if we remember Proceeding in the Book of Luke where where Jesus was at one point in the temple interacting with the religious leaders over an issue about the Sabbath law. He revealed himself at that time as lord of the Sabbath and with that title in that instance. I Think Jesus was proclaiming himself as the only one who could rightly know and rightly interpret the Sabbath law. In a broader sense with that title lord of the Sabbath he was declaring that he was the only one with authority to properly interpret the whole lot which in turn touches the whole life and through the fact Jesus announced that God's kingdom. It wasn't to be confined to an incomplete or incorrect understanding of the law, but that God's Rule and Reign was intended to touch every facet of our being that is everything that gives shape every idea that we we take on that gives our lives shape his Rule and reign Was intended to touch that.

Through Jesus announce the present reality of God's Rule and reign in the spiritual realm as he exercise power and authority over sin and Satan think back and remember the story of the woman who anointed Jesus feet with oil and his response to her was to say go your sins have been forgiven. Remember the times where he cast out demons showing himself as overpowering assaulting a Satan and his kingdom in fact disarming the strongman through these acts Jesus announced that God's Reign and Rule was more than a political or Geographic reality. It wasn't to be confined even by the greatest known Powers but its intent was to extend even to the Unseen spiritual realm and particularly to the inward spiritual life God's Rule and Reign was intended to touch it make whole the lives of those who would follow him in Repentance and faith. And that brings us to the immediate context of of Luke Chapter 13 where we heard last week from Pastor Jude about the miracle that demonstrated the the reality of the kingdom of God. I think it also shows us that story a beautiful culmination of Jesus has authority over these three rounds it can give us a surance think about this. In its interaction with the synagogue leader in his interaction killing the woman crippled by an evil spirit here. We see Jesus the one with authority over nature sickness and death. He healed a woman the one with authority over Satan and sin. He healed the woman who is oppressed by Satan the one with authority over the law that's woven into the very fabric of their beings. He perform this work in the temple on a Sabbath Jesus has authority over all three rounds. It converges dynamically showing the present reality of God's Rule and Reign giving us evidence that we can trust what he's about to say we can trust what he's about to say because he's God's King. With given Authority and what are the words that he speaks? He speaks this next to what shall I compare the kingdom of God? The truth were about to hear about the Mustard Seed about the leaven is coming from the one through whom God is vividly demonstrated powerfully the reality of his Rule and Reign Over each of sent around of Our Lives. Jesus is saying to all who would listen make a connection between what you've seen what you've heard from me and what I'm about to tell you about the kingdom. God's kingdom is a present reality that addresses our physical world. It counters any hypocrisies that might dwell in our hearts and a powerfully overthrows the influence of sin and Satan. So here's my first point of application. What do we do with this? Well, I think we can know that what Jesus proclaims about the kingdom of God is good news. It's good news that in fact dynamically touches every facet of Our Lives. to know this is to know the comfort of God's sovereignty when we're faced with daunting circumstances Sinnoh is Comfort when things seem beyond our control its to know and rest in the assurity that It's in him. We live and move and have our being to know this is to know God's power when burden by doubt and confusion and in a world that seems out of control chaotic evil. To know this is to know God's grace when faced with our sin because we have a king who was tempted in every way just as we are but he didn't send any invites us to boldly approach God's throne of grace where we receive mercy and find Grace to help us when we needed to know this is to know the good news of the Kingdom. And it turned with hearts and all his majesty with hearts and his authority we can submit joyfully full of worship to the rule and reign of God in our lives.

