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The Eyes of the Lord are Upon the Righteous

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What if you have your Bibles with you can turn with me, but you going to have to learn a lot so. Psalm 34 John 1 Psalm 134 Genesis 16 Genesis 21, you can turn anywhere you want to go but that's where that's where we'll be talked to the night. I know they say some preachers they read the text and the longer they talk the further away from the text that they get anyway, so there's no sense in giving the text. But tonight I just I felt like God gave me something different in a different way to share a several different places in scripture, but the song chapter 34 verse 15 will be what I read, but it won't be where I stay long, but I will start some 3415. psalm 34:15

Psalm 34:15 says this but the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, I'm not going to have you stand because saying and doing all these would be redundant maybe in and just the Crux of my messages founding in this In this passage the psalmist wrote. We know that the songs of the Samus this was a Psalm of ascent so it's important as we read this to understand that this is what the Israelites would read on the way to the temple. They've memorize songs or songs and when they would they would have sent up into the sanctuary and as they did they would seem these to remind them the goodness of God and here's what they would sing the light the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous in the ears open to their cry. So the eyes are upon the righteous. Let's pray father. We thank you for your hand in our lives and we thank you for Jesus God. I thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. Got to pray that you be a pastor Lord. His father God is he takes him home? I thank you for the intervention or that you had. Life and I thank you that you love him so much but Lord, I pray tonight that you preach me with function that comes from Heaven God. I believe that God. You've given me a word and God I pray tonight you'd help me to say what you want me to say nothing. You'd have me not to say and got in the end will give you all the honor all the glory and all the praising God tonight. Maybe someone walked into the house of God that doesn't know you that this could be the day of salvation. I pray that you honor us tonight in that and all this in Jesus name we pray. Amen that begin to think about song how the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous. We know that scripture most of his probably knew it when I begin to read it at least the first part but the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, but if God would help me I'll preach tonight for other groups of people that the eyes of the Lord are upon. I want to preach to you for groups of people that the eyes of the Lord are upon for that and let me let me sum it up. Pregnant pregnant term for you it is that the Lord sees if you will so God sees these for the groups of people and I found actually the message that I had written down as I study the scripture. I I have a little note on my smartphone and it takes me to notes and things that you know, kind of intrigued my interest the first one that I started with which was on my phone was John chapter 1 verse 48 and that's when the FAMU you remember Philip had been called to be a disciple and then God goes to Philip and he says now we're going he's a Philip winter Nathaniel said, hey this guy we've been talking about this coming. He's here. He's already here. This is Perry. This is Jason Bruns translation. That's probably worse than NLT translation. But he said there's this guy we've been talking about and we've been reading about he's here now and he's called me to be a cyborg. Remember Nathaniel's the one that sent and we posted this many times what we forget brother Willard who were quoting we're quoting someone is going to become a disciple and he says, but he's from where It has or anything ever good came from Nazareth. Has there anything ever good came from there? Can you think about that? It was he was going to be a disciple but then got changed his route. And he says is there anything good and then when Jesus saw him walking to him you just didn't say so so used to not say I'm very good but Jesus saw him and he said there's been none is righteous as you and Nathaniel And he says but I saw you Nathaniel. So his eyes were upon Him Nathaniel. I saw you when you were under the fig tree not a significant to the scripture because to a fig tree us now. I don't even like Fig Newtons. Amen, don't shut me down tonight. If you like them. I'll buy you all you can eat I'm telling you but I'm telling you I miss the only thing I've ever seen her pastor spit out was a candy fit me. Tell you something right now that are not a be called candy that has to be called garbage. It's horrible a candied figs. It looks like a great just bigger and nastier and I'd say you put that this message and I'll try my he'll try everything else. If you go ahead he took me off and he could not get that that's horrible. That's that's awful and we was on the Sea of Galilee and he ate he got a fish and head was all on and I've Loved another Minnie's batting a thousand. I mean skipping. Give me a hard time the whole plane rides. I'd like, this is Grady and he's got to eat it and beat to be kind. You know, he's a pastor. You know you better but I mean, I don't like 6, but Nathaniel's underneath the Fig Tree and in Jesus sister and I saw you when you were under the Fig Tree now if that doesn't mean nothing else, but most of your commentaries will tell you that probably Nathaniel was opened in the scripture. So he was under the fig tree with a Torah as he knew it the first five books of the Old Testament in his hand reading and going over the scripture. He was memorizing the scripture most people believe because that was constantly not just that he was under a tree but being under the Fig was actually studying your Bible and I don't know about you, but I know a lot of people that's told me I don't understand the scripture. I don't understand it. Hey friends, that's exactly why you're supposed to read it. A man that went over like a lead balloon man. I'm like, that's exactly the whole point if I knew exactly what it said. I wouldn't have to read it at through what revolutionary ended him for my sister. I'm telling you. I might but that's why you need to read it. But guess what happens even when