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Step Into The Box

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  • When I was young I really wanted to be a good baseball player.
  • But I had one problem. I couldn't hit.
  • Do you know why I couldn't hit? Because I wouldn't step into the box.
  • What I mean was I remember I used to be so afraid of the baseball hitting me in the head.
  • I would literally be shaking in my cleats not wanting to get hit in the head.
  • Batting was a real difficulty for me.
  • So I didn't get very many hits.
  • Well, as situation would have it, one day I was standing there and I was thinking about something else. And guess what happened. I got hit right in the noggin.
  • But I made an amazing discovery. This helmet, kept the ball from hurting me. I discovered that this helmet was there to protect me and when I was weak and unprepared my helmet made the day.
  • So then I made a decision. I decided that stepping into the box wasn't that scary. After that I began to hit. And baseball was a whole lot more fun.
  • It reminds of our Bible story today. Paul was a man who came across a difficulty, made a discovery, and then made a decision.
  • 2 Cor 12:7-10
  • Paul had a thorn given to him by God, but then he discovered that God wanted to use it to keep him humble, and he made a decision to change his attitude and work with the thorn.
  • Maybe you have thorns? I mean tough situations, hard school work, a friend who is mean, a sickness.
  • God wants you to know that when you are scared to death about something, His grace is all you need. When you can't step into the box, trust Him, he's better than any helmet.
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