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Psalm 119:25-32

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God's Word is sufficient for all our needs

Continue our study through focusing on the sufficiency, the benefits, and the need for God’s Word for the believer
Almost every verse in contains some mention of God’s Word (testimonies, precepts, instruction, Law, Word, commandments, etc.)
I. God’s Word keeps us from sin and shame- 119:25, 28, 29, 31
A. God’s Word keeps us from the difficulties of life in a sin-filled world- 119:25, 28
God’s Word has the ability to keep us from struggling with life in a sin-filled world.
All sorts of problems come from life in a fallen world (depression, despair, fear, anxiety, etc., all as a result from perceived or real circumstances)
God’s Word provides the right perspective, changing our mentality to fit the truth of Scripture
Process of sanctification (; ) is the method God has left His children to not only battle sin from without, but also sin from within
The example of Hagar and Ishmael (; )- Hagar allowed her circumstances to shape her views of reality rather than relying on the Word of God
B. God’s Word keeps us from the sinfulness of ourselves- 119:29, 31
The Psalmist knows that as he lays aside the worldly way of false dealings he must replace it with the truth of God’s Word ()
The Psalmist also knows that there will be a constant struggle to give into shame associated with God and His Word
II. God’s Word guides us throughout our lives- 119:26, 30, 32
A. God’s Word guides us generally- 119:26
The Psalmist speaks of telling his ways to God-going to my dad for advice
God’s Word provides wisdom for our lives (just gives a goldmine of information, but we also have Proverbs and the rest of Scripture!)
B. God’s Word guides us specifically- 119:30
While there are general principles that all believers will apply differently, there is a conscious choice on the part of the Psalmist that provides specific guidance
Think of Joshua in , he made a conscious decision to follow God
C. God’s Word guides us graciously- 119:32
There is no boasting in our obedience to God’s Law-
The vine and the branches-
III. God’s Word reciprocates God’s glory- 119:27
The Psalmist commands God to help Him understand
The Psalmist knows that this will produce meditation
Like gazing up at the stars with the naked eye, then with a telescope, and then with NASA-powered gear increases our wonder at the stars, continual and increasing understanding of God’s Word increases our wonder at His Word
It is all about GOD
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