The wanting to paint a vivid picture for his audience about the kingdom. Jesus tells to Parables that illustrate the tremendous growth from Small Beginnings. The first pair of all speaks of the overgrowth of the Kingdom. Jesus says the kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sold in his garden and it grew and became a tree in the birds of the air made nest in its branches. Jesus compares the kingdom with a mustard seed. This may have been completely shocking to the listeners that day. How could something as Grand as God's kingdom be compared to anything like this the tiniest of seeds The the simplest Act of planting and seems so insignificant as far to comment. But Jesus is comparison didn't stop there. He said it's like a seed that was planted and then grows to become a tree. Now what am I reading and research there's lots of different ideas about what specific type of mustard seed would grow to be a a tree of the size that Jesus was was describing, but I think that might be it may be a secondary issue at the heart of the proverb is this idea of dramatic overgrowth from Tiny insignificant seed will grow up such as a tree of a tremendous size and strength and proportion that birds will actually come and build homes and make their nests there. And this picture of of a birds nesting in the branches of a tree would have certainly reminded the people again of the Old Testament prophets of the Prophet Ezekiel. We're through Ezekiel. God says I myself will take a tender twig planted on a on a high and lofty Mountain that I'm a bare branches and produce fruit in and under it will dwell every kind of bird in the shade of its branches birds of every sort will Nest there's a promise there. There's a prophecy of this prophecy of Ezekiel. It is a prophecy of Hope pointing people to look forward toward the Messiah that tender twig that one who will establish the Glorious Kingdom that will grow in size and strength and when Jesus uses these words he does so intentionally, he's speaking the parable of the Mustard Seed. He's at the same time revealing himself as the one sent as Gods Messiah to establish God's kingdom and saying that the kingdom of God like a mustard seed now which might seem small almost insignificant far too common. It will inevitably grow like a tree and it will embrace the nation's he was saying the kingdom of God, it will be out of proportion at the beginning. But just as a seed grows this particular seed will grow and culminate in a credible way. Now, some people have interpreted this terrible over the years of the prediction of the growth of the church since the age of Christ then it's true that remembering the book of Acts starting as 120 people huddled together in a room in following the day of Pentecost thousands profess to be Christians. And from that time we've seen Millions upon Millions become followers of Jesus to this day. Where were enjoying in all the stories coming from Nations. Like China where there is oppression in the in the gospel is is is this persecution for those who would would claim the Christian message but still people are coming to Christ an astonishing numbers few in Jesus's day could have envisioned this But maybe there's more to this Parable than simply the growth of the church because as you know, there's also remains a great need for those of us who call ourselves Christian to take up the Great Commission to go and make disciples this Still Remains a dynamic and drastic need for evangelism. And others in this Parable have seen this Parable is a prediction of the growth of the church's influence in our culture. That is as the church grows in size. So will its influence on the culture around it? And it's true by God's grace the church his presence in the world has been influential we can think of how Christianity specifically is contributed to and help shape cultural priorities. Like the laws economics education Healthcare Politics the Arts music But before we grow too comfortable Quick Check of our hearts quickly revealed apathy quickly reveals complacency quickly reveals, the the idea that we still struggle with sin sin is fill a present reality in our world. So, how should we best understand this Parable? I Think Jesus is giving us a before and after picture. Jesus is saying the kingdom of God is already here. You've seen the evidence you witnessed my authority. But its fullness still awaits in the future. It's going to grow. As followers of Jesus, we know this experiential even though we're believers who have as Paul says of has been marked by the infilling of the Holy Spirit, even though we acknowledge now God's Rule and Reign we still groan inwardly as we eagerly await the culmination of our Salvation week. We see we experience frustration with the present reality of sin. We experience frustration with this present evil Age We long for Christ the return to make it right we continue to pray. Your kingdom come we continue to pray your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. I think this is what's reflected in the parable. Jesus is saying what you see now isn't finished yet. So look up look forward take a long view of things don't set your eyes are placed their trust on what's temporal what God has promised will happen his kingdom will continue to grow it will continue to fill the Earth and we followed Jesus can know both the present reality of the kingdom and trust that we will one day also know its fullness incompleteness. It won't be tonight. So follower of Jesus, what do we do with this continue to walk by faith? And this is my second point of application in this Parable. I think there's a call to perseverance perseverance in our faith knowing that God has what he has begun in Christ. He will continue to bring to completion. And just as we've heard in recent weeks about the imminence of Christ's return the reality of God's Judgment at the same time. We can be sure that God is faithful we can be sure of his faithfulness to complete what he started. God's kingdom doesn't proceed by accident it precedes by Design so believer take a long-term view take an eternal view of your life and continue to follow Jesus and repeat repentance and Faith submit daily to God's Rule and reign in your life. Why because God is faithful to his word. As we do this, I think we we do well to remember what Paul wrote in Romans chapter 4 about Abraham