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Conduct in the Household of Faith

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Conduct in the Household of Faith

1 Timothy 3:1-15

Ill: Just before the beginning of the Sunday service at Saint Bartholomew's on Fifth Avenue, New York City, a man wearing a large hat was discovered sitting in the front row.  An usher moved to his pew, leaned in and discreetly asked him to remove his hat.  The man replied that he would not.  The head usher was then summoned, made the same request, and received the same answer.  About that time the president of the women of the parish arrived and was asked to assist.  She had the same dismal result.  Finally, only two minutes remained before the opening hymn and the Senior Warden of the parish was summoned.  He tiptoed up beside the man and tried to seize the hat but the man nimbly dodged and there was not time for further attempts.  As the opening hymn began and the procession entered the church, the man stood, removed his hat and did not put it on again.  At the conclusion of the service, the four frustrated people waited for the man at the rear of the church.  The Senior Warden approached him and said, "Sir, about the hat:  perhaps you don't understand, but in the Episcopal Church men do not wear hats at worship."  The man replied, "Oh, but I do understand.  I've been an Episcopalian all my life.  As a matter of fact I've been coming to this church regularly for two years and I've never met a soul.  But this morning I've met an usher, the head usher, the president of the church women and the Senior Warden."+ PEAug85 MORE THAN ONE WAY TO GET INTRODUCED

I.    God Calls Some to Oversee the Faithful

                   A. Background is not the issue, but character is.

                        1. Those around you must be willing to commend you.

                        2. God is clear on what you must develop within you.

                        3. He is equally clear about your behavior with others.

                   B. Family is God’s training ground for authority.

                        1. If we value taking God’s work higher, our spouse is our number one opportunity to show it.

                        2. Our homes reveal our ability to maintain the kind of             atmosphere necessary for God’s work.

                   C. Experience of the ups and downs of faith is necessary.

                        1. Pride is the number one cause of failure.

                        2. Reputation is God’s chance to influence the undecided.

II.   God Calls Some to Work for the Faithful

                   A. The character issue is the same whether man or woman.

                   B. A deeply personal belief in the mystery of faith is required.

                   C. Being a proven worker is essential.

                   D. These are people of influence because being a servant demands honor.

III.  God Calls Us All to be the Household of Faith

                   A. We are to be that which props up the church.

                   B. The truth is given support by our lives.

                   C. We base our lives on a common confession.

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