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True Worship Makes Me a Lover of Men's Souls

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True Worship Makes Me a Lover of Men’s Souls

1 Timothy 2

Ill: It was Maundy Thursday.  We were having the traditional communion service.  This time the pastor suggested that as we passed the bread and cup we whisper, "The body of Christ, broken for you."  "The blood of Christ, shed for you."  As the service progressed, I concentrated on remembering the pastor's words, and thought it would be nice to do this more often.  Between me and the aisle was an old woman, not nearly so concerned with the pastor's exact words, but thoroughly understanding their meaning.  As she served me she said softly, "Take it.  It's for sinners."  I Tim.  1:15 "It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all."  From an old issue of The Covenant Companion.  Submitted by William Minser of Farmington, Illinois 61531+ PEApr84 MAUNDY THURSDAY

I.    Top on the List of Worship Is Prayer

                    A. I must pray with a clear desire for the salvation of others

                   B. Praying will keep my thinking from getting confused

                             1. Requests will keep me compassionate

                             2. Praying will keep God in the center of my relationships

                             3. Interceding will help me to not forget the importance of faith

                             4. Thankfulness will impact my attitude

                   C. God gives me the goal of my prayers: a peaceful and quiet life in godliness and holiness

II.   Seeing People Accept Salvation Is the End of Worship

                   A. When I speak of God, it is as one who saves those in trouble.

                   B. Truth is the only thing which will keep people safe.

                   C. Only One can put people back together with God

                   D. This Jesus willingly did what we would not do.

III.  God’s People Worship with Their Lives

                   A. Men are to lead in character and attitude

                   B. Women are to protect their reputation and partnership.

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