you're reading it and you don't think you know what you don't know what you don't know. Not only do you think you don't know you don't even know what it says and all it's just words on a page, but my friend let me tell you when you read the scripture the eyes of the Lord are upon you and it's not about you getting every little thing and every little word right but it's because God sees his children. He sees the righteousness and we read the word of God. We know that the eyes of the Lord are upon me and I don't know about you but that excites me that the eyes of God her upon me when I'm in his words and I don't even understand and I get all the bees in The Dalles and then this and this be got that and that begat. Who and I forgot who was and they got what but I love it that my God sees me in the middle of all that I'm not sure about Nathaniel. I'm not sure exactly how it happened. Maybe that Jesus on the Earth was walking by and he looked over and saw in the Faneuil and there he was he was on somewhere. He could have been better a little tree or it could have been the tree just being the word of God in the tree and you know that God like in Zesta trees in that interesting but he says that you know, if he's over there and and Jesus I can picture Jesus walking by you known as long robe and the tassels on this robe and walking by and looking over go. Who's that fella right there and he says someone says what hey, you know, that's what he's doing all around town. Every time I turn around the scripture that every time something happened. He just can't help to talk about God and Jesus said that's interesting being God himself. Would that be interesting to you already in the next time he sees him. Is there anything good that comes from Nazareth, but he looks on past and he says that's all right. He's going to be good on my team cuz I take a bunch of rejects any way that don't understand the power of God. Anyhow, I'm not sure if that's exactly how it happened or maybe Actually in the spirit maybe in the Supernatural maybe got lifted him up to the third heaven and showed him and said look, this is Nathaniel. This is maybe like you did jokes. This is my servant in whom I am. Well pleased until Jesus understand. I'm not sure if it was natural or Supernatural, but I know this when Jesus saw him he knew who he was. You know, what Jeremiah said Jeremiah says he knew you before he formed you in your mother's womb. He sees us in the womb he sees us when we're in the scriptures. Begin to look in Psalms chapter 134. It says all servants all ye Servants of the Lord who Minister by night. This is also my notes and I thought it was interesting. I've never used this but it kind of went together with the first scripture. It said that all you Servants of the Lord who Minister by night and it's an interesting if you think about that people that minister in the night you see I said I heard I got corrected one time from someone here and he's a pastor I wouldn't tell you but he's over in this section over here. He said when you bless the Lord he said that's kind of late. He's might not be there. Where is he at? But usually sits over there if you know I'm talking about. But anyway, I don't say his name though. You say bless the Lord. I'm not sure that's right. He said because he said the Lord's already blessed, but see I was right cuz I read it in scripture that says bless the Lord. So I mean I didn't want to have a debate with him, but I did and self-pity but that's one thing to bless the Lord but there's another way to say Did I say when we give our ties and offerings were ministering to the Lord? So see when you're in the house of God you made me Ministry and other people but at the same time, will you raise your hand and you praise God and whatever you do put your eyes back and close your eyes in your seat. Whatever you do when you do that your ministering to the Lord in the house of the Lord, but it's one thing to minister in the daytime brother Rick. It's another when we Minister by night because if we go out and I've been in some Dark Places the darkest place I ever was with a was the caverns over towards. I don't even know where I was when I was over tour debut tell me I was over there toward over towards Branson over there and we stopped and you couldn't even see the hand in front of your face. Now that's the implication of what this is that's night. It's dark. It's a very dark place and I can tell you I could have done anyting no one would have known I they were sitting I could not I can look like this. I think man, I can't see it. Let my eyes get adjusted. They turn the lights out in that cave for about a Couple of minutes or a minute or so it seemed like an hour almost as I live. I mean someone could have hit me over the head. I wouldn't know it wouldn't I'm sitting on my wife and she's grabbed my hand. I'm like, this is your time. You wouldn't dare get out of the vehicle. There was a nice little car anyway, and I mean, there's stuff hanging off the ceiling of like man. It's dark in here right Rick. I'm his kind of Lil Bit spooky. You play super spiritual if you want to but that's spooky. I'll tell you what the church is a spooky Place brother Dylan same man. He was at church kid. I mean you get down here at night when it's dark one time is dark. I'll never forget. This is just about a year ago. I remember it might be on my tombstone. I'm walking to the church. I thought well, I'm just going to check everything out. I like to come and turn the heat on for the Sunday school. So you like that so you don't stress. She likes it some you want the air conditioner on but I like Friday or Saturday. I'm walking through here man. It's dark in here man. There's no outside doors, you know outside lights and outside with no windows here going outside life anyway, but it's dark outside. It's dark in here. And then I'm thinking I don't want turn the light on. I'll send you the bill. They don't you appreciate that. I did I thought cuz it flicks on everything. It'll spook you was going to make sure I'm not going to Jason. I'm not going to turn on the light. I'm just a pretty good. I know where it's at and I can see a little bit of these light chairs and I'm walking and I hit and man I come I come stumbling down the aisle. I mean, you're probably could have got saved it but I fell for enough but I mean, I went there tripping and it going to like this and I mean my toe hurt I mean and it feels like I'm walking over Legos when my kids were little

