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Called to Follow in the Steps of Christ

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Title - Called to Follow in the Steps of Christ


the apostle Peter was addressing the issues or persecution which was a common experience of the saints in his day
Peter was exhorting
submit to authorities despite the suffering
because Christ also suffered
Christians - the believers of God - are to follow in His steps
live a life that pleases God even if it means we will have to suffer wrongfully.

Sermon Points

Suffering and true discipleship

Suffering wrongfully is a mark of true discipleship

Jesus said so
Paul agrees
- live godly in Christ, suffer persecution

Suffering is not always bad

Suffering can be endured

How? Commitment
- Jesus committed Himself to the Father’s judgment
Note - if you can endure suffering - which will surely come - then you are ready to follow in Christ’s steps.

Discipleship and following

Discipleship is being “in step with Christ” or taking the same step, or path, that Christ walked on.
To be in Christ’s steps is to practice living like Jesus in all areas of my life.
Family Life

Jesus was obedient to His earthly family.

- Jesus was subject to His foster parents
Jesus submitted to the authority of Mary and Joseph in their household
Jesus increased in wisdom and stature
Spiritual Life

Jesus prepared His life for the ministry

- with my Father’s business

Jesus committed to fully obey the Father’s will

- He was baptized
- Jesus knew the Father’s will for His life

Jesus trained disciples

Social Life
Social Life

Jesus made Himself a friend of sinners

Jesus helped the less fortunate

Jesus taught the people to believe in God

Ministry Life


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