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God's Promise of New Life

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At the time Jesus Came From Galilee to the Jordan River so that John would baptize. John tried to stop him and said I need to be baptized by you yet. You come to me and Jesus answered allow me to be baptized now. This is necessary to fulfill all righteousness. So John agreed the baptized Jesus and when Jesus was baptized he immediately came out of the water. And heaven was open to him and he saw the spirit of God coming down like a dove resting on him and a voice from Heaven said this is my son whom I dearly love and I find happiness in him. This Sunday, we celebrate the two sacraments of our church. Holy baptism and Holy Communion. These two sacraments are the very DNA of who we are as Christians. We celebrate today. At the beginning of the Play service we celebrated the baptism of our daughter Anna Marie blue. But likewise today is a special Sunday. It is known as the baptism of the Lord Sunday. Where we celebrate the baptism of our blessed Lord over 2,000 years ago by John the Baptist. Route today's message. We will discuss what is baptism. And why it is a Sacrament in our church. 4 / 2,000 years baptism has been in an outward sign of one's acceptance or claiming of price on a person regardless if it was done as an infant and adult. Now we can have a further discussion even more on why we baptize children because I know that the conversation and by Paul and the book of Ephesians, there's a story of a Jailer who was baptized. And so was his entire family. Is a pastor it is one of my greatest joys. I baptize babies at the font and adults and the ocean. And each time it's like watching God open heaven on Earth. It's that small glimpse you have where you see heaven where you see God sake and for me, especially out there in the ocean. It is amazing to see God's creation. One day I'll get brave enough to go to the springs up here and baptized but they are so cold.

The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 6:3 through 4 or don't you know that all who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death. Therefore we are buried together with him through baptism into his death. So that just as Christ was raised from the dead the glory of the father we too can walk in the newness of life.

We are given new life through water and the spirit. That is what we were cited this morning and our liturgy. We are given new life through water and the spirit.

Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. The baptism first is a spiritual bath a spiritual cleansing. We're going to talk a little bit of the background and suffering to look at those first two verses write all that time has Came From Galilee to the Jordan River so that John would baptize her. And remember John was kind of a strange character, right but Jesus still trusted him the baptized him, you know Wild Honey and locusts and and dressed and camel hair. but Jesus trusted

John tried to stop him and said I need to be baptized by you yet. You come to me and Jesus answered. Allow me to baptize you now. To be baptized now. This is necessary to fulfill all righteousness. So John agreed to baptize Jesus. Can you imagine? baptizing the savior of the world so in Judaism Before entering the temple. You have to be clean before entering the temple and this is where the idea of baptism came around until this is a mix of that Jewish people would enter into to take a spiritual bath and you can't really tell what it is from this picture, right? But there's a bath there. They look like this as well. And this is a more modern one-hit is still performed by Jewish people today after all these this was a Jew. We take their balls. We take the heritage of Judaism for to us and Christianity. And some Jewish people were afraid right if they were not clean. That God would kill him right there on the spot for entering the temple.

But Jesus painting even though he was without sin. He came to fulfill the law as we have said many Sundays before and one of those laws was that spiritual bath.

Until there's meet you at the door at the Jordan River at at that's where Jesus was baptized and it is gross. Is anybody been to the Jordan River? It's an awesome experience again. I am I'm hoping at some point. We will take a trip to the Holy Land to the church. I would really love that you go to the Jordan River. You see where Jesus was baptized and you know when we were there, I think it was just coincidence, but there was a white dog that flew over us. And it was really incredible. It was God speaking. But Jesus came to fulfill the law, but it was special that day. As we move forward in the church, we can't realize that as Christians. We don't need a weekly spiritual bath. We may feel that were so simple that we really would like to be dumped in the water. And maybe sometimes we're right, you know, there's a church that I read about they get the fire department to come out once a year. They put all their members out there in front to take the water hose and it's for everybody down. Because that's how they feel but we know there is one Lord One Faith one baptism. one Lord One Faith one baptism in the book of Ephesians chapter 4 5 through 6 there is one Lord One Faith one baptism and one God and Father of all who is over all through all and in all