Flipped it on and I look and Nick Leighton had disassembled a complete vacuum in the middle of the aisle.

Bless His. Holy name. And I know who clean the church at the time cuz I could tell because the screwdriver was scattered thoughts were more scattered all the way it was in the vacuum. I think was still plugged in who works on the vacuum.

Bless the Lord and it was dark. But one thing to walk when it's dark, it's another thing to wash up when it's dark. Come on, he's hit those who administer mine. I see brother Robert sometimes and it seems like I don't know why God tell Moses to do it, but I remembered they sing the first song my one son is lost but I still remember them boys being at home and I'll give it to you guys and I preach not tell you the goodness of God and I tell you how good God is and how God can save your loved ones tap me on the shoulder and tell me what your Skin's aren't saved. Why are you sharing the gospel with him? Well, my friend is our job to still minister in the night. No matter what we feel no matter what we know and I refuse to focus on the things in my life that are bad because my God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that. We think her ass and he's able to work through me. He's able to work through you and I don't care if it's night time. And if I'm stumbling I'll still get up and I'll Minister and priest at the goodness of God in the land of the living. I'm telling you we are to be able to stand up in the night with our loved ones are sick. I went to hospitals and pray for their help. I went to the hospital the other day and I was walking by the hospital and there was a man in there. It has neck and head pins all over and I was walking by and I was leaving it was when I seen Clara and I was what I was seeing Robert and Claire was on another floor and I walked by and I saw a man in the Holy Ghost said to me go pray for that man, and I walked in that room and I begin to think about the nurses and I thought that they might think what I was trying to do something I didn't know. I didn't know if it was in ICU and I've walked out and I told the nurse God told me to pray for me. I don't do this. Can I do and I walked in and I put my hands on him in a coma for weeks and it doesn't matter if there's people sick and dying. It doesn't matter if my family didn't make it into my grandpa. We pray for him. And he never got healed of the cancer pot Galaxy got saved two months before he went to heaven by the way, and I got to share it with him, but I'm able to pray for that man because we're to worship God in the night. We have to learn to Worship in the night and it's one thing to worship with everything's good and the bills are paid. It's another thing to get up and preach Prosperity when you can't pay your rent when you can't hide your chest when you borrow from the bank to get your bills paid, but I still believe this because my experience and not changed what the word of God says Worship in the night in the psalmist knew what it was like to be hunted by King Saul. He lived to Worship in the night and then I remember the story about this lady there's down the South and there's this evangelist in the Evangelist came down there in the south end in Georgia. I believe it was an evangelist fix a seat on the front row and he's he went to sit down and a lady came in and he noticed the Bible was sitting there and then there was a purse there any sit down in this lady got there. And she said, excuse me sir there any more room on the front row, but could you move down just one more seat and he said yeah that be just fine. And so we kind of ghetto thought that was kind of strange we moved over and sit down it said preacher. I think you're a preacher I could tell by the way you're dressed and I hope it didn't send you but I want to tell you something when I get to hearing that music. I got to have me some room to praise and he thought we will see how this is and they said before they start singing and she got two or three seats and she started going around like this and she started raising her hand and she started doing this and I mean it was all in the spirit. The preacher said, I told one person I don't care what you do. You can run shout spit climb puce. Whatever you want to do as long as it's in the spirit, right and listen, she got the moving and she got the pool and said she starts just said the preacher felt the power of God on her and he said maybe he didn't