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Do Our Hearts Not Burn?

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  • Luke 24:13-35

In What Direction Are You Walking?

  • The town that these men were headed to was a town called Emmaus. Ladonna and I belong to a community of believers called the Emmaus community. Oftentimes I would misrepresent this weekend. I would tell people it is where you go and meet with Jesus and commune with other believers.
  • But look at the real meaning of Emmaus, they were heading to Emmaus to get away from it all. Jesus, the disciples, everything that had defined their lives was back in Jerusalem. They were headed in the wrong direction, away from Jesus.
  • In our passage, the believers were walking away from Jesus by going to Emmaus. They were walking away from the believers, away from the truth of the resurrection.
  • Let me ask you this morning. Which direction are you walking in regard to Jesus. Are you headed to Emmaus - away from Christ, away from the truth?
  • The good news is Jesus pursues us even when we are walking away, and that may be your situation today, but our two disciples had another problem...

Is Jesus Past Tense To You?

  • Can you imagine this conversation. They are talking about all the things they had experienced walking with Jesus, and were talking about the days events, and then Jesus walks right up and joins the conversation.
  • But look at the details of the conversation. Jesus inquires about what they are talking about and they assume him crazy for being the only person unaware of Jesus.
      • Many people know about Jesus, but they don't know Jesus. That's the problem. They misinterpret who he is, they misunderstand what he has done, and they walk beside him and don't even know.
  • Here is where their words give them away. Jesus becomes past tense.
      • "was" a prophet
      • "should have redeemed"

Is There An Internal Burning For Christ?


  • Maybe God brought you to this church today because you feel like you've been missing something. Life just isn't working out and you can't figure out why. Do you feel your heart burning? Jesus wants you to open your eyes to the fact that He is all you need. If you have not made the decision to follow Him, you will not spend eternity with Him.
  • Maybe you are a Christian and you just didn't realize how close Jesus is. He wants your eyes open as well.
  • Are you experiencing spiritual heartburn this morning?
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