When we are baptized with God our sin is wiped clean from us. And we have taken that spiritual bath for the rest of our lives. Let me get again. I get there's people that are from Traditions that you baptize every year. And that's okay, too. But the point of baptism is it's not Humanity. Pausing. It's not the pastor baptizing. So doesn't matter if you liked him or her or what because it's about time that happens that use me as an instrument of that and it's a joy. so when Jesus went into the Jordan River the significance of what took place in that moment was an example for us as Believers of what we must do. That the old self is gone and the new South is here. So, I'm really I'm studying through a fusions. And this is another verse that just popped out one. But you didn't learn that sort of thing from price. But you really listen to him and you are taught how the truth is in Jesus. Change your former way of life that was part of the person you once were corrupted by deceitful desires. Instead renew the thinking of your mind by the spirit and clothe yourself with a new person created according to God's image and Justice and true holiness. So this morning I'm wearing this white robe thing. So what's the point it's called installed? If you don't know it's called at all. And this was the traditional gown people were baptized. This is what it represented. And so the traditional Pastor lot of Methodist were those black robes, but actually it was the white all that was always the dress up the pastor. It represents our own baptism our own desire to pursue holiness. Our desire to leave send the likelihood is we're going to send every day. But Jesus that tell somebody in the Bible go and sin no more.

As Westland as Methodist, we had this whole concept of entire sanctification. We call it this idea that it is possible on this Earth at some point. Thabiso perfected in God's love that our desire to sin is no more. That's probably as you get older. I'm assuming you desire to send less and less I hope.

baptism makes us an adopted child of God the king of kings and Lord of lords does the last two verses here after being baptized. Jesus came up and medially from the water. And behold the heavens were open and he saw the spirit of God descending as a dog and Lighting on him. And behold a voice out of the heavens came and said this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Wafu? I posted this on Facebook. Here's a few baptisms. I've had the joy of doing so that is my niece hate the Amanda sister's child and we baptized. I hope church. It was a joy. Here's what I did in the ocean. There's one at we had a waterfall at one of our churches. So we had a we did at the waterfall. And here's the ones we have been here since I've been at this church.

every single baptism It's truly an honor. And in these moments I can only help but to hear what God says. This is my beloved child. This is my beloved child that we had that very moment are marked by God as his child as his children. The moment of our baptism we are forgiven of this concept we call Original Sin. We know what original sin is that that thing in the garden where the first man and woman said, you know what week we know more than God. We're going to eat of the tree of Good and Evil because we want to be just like him. So we are all. Sinful on the time of our creation. But this smart a Baptist says no more. God is our Father John Wesley here for us this morning. So there's these things called The Articles of religion. It tells us what we believe in this church. This is baptism is not only a sign of profession and a mark of difference. So it's not just our choice. Where by Christians are distinguished from others that are not baptized. But are also a sign of regeneration our new birth. The baptism of young children is to be retained in the church. This tells us this morning at like Jesus who was baptized as an example. Each of us is a vital process. Of our Christian faith, cuz right we're told in 2nd Corinthians 5:17. Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation a new creature and the old things have passed away and behold the new things have come. So many years ago my mom's mother and my grandmother Joe was I was born and and she was in the hospital and they thought she was going to die. At least that's the story. I'm told. And a Catholic nun baptized her. Because I thought she was going to die. And at that time they believe that that baby will go to hell if that baby was not baptized from that original sin. So we were Joyce and she was baptized and I reassure you that I don't believe a baby will go to hell if you're not baptized. But for a Christian to not choose to be baptized is like saying no to the spiritual food that God gives us the manor. God commands us to be baptized. So I just reassure you this morning. If you have not been baptized at some point, we'll have a baptism Sunday and will baptize anybody that has not been and maybe we'll go out to the spring fair. And I'll have to put on maybe some waiters or something.