where he said against all hope even when there was no reason for Hope Abraham kept hoping believing that he would become the father of many nations. Justin has gone had promised him. Amen Paul goes on to say and remind us of that story saying that that Abraham didn't waver in his face regarding his promise that he would be the era of the Nations that have many children, even though his body was a hundred years old and Sarah was as good as Baron or was Baron, even when the physical evidence pointed in the other direction. There was an unwavering conviction that God would do what he had promised. And in this Abraham got brought glory to God and as we live in this in-between. Of seed and tree Abraham is our model and we're challenged to against all hope walk by faith in God not a blind faith, but a faith that's based on God's word. And I like what commentator Douglas moo has written about this and I like to share his words with you. He said Abraham didn't arbitrarily and without any basis put his faith in the god of Israel. God had spoken to him and his word was the basis of Abraham's Faith. Similarly. We must also realize that our faith is based on the solid reality of God's written word to us in the scripture and of his living word Jesus Christ believer persevere in faith, knowing that what God has begun in Christ. He will beat bring the completion. A passage goes on in and Jesus II comparison eyes to another common elements and the common event the leaven. Jesus says in verse 22 what shall I compare the kingdom of God is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour until it was all leavened in this picture. Perhaps the shocking for the unexpected detail is the huge amount of flower that Jesus says is leavened by small pinch of East. It's not that three measures of flour would be the equivalent of about 50 pounds of flour. That's maybe enough to feed a hundred 250 people but still a small pinch of yeast would saturate change the entire batch. And this is what the kingdom of God is compared to its like Levin its influences extensive and complete it will touch in transform inwardly, but it will do so from the inside out we will do so from within the hearts of people. It will advance and grow inwardly as people to repentance and Faith yield their lives to God in his Rule and reign. Just as 11:00 works from the inside out. So too does the gospel is it's planted in our hearts as it takes hold of us as a captures us as it permeates our whole bean saturating and changing as completely as we welcome the work of the Holy Spirit making us more and more free from sin and more and more like Christ each day as we offer ourselves to God is those who been brought from Death To Life as we offer every part of ourselves to him as instruments of righteousness.

From this I think there's at least two points of application. The first is that the good news of the kingdom of God can only be experienced when first we acknowledge the depth and reality of our sin. There's a need for us to acknowledge the depth in reality of our sin. And I think this runs called countercultural for us in our culture today. It's common for people to try to reject the notion of sin or or even try to refuse or avoid making any sort of moral judgment for fear of being perceived as intolerant or unloving instead of people try to navigate complex moral issues using a framework of of what seems best based on personal Intuition or personal preference and instead of acknowledging any sort of right or wrong any subject of writer on any sort of personal depravity. The tendency is to try to wallpaper over moral issues with words like tolerance or accepted acceptance and predictably what happens is that when opinions Collide over these complex moral issues and there is no objective moral grounding. The result can be a loss of sense of purpose people become confused and they struggle to answer with any sort of conviction how hot we live in this world? I think one of the most famous letters written to a newspaper illustrates our need to acknowledge sin is a written by GK Chesterton and then perhaps you're familiar with this illustration at the time an article in their paper entitled what's wrong with the world to which Chesterton wrote a very simple reply. He said dear sirs. I am In two little words two little birds Chesterton pointed out the reality the profound reality of our Brokenness in our desperation the reality of our sin. The Bible says that there is such a thing as an objective moral standard and that's standard is God's perfect kid character in the law that flows from that character. The Bible also says that although we try to suppress it. Each one has had the law impressed written on their hearts. Each person has an inborn knowledge of God and his law. More than that the Bible says that we are in fact guilty of sin. We've broken God's law and because of our sin we stand in separation. We stand in opposition to God. I think the reality of our sin is what Jesus had in mind when he taught about the coming judgment when he taught about the need for Faith and repentance. I think the reality of sin is why Paul says we need to be delivered from the Dominion of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of his beloved Son before we can become subjects of God's kingdom we need is one commentator writes rescue from a rebel Kingdom to serve the true, but we can't do this ourselves. We're powerless. Thankfully as we celebrated this morning at the Lord's table as we've sung in the songs. We have a redeemer. Jesus through his life his death his resurrection. He's made a way for the berry of our sin to be removed. And when we acknowledge our sin when we turn the faith in Jesus and repentance, the only source of Salvation God grants us forgiveness. He delivers us from the power of Darkness. He makes us subjects of Christ Kingdom. That's good news. It's only in the person of Jesus Christ that the dead flower of Our Lives can be loved and that we could be made alive that we can leave you made useful finding fulfillment of our greatest need. Of redemption and reconciliation with God and if you're hearing this morning and not yet a follower of Jesus, I encourage you to consider carefully the reality and severity of sin take hold of the good news of the kingdom of God salvation is offered to repentance and faith in Christ and Christ Alone.