really want to preach 3 felt so good. He had to do something and he got up on stage and he said that the pastor he said, what about that sister said, oh, that's even that so yeah, that's even if did you have that Seether? Shadman? What's her that he said where you have to know history has lost her husband in the fire and all three kids just about six months ago, and she's never stop praising. She prayed that way in the beginning and she praised his way is he in history has found out how to worship God in the night. She found out how to minister to God and come to the house of God and live above her circumstances. Sister Edith knew what it was like in that said that preacher it broke him it broke him and he got in the pulpit and preach with a power of God on him, but it broke him cuz she knew what it was like the worship God in the night. Then I thought about Hagar in Genesis chapter 16 verse 6 and how Hagar you know, we talked about Hagar and we talked about Syria and we talked about a broom and how they were the two became Abraham and Sarah and we talked about them, but sometimes if we're not careful, we forget that they are real people. We do with real problems with realize the real struggles. I know they weren't the chosen ones, but it wasn't a car's fault that her mistress area. She was the one with the faith problem. He was completely obedient matter of fact the angel the Lord said just your mistress. She was that was her slave. And so the slave girl was told to sleep with Abram and so the slave girl did exactly what she was told to do in perfect obedience to what she was asked to do and then Hagar their sleep with a broom. We know that and then when she does then all the sudden she realizes that you know, Siri I said, well, maybe this wasn't such a good idea me giving you my husband in before she even knew she was pregnant. She says the Bible says that she abused her she Afflicted her. I know so then she said I can't take the abuse no more. She said I just did what I was told him to as a matter of fact, I believe that was an Act of Faith. Hey, man. When you do something God's people tells you to do when you don't know the difference is an act of faith and so an active phase she went out and said I can't take it anymore and she didn't know and she went out and that's where the angel the Lord found her. And she said Hagar she says what she said I see you and by the way, whenever you've been abused whenever you've been in a struggle, whenever you've been listened domestic violence, I can't stand it. It's an epidemic and it's a real thing that happens. It happens in the church. Listen to me the angel of the Lord says he saw where he says listen to me Hagar. He says go back to where you were. He says go back into where you were because you have conceived and you don't know it look at the scripture just chapter 16, but she had conceived and she didn't know it so she was there and finally she did exactly what she was told to do, but she was abused. So she was told to go back who abused her. Can you imagine that Jason being abused and being told to go back to work that you were abused and I think you got to be very careful here because I don't think a person ever needs to deal with abuse. But if God tells you to do if that's what you're supposed to do and she went back and I think the road got better. I think she began to realize I didn't find any more where it said that she'd abused her. There was some issues down the road will get to next but then that she went back and then I think probably Siri I thought Robert you know, what if they if that is the seed and Abram said that he was going to have one because God had told him and I just told her to go then I've made a big Mistake and I'm going to the Judgment of God and I think that place is separation may have made her mind rollback and made her turn from the way she was acting. But anyhow, I'm telling you when Sherry light whenever Hagar excuse me went back to Sherry. I the angel of the Lord founder and said I have something inside of you and there's a mini Nations inside of you years were some of your going. Oh, I don't know where he's going with this and we know that that he was an ishmaelite. We know that Ishmael her child was inside of her, but remember even though he was an issue a life because most people call Ishmael is son of The Flash and Isaac the son of the spirit. So he was the son of the flesh but he was still a son of Abraham

