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Getting Serious About Things Phil

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Getting Serious  About Things   Phil. 3:13-14   

What is one of our Goals for our Life? Each day at school the first thing we do is to set our goals for the day. The goals are what we intend to accomplish? It’s never to late to set goals.

  Parents, what kind of goals are our young people setting? What are we teaching our young people? Someone has said, “you haven’t finished raising your children until you have taught them to serve the Lord”.

  What is your burden for the lost? What happens when a church starts infighting- they have lost their burden for the lost- the main thing (leading people to God) has ceased to be the main thing. We need to be unified in our effort to win souls.

  There should be a difference between the church and the world. There was a time when the church was over here and the world was over there. The world is still over there but the church moved over towards the world. There should be a difference between our heat and the world’s (heat seeker- seeks changes in temperature).

  Acts 9:6- have you asked God what he would like for you to do


I. Focus (13)

  A. Action without focus (concentration) is useless. Every runner will tell you the importance of focus during the race.

  B. One thing I do- this had become the pursuit of Paul’s life. 

    1. Those people that succeed in life are those that have focus and concentration on the subject matter.

    2. Psa. 86:11-

    3. Prov. 4:25-27- our driving compulsion ought to be like Christ.

  C. Forgetting those things in the past-

    1. We can’t get tied up by what has gone on in the past.

    2. Paul made a break with everything from his past

      a. Phil. 3:8-

     b. John MacArthur- Churches are full of spiritual cripples, paralyzed by the grudges, bitterness, sins, and tragedies of the past.

  D. Reaching forth- this describes stretching the muscles to the fullest

II. Force (14) Success of a kicker is based usually on concentration

A. I continually bear down on the mark

   1.Our goal- Christ likeness (Rom. 8:29) Paul is concentrating on the day when he will stand before Christ.

   2. 1 Cor. 9:24-27-

B.  2 Tim,. 4:7-8-

C. 1 John 2:28- J. Vernon McGee-- One of these days you will have to stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account of the way you lived your life. I suggest that you get down on the racecourse and start living for Him





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