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The Story Chapter 2: God Builds a Nation

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What happened last week?
God created the heavens and the earth, Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and were cast out of the Garden of Eden. The world became wicked and God decided to wipe out all of creation except for Noah, who was righteous in God’s eyes, and his family. After the flood, God promised Noah to never again flood the earth to destroy all life.
What is a covenant?

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What were the key events that happened in this chapter?
God calls Abram out of his country to a new place that He will show him.
Abram was led to a place far away, inhabited by Canaanites.
What do we remember about Canaanites? The offspring of Ham, Noah’s son who was cursed.
Lot goes separately from Abram and they both settle in the land. Lot settles closer to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
What do we know about Sodom and Gomorrah?
Sodom and Gomorrah are conquered and looted, Lot and his family are taken captive.
Abram and his men rescue Lot and his family.
God promises Abram many children.
Abram and Sarai get tired of waiting, and Sarai suggests Abram have a child with the servant Hagar.
Sarai then treats Hagar harshly, sending her away multiple times and always being cruel to her.
God commands Hagar to return to Abram.
When Abram is 99, God makes a covenant with him that Abram must walk faithfully before Him and be blameless, and God will greatly increase his numbers, making him the father of many nations, called Abraham, and will make kings come from him, deliver the land of Canaan to him, will be the God of his descendents. And every male must be circumcised.
Sarah became pregnant, and had Isaac.
Sarah demands Hagar be sent away, God reassures Abraham that he should do this, through Isaac God will bless the nations, but He will still make Ishmael a great nation.
God tests Abraham w/ Isaac.
Isaac grows up and has 2 sons. Esau and Jacob. Jacobs wife Rebekah conspires with Jacob to steal the birthright of Esau, a double inheritance.
Jacob flea before Esau can kill him.
Jacob eventually humbles himself before Esau and is reconciled with him. Esau shows great grace to Esau.
Jacob grows old and has 12 sons, the youngest of whom is Joseph. Jacob greatly favors Joseph among his brothers.


Are the people in this story good? Do they follow God’s commands well?
If not, why does God keep working through them?
What are the covenents now made between God and the people? Do they work together or against each other?


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