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Famous Last Words

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Hook- Famous Last Words.

Elvis: I am going to the Bathroom to Read.
Nostradamus: Tomorrow at sunrise, I shall no longer be here
Marie Antoinette: Pardonnez-Moi Monsieur
Richard B. Mellon: Called Andrew over and said “Last Tag”
Harriet Tubman: Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Michael Landon: You are right, its time, I love you all.

Paul’s Last Words of 1 Corinthians

Be Watchful
This combination of words is usually used in reference to being watchful for the second coming. Not just stay awake, but be alert! Look Out!
Stand Firm in Faith
Be grounded in Christ. Don’t be swayed by the other religions in Corinth, don’t be affected by the immorality in Corinth, don’t give in to the temptations around you! Stand Firm in your faith!
Act Like Men
Possibly talking about courage, but more likely talking about maturity. You are adults, act like it! Subtly don’t in-fight you are dealing with major issues here, be mature and work through it.
Be Strong
This verb is passive! Be made strong. We cannot be strong on our own. We must rely on God to make us strong. The strength of God doesn’t naturally lie inside of us. We must be made strong.
Let all that you do be done in love
While we stand firm, act like adults, and be made strong in the Spirit we are also to remember that we are do do those things in love. Paul is not referring to some aggressive form of acting like a man.
Remember Chapter 13. Love is more than something that happens through Christian actions, but rather it is the essence of God. . It is in love that we live and move and have our being.
Recognize those who refresh one another
There are those among you who have gotten it right, follow them!
I love you all.
Paul Loves these people. he calls them his greatest accomplishment. these are hard headed, volatile, childish people but, Paul loves them. He has seen something in them that could lead to greatness.
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