He was a son of Abraham before he was a son of the devil. So whenever he went back then I can see this mistress going back into this shape. And so I'm telling you it doesn't seem it may not make sense. But when you are abused the eyes of the Lord are upon you God sees you if your young child if you're an older person and you being abused God sees that abuse and it stinks in the nostrils of God how many people I know here ladies would have been through Kimberly Clements. Just one of them that's been through some things that cells are ministering spirits of of of Mercy such a spirit of broken that's such a spirit of compassion because of what she's been through and what she's been through but thank God for the Roberts. She's not there anymore. Thank god brother Roberts that got found a way. She's got another baby on the way there repopulating Wellington. We're going to have to build a bigger Nursery at the clayman's don't stop having kids praise God. I'm telling you what I thought we had a big family, but they just keep adding on Amen. Hey, man, thank you, brother. That's good. I like that sister. You keep bringing them to me. I'll preach harder if you keep doing that. Amen. Joel 2:25 says this he will restore to you the years the Locust devoured safe when I see the devil tearing someone up.

I think about you. And I see how much the devil took from you brother. I just keep thinking wait till God restores him the rest of the way.

Wait till you get on the other side of this tank and see what God is going to do in your life man. If we could fast forward to the future, you would run down the aisle shuttle to flip flops. I'm telling you because God will restore The Years brother Matthew. You're not done seeing the goodness of God yet. Wants to put his arms around you he's going to take you thought you was far before he's going to grab you up and you're going to look back and safe and only God could have done something like that. I'm telling you God restores the years the Locust of our he's done in my life. He's the people I know it's not listen to me friend. He restores the years the Locust of Howard. He's a restoring God. He's a restoring God in Genesis chapter 21. I've not in taking very long. I hope I'm doing okay Genesis chapter 21 verse 17 and there's Ishmael so we know the problem with Hagar but then we have fish male. Remember Ishmael was a young man. And a man is I was praying last night driving around Country Roads. God kept bringing some things back to my mind and and I did not see if we're not careful when we talk about people. We talked about people you know, what I like to do. I'm liking to take pictures of people and put them on my phone. I'm like you to get pictures. I got one of my grandson yesterday. I want to put up at the house because if we're not careful to go through this life and we're such a push button the world and when such a different society that people just become names and just become numbers and and we get desensitized who they are still in my wife calls. I like to see your face with her pretty face when she calls. I see my wife's face to remind me of who I'm talking to but Ishmael was a young man and Ishmael then was born and died in the Bible says that in Isaac's time to be weaned. And so Isaac's being weaned and it was a ceremony that a permit put on which was customer at that time and and probably more likely Isaac was probably 3 some people say 5 years old and you know, he's the son if he's the son of faith and we know that Ishmael was not it's Isaac was the one that actually came from Syria and Abram and I think Isaac was excuse me. Was 84 years old when that not Isaac, excuse me, Ishmael was born. Thank you. When Ishmael was born is around 84. So probably somewhere about 13 to 15 years now is went by and now this baby is going to be weaned and he's 3 years old. And now the older brother Ishmael is now making fun of Isaac. So here we have isn't that normal right? I mean boys pick on boys girls State I've seen some little girls in this church will throw the boys down a man. I've seen it my sister used to beat me up too. She still need to get right with God over that. I'm just saying she's close to the altar now, I think it'll do good. But anyway until I was 13 one-day, I'm just saying all things changed that day when it says to Rachel it all changed.

But this boy they was having a fight and I guess for my understanding that Ishmael now begin to mock him. He began to look at Isaac and Ishmael would mock him and make fun of him and and then Mama saw a mama bear saw, you know, if you can make it in my mouth you want to but don't make Mama Bear Madden that right some of y'all to say Amen.