Allow the gospel to permeate like 11. The second point of application I think we can get from this is as Believers have been redeemed. We ought to his Paul writes walk consistently in a manner worthy of the God who calls you into his own kingdom and Glory that is I think there's a calling on us Christians to walk and pursue Holiness Holiness that reflects God in his holiness. Just as in the parable of the leaven transforms the entire batch leaving no part on touch door in change. So to do we as Believers need to give evidence of Christ's transformative work in our lives. And it's Pastor. Jude has used in the past. I'd like to again call on the helpful words of J C Ryle in this J C. Ryle writes this the work of Grace wants will never stand still it will gradually work all through the dough little by little it will influence the conscience the affections the mind and the will until the whole person is affected by its power. Wherever real work of the Holy Spirit begins in the heart. The whole character is sooner or later leavened and changed wherever real work of the Holy Spirit has begun the whole character sooner or later 11th and changed this I think is the n-word growth of the kingdom of God for followers of Jesus who have been leavened by the gospel. We are called to let live lies that reflects. The reality of God's Rule and Reign let that be reflected in the way. We spend our time the way we spend our money the movie the way we spend our energy our resources as we welcome the work of the Holy Spirit to daily transform us to better reflect God's holiness. Through the power of the Holy Spirit. Let's carefully measure our thoughts carefully measure. Our words are motives are Deeds. Our actions are priorities measure them against the standard of God's holiness. Of God's character and of God's word and in light of his kingdom in his King. So can we trust the picture of the Kingdom that Jesus paints for us that picture that tells us that it's a present reality confirmed by The Authority that Jesus demonstrated that touches every facet of Our Lives. Can we trust that God's plan is advancing the nothing will stop its growth at through Hearts Changed by the gospel and life surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit. We bear witness to the growth of the Kingdom. I think yes, I think we can trust is picture. Why because Jesus God's King. He's our guarantee. He's our guarantee that in the midst of circumstances that rage beyond our control. We have a king who calm the storms who fed the multitude healed the sick.

We can recognize Jesus has authority over all of creation and persevering at persevere story and Faith trusting in God's word seeking to reflect his Holiness as we eagerly await the Fulfillment of his promise. I think yes, we can trust this picture because we have a king who guarantees that when we're burdened by sin we can turn to God in Repentance. And find Grace and forgiveness and peace that comes through reconciliation with him. We can know that Jesus laid down his life as a sacrifice that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and we can know that salvation is has been accomplished incomplete because Jesus was raised from the dead giving us a sure and certain hope Yes, we can trust the picture that Jesus paints for us. And that's the challenge. Let's allow Jesus's picture of the Kingdom to challenge and change the way we live acknowledge our sin persevere and Faith rely on the Holy Spirit 2 hours to live. Holy lives because Jesus God's King. He's our guarantee. Let's pray this morning. Father I thank you for your word a thank you for this picture of the Kingdom that Jesus demonstrated authoritatively through his actions, but also so clearly and vividly through his teaching. Help us this morning each one by your spirit to respond appropriately for the unbeliever. I pray through an Awakening to the reality and depth of sin that there would be repentance and a placing of their faith in Christ. God for those who count themselves as Believers followers of Jesus that we would know and experience the dynamic reality of your kingdom in every facet of Our Lives as we strive to persevere in faith and holiness. Help all of us bother to rejoice in the good news of your kingdom in may we be people who bring glory and honor to your name? Pray in Jesus name amen.

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