God is is pleased when his children are baptized like circumcision Mark the Jewish boys as Menifee. This is our new covenant sign and seal of what Jesus has done and is doing for us as his children. We must remember our baptism and be thankful. You must remember that moment that God sealed us as his children. But again, it's just the beginning. Our faith does not end a baptism. However, as it did it did not put Jesus either this baptism of Jesus really Mark the beginning of his ministry. For each of us are called to Ministry at our baptism. We are called by God to a particular time place and location for some of us. That is the pastor of Ministry for some to be deacons are Elders in the church and others to be leaders and some capacity and Christ. Holy church, and you may be thinking yourself up. I'm not really the leader type. I don't direct people. I don't know what it takes. But guess what that's called you to something. God has gifted you and giving you skills in some area to be a leader and his church. Baptism is our entry point into doing God's work in the world. And again, it doesn't matter who baptized you or where. Many Christians now look at baptism. Is that highlight? You know, I walk the aisle and I say Lord I give up. I need you and your dog. That's great. I had that experience as well. But what happens after that? This morning during the Litany of baptism. Can I ask the family and myself and the church body? Will you raise this child up in the face? It is a journey that each of us will continue to drive and to Anna and and the youth and children of our church. We are to be mentors and grandparents and aunts and uncles every child that comes in the church. That is our Hall as a Christian Community.

Anakin the likelihood Is that all of us will mess up at some point? But how do we remember our baptism and be thankful. I'm reminded of this story of the lepers in Luke 17 11 through 19 this morning.

It says while he was on the way to Jerusalem. I mean he was passing between Samaria and Galilee.

At the end of The Village 10 lepers men who stood at a distance met him. And they raise their voice the same Jesus Master have mercy on us. And when he saw them he said to them go and show yourself to the priests and they were going and they they were cleansed. Now one of them when he saw that he had been healed turn back glorifying god with a loud voice and some translations say with singing of brakes. Anybody want to space and they speak give me thanks to him and he was a Samaritan. And then Jesus answered and said they're not 10 cleanse, but the nine where are they? And no one found who returned to give glory to God except this Foreigner.

How do you say stand up and go your faith has made you well.

Simply we remember our baptism and we are thankful for it. When we praise God for what he did in our life by giving us new life through water and the Spirit by giving us access to God's Mighty acts of Salvation. We live a life of Joy because of what Jesus has done. That's how we remember our our baptism and be thankful. We live a life raising Jesus. because without it all of us including me would be condemned for our center, right? Cuz we all fall short of the glory of God. .

In the service, we will gather for what John Wesley called. Holy conferencing. A time for the local church to discuss the future of our local congregation. As we reflect on our baptism and soon by receiving his body and blood.

Rice is present at the table.

It's more than just red and juice. Rice this year price is Among Us.

We must remember that we are the adopted children of God through our baptism. That we were given a free pass to Salvation. We must remember that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through him. Call to Ministry. adult baptism regardless of what nonsense happens in May in the general Church that we must be an example to this community of Chiefland because they need Jesus. There's enough people that come to this office for every week that I can tell you need Jesus. When I go out to the children's table, there are people that need Jesus. We can be that example. Know that as your pastor I will stand on the word of God my baptismal Covenant that all of us have made. My ordination Covenant and my Covenant to be your Shepherd through it all. I will not look at self interest but the interest of the body. So I'd like to invite you to you as you come forward the communion today. There is a baptismal font. And it's going to be a little you know, it's always proud coming to communion here. I'm still working on that. But we have a baptismal font in your not I would just invite you to dip your hands in the water. And remember your baptism and be thankful for it. Spend some time after communion praying at the altar. Had some time to think what God is doing what God has called you to do as the body of Jesus on Earth. Today is a special day. how to spray Almighty and merciful god we thank you for being your church. We thank you for that. Joy that I hope that like the leopards we sing praises to you. for your Mighty acts of salvation What a speed your body bring peace that surpasses all understanding to this Community of Faith. Bring unity in the body of Christ. Got you. You tell us that we must be of one mind. Help us have one mind to spread the gospel truth that you died for us while we were yet sinners.

Can we go or fight your name? We pray this in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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