Pick on anyone but don't pick on that favorite child, right? And so the favorite Child now her own son got picked on a mock by Ishmael. And what happened then was then she began she sent him away. Now you think about this would be an Ishmael Ishmael probably somewhere between 13 and fifteen only really ever knew as far as his true father was Abram Abraham at this time. Now, he can't God change the name to Abraham. He knew him is Abraham. You know him is daddy. He's the only daddy ever had and he been with his daddy for years before this other little brother came around and that's all he knew and by the way, he had to Mama's so you got a mom and step mom. That's kind of what it was like then there was one that was much favored in the other. I mean when he was with whatever he was with Siri, I he got special treatment. I mean some of you some of you your favorite kids are really think God for that. I never was one, but tell me you're really thank God for that. Is she sitting over here from picking on her tonight? And I just as good at what you sent on the front row, but anyway, but but I mean really it's so I can imagine whenever Isaac's there, and he's being picked on by Ishmael. I can imagine what that was going through. But here's the man. Here's the young man his father strip from you. His stepmother strip from him his adopted mother and he says to him. Here's what you're going to get boy. You get a bag of water you get a bag of bread and a bottle of water. See you later. I don't know about you that never has happened to me. 13 years old 15 years old. You know, I begin this have compassion when I study this issue. I can see it looks back at the system and I was picking on my brother. It's all my fault. Look what I did. My family's ripped apart, I guess cuz you judge just because you know my stepmom she has my real daddy and said and he said Do With It Whatever You Like and it's home. Then he asked the Lord the Lord said, you know, go ahead and do it don't be afraid because the promisee does the other son until he goes out and I can imagine this boy is pouting, you know teenagers still do that. That's okay. It's part of them growing up. I just know they're there live whenever they're doing it, but he was pouting and he was walking I can see him going. Don't worry about it. I messed this up you drink the water you take the water. I don't need it you go ahead. Sun. I want you to eat. He's walking the walking through the desert walking through a very hot place. It's hot in Israel. Today is cool at night Mama. Don't worry about any bread. Can you go ahead and eat I can see them bantering back and forth. He's looking back and he can still see the smoke from the fire. He can still hear the party in this going on and they're so excited for his brother mean to guilt or shame brother Roberts got to be going to eat him up, but he still sick in himself. He knew he didn't mess things up so bad. And now the Bible says is that the young boy some people say is a baby. He wasn't a baby. Who was the young boy he sits down and when he sits down the mama set the boy down, I believe that probably Ishmael was so weak that he could not even muster up the strength to make another step. I believe it could have been depressed and not eating. I don't know but for some reason this young team this woman Hagar. She said her son down in the Bible says he she went a bow shot from where he was. So she goes off set your son down underneath the tree that young boy the Bible says in the King James and he walks over there and she walks over and in the Bible says she had to walk away from him because she couldn't stand to see

I don't know about you, but that's painful. You got to watch your own son died. We about lost a calf and I'm telling you that memories. We should raise sheep and is hard. I mean, I mean not just cuz it cost something. I'm serious. I want things that you know, it's a part of you and this is Mama. This is not an animal to send a cavity the goat is a kid and then she's over there and she's watching and he's crying out the Bible says but guess what happened next the Bible said an angel and he said I heard the Cry of your son and your son Ishmael began to cry and I'll come here to tell you tonight. If you cried out to God the eyes of the Lord are upon you I'm telling you God hears our cries here ishmael's Cry 5 missing an angel and she said, oh my goodness the second time. I've been out here and then the Bible said she opened up for eyes and Hagar the install a well of water and there was water and now I'm not. I'm telling you that well never was there, but God build the well just for And said, here's your way off. I can make you a well. I've heard your cry. I'm telling you if you ever cried out to God God has his eyes on you. And we need to know this. That's why sometimes brother Eddie we can't do anything. We can't change any party. We can't even make our fix ourselves that we don't have enough money. We don't have enough time. All we can do is cry out to the Lord.

