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The Shepherd is Not to Fleece the Sheep

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The Shepherd is Not to Fleece the Sheep

1 Peter 5:1-5

The Exhortation

I appeal - Peter’s method of persuasion


            To those who are Elders

Not advanced age but seniority and character

Assumption: with age should come maturity and strong character

The context here establishes that this is speaking of elders in an official sense.

By looking at verse 5 it is clear that this word doesn’t use it original sense of age


            a.  Fellow elder (presbuteros)


            Peter’s call from the Lord.  Feed my sheep!

            b. Witness of the sufferings of Christ

            Eyewitness or one who bears testimony to what he accepts as true

            c.  one who will share in the glory to be revealed

            This is a reference to the unveiling of Christ’s glory at his return

Here is the hope again

      Their Duty

            Shepherd   GOD’S          flock

            Exercising    OVERSIGHT          (Episkipos)

            The task of the elder

Character and Responsibility

      The Proper Motive

            Not . . .                        But . . .

              1.  Because you must                   Because you are willing

              2.  Greedy for money                     Eager to Serve

              3.  Not lording it over                     Be an example

            Those entrusted to your care

1.  You must

Not external constraint, or by compulsion

Why anyone would get into the ministry because some one talked them into it is beyond me


Do You Love Me - says the Lord

2.  Greedy for money

Joseph Stowell tells the story of going to preach at a banquet several miles away from his home.  He waited, and he waited, and he waited, and I even helped them take down the tables.

Is God sufficient!

Respectable and stimulating way of gaining a livelihood.

Seminary: Is he going for a bigger church

3.  Lording it over

This again indicates that there is an exercise of authority.  However, it is not to be the misuse of authority.

Lead not drive

The Reward

Crown of Glory

Christ was crowned with glory and honor and he will and he will reward his faithful under shepherds by sharing with them the crown of glory.

     Not diadem but stephanos - the crown of the victor

     To the Other Members

            Be submissive

            Walk in humility

17 Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you. G

pastor joel richards                                                                                                        October 5, 2008

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