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Armageddon: The Global Turnaround

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Turning something around is usually a challenge. Because there is a practiced pattern that must be broken. Turnaround an illness, or a downtrend in an industry, or a business, or a society—whatever it is, defining that turning point and making it happen is a challenge. It requires a solid decision, a well thought-through plan, and specific action steps to be taken. And usually these elements are combined with some kind of force to make it happen. The Bible tells us that is what Christ is going to do when He returns. Before the earth can be all new, there must be a great turnaround. Christ will initiate it. He will be turning around the whole pattern of history. A global turnaround. Everything will change—for the better. One of the most powerful forces making this turnaround will be Armageddon. Listen as we explore what the Bible says about this global turnaround that is in the plan of God.

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