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Why Bible Authority Is Needed

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Biblical authority is a very important topic that needs to be discussed in the Lord's church. But why do we need to talk about it? That's what this lesson is going to explore.



We live in a time and generation where there is not a deep respect for authority (e.g., the issues with how police are treated or how people speak about the president, vice president, etc.).
Since there is such little regard for some of those in positions of authority, it is no great surprise then that God’s word holds very little esteem among many of our friends, neighbors, and peers.
We must return to a deep respect for God, His word, and His authority that is revealed to us in His word.
Biblical authority is a topic that must be discussed among the Lord’s church. If we neglect a study of Bible authority then we are forsaking the foundation that the our faith, work, and hope are built in.

God’s Word Is Intended For Our Good

First, in any discussion about biblical authority, it is worth our time to understand that the Bible does not have authority in and of itself. The only reason that we believe the Bible has authority is because its source is from the Sovereign God who created the universe -
Inspired, God-breathed. The Bible is God’s word. It is helpful to understand that the Bible is not a book that was originated in the mind of man. It is God’s communication to us!
The Scriptures have been given to us for teaching, reproof, correction, and training/instruction in righteousness. It equips us and furnishes us for every good work -
shows us how the law of God benefits us and is intended for our good -
It restores the soul - v 7
Makes us wise - v 7
Makes the heart rejoice - v 8
It endures forever - v 9
It is righteous - v 9
It is sweet and refreshing - v 10
When we have a deep-seated respect for God, then we will have a deep-seated respect for God’s word -
When we keep His testimonies, we are seeking the Lord with all of our heart.
Following God’s word is not arbitrary and it is not something we just because we think it is a good book to follow (it is a good book to follow).
Following God’s word and the Bible is something we are deeply committed to and invested in because we are deeply committed to following God!

Authority Lays the Foundation For Doing What Is Right

Secondly, One reason some people do not like to discuss Bible authority is because they have a misconception about biblical authority.
There is the assumption that authority restricts and takes away permission.
While that is one aspect of Bible authority, it is best to see Bible authority as what it grants us permission to do.
First and foremost, Bible authority shows us what is right!
If we work from the fundamental position that Bible authority only restricts us from doing certain things, then we will have an uphill battle to ever doing anything.
We will show how silence of the Scriptures plays a role in discussions of Bible authority in subsequent lessons.
Bible authority reveals to us what we should be doing and what is right.
Baptism is a burial and immersion in water -
The work of the church in evangelism - ;
The organization of the church -
Worshiping in song -
Observance of the Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week -
If it were not for the Bible showing us and telling us what to do, then we would be confused and we would not be of the same mind and same purpose - ;
Bible authority is the key to unity in the church!

Without Biblical Authority, Everyone Will Do What They Want To Do

Third, operating without Bible authority opens the gateway for people to do whatever they want to do.
When Israel had no godly leadership, everyone did what they felt was right - ; ;
The book of Proverbs warns that God is needed to guide man’s steps because there is a way that appears to be right, but it is a trap - ; ;
Jeremiah the prophet makes it clear that when people are left to their own devices and their own imaginations, departing from following God’s laws, they forsake the Lord -
When the principles of Bible authority are abandoned and when the church remains silent on the importance and need of having biblical authority, then we should not be surprised about some of the practices that are going on in the Lord’s church today.
Women preachers/teachers and elders
Use of instrumental music
Uses of the church treasury in evangelism and benevolence
What day of the week we should partake of the Lord’s Supper (some argue that the LS can be taken on any day of the week; e.g., Thursday or Saturday).
If we turn away from the Bible and God’s word, then we are setting ourselves up for failure. Everyone will do what they want to do.
Peter warns about this very thing in 2 Peter - ; ;
is showing that the source of the inspired texts of Scripture is God and the Holy Spirit. These things were not cleverly devised fables and stories.


We need — in fact, we must — continue to have the discussions about Bible authority.
If we abandon Bible authority, then we are forsaking the Lord.
God’s word is our guide and our authority in this life.
It leads the way to God and gives us the hope of eternal life. Do not leave here today without securing that hope of eternity in heaven. Become a child of God, or make things right in your life.
If we can help you do that, now is the time to make things right...
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