His eyes will be upon you in that God sent an angel to him. First time he tells her hey this son of yours, he's going to fight with everyone. He's going to make a war in your house. He's going to be in that by the way, that's where the Muslims came from. thinking about this You don't like Ishmael. We all have a little Ishmael in this. We didn't come from Adam the signature. Love you anything about orphans to think about how hard it is when they don't have parents. But cuz that's what the smell was. He was orphaned by his father and his other mother and how it was and I got to thinking about some I got to think about how many people is the devil's desert and promised them all the water and all the gold mother silver. How big is my heart beat him to break from people that in our court systems are filled people are on meth meth meth meth meth drunken driving drunk and driving drunk and drive at all them people out to the desert at least let him all the way out to the desert and then he's giving his he's taking them out there. Like he was their paternal parent. Like I can set them there and said I'll be back the penny leaves them. You say what you go so far and drugs and alcohol, he leaves you. It may seem like fun for a minute, but he leaves you once you go so far and pornography. Then he leaves, you know, he's still destroy your life. But once I haven't seen you you don't have to do any more work the Habit inside of you does the work for you to send me a picture inside of you doesn't work and you become a servant to the but I begin to think what if I left would have all them orphans or left by the devil just reach out and cry out to God and was saying I need a new Daddy. I need a new Daddy. I need someone else to talk to I need someone else cuz that was never provided. Nothing. Listen to me. There may be someone here tonight has been listening to the words of the devil. You're no good. Doesn't love you. He didn't see you. He doesn't know you you were a mistake. You were orphaned you're not but I want to tell you something. The devil is a liar the devil the Bible says comes to kill steal and destroy John chapter 10 Tim tells us but if you'll just cry out to God and you'll say I need a savior just like Zayn talked about this morning. He will be your savior. So I said all that Nick if you would come off I'll get stopped and I said all that to say this, you know, if the eyes of the Lord were Pond those who stand and worship in the night and the eyes of the Lord are upon Faneuil when he read the scriptures and it dies the Lord Ron Hagar when she was abused in the eyes of the Lord. We're on even Isaac when he was left for dead because he was orphaned. He's watching everything. What's God see when he looks into your life.

I've seen a lot of people I can see a lot of people is he seeing is he seeing something pleasing his God seeing something in your life is pleasing. Let me ask you this. The Bible says is in 1st. Corinthians says one day we shall see and we shall see him not as looking through a glass Darkly or Hazel E or looking into a mirror that's hazing you can't tell but one day we shall see him face to face. And we see him face-to-face where you going to be are you just going to say thank you for reading the scripture. Thank you for living a life that is is is in church and a life that is a righteous life and not give in to sin or you going to say for me depart from me. I never knew you that's a real question cuz he's watching us and face-to-face. We shall be with him one day in the Bible says Paul said to live with Christ to die is to live with Christ. So it's gain that's what Paul said but if we don't know Christ, that's not a promise, by the way, it's not a prayer. We said we're a little kid is not a pair. We said last week is not a rendition we go through its a life dying out to that sin nature everyday and living obedient life to Christ as we follow him and doing what he says. What he said you been doing pretty good. Will they say you got something to work on my friend my suggestion to you each and everyone of us are to be falling on our face like Ishmael and crying out to an all sufficient. God and saying oh God help me. Oh God cleanse me. Make me whole again. Every head Bali red clothes. No one looking around them and ask you this question as he seems to me ask you who would say. I'm not proud of where I've been I'm not proud of what I've been doing and it's time for me to get some things right. It's time for me to change my life. I want to be the son of faith. I don't want to be the Son of Perdition. I want to change my life and it's God's been dealing with me and I want to get things right tonight. If it's that you slip up your hand and right back down. I'll pray for you. Thank you everybody else and I see that hand anybody else would raise their hand and say pray for me. Thank you. They're in the back. Anybody else did say I raise my hand. I need in this prayer. I'll pray for you. I won't come to you I want to embarrass you but who else would say? I need to change my life at this message was for me and I want to see something different. I need to cry out to the Lord. I've been abused. I've been Afflicted. I've been orphaned some things have happened in my teeth and change my life if that you slip up your hand and right back down. I'll pray for you. Haband thank you for that and in the back anybody else I'll keep asking maybe God still dealing with someone that say I need change. Thank you for that hand young lady anybody else to say I need change. I need God to change me some more I've tried it before but I need more change if that you slip up your hand and right back down Christians in the attitude of prayer who would say I need changed Lord change me tonight change my desires. If you raise your hands, if you didn't want to come stand up on your chair right now won't you come won't you come don't be embarrassed the eyes of the Lord are watching you right now for the decision. You're making if you raise your hand won't you come please altars are open. These outfits are open as they sing. These altars are open, don't you come? Otakon becoming who else would say, I've been through some of these I've been since there's some things I need some forgiveness in my life at that you you don't even have to raise your hand up and out of your seat down be going through a dark time. I'm going through a dark place of depression and I need the hand of God upon me if that you just get up out of your chair Christensen the attitude of prayer won't you come home to come? Who else would come?

Upon you won't you come.

Would be awesome God tonight. Won't you come?

Won't you come?

Laura panya living a righteous life. Oh, I pray that you are won't you come?


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