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Give context of the wedding Mary, Jesus, and the disciples were invited. This has been noted as one of the first recorded miracles or signs of Jesus. Cana was a plush area north of Nazareth, but Nazareth was the hood. The issue was the wine ran out, and this would be a great disgrace to the groom which indicates that Mary and Jesus was related to the groom. Remember folks in Cana was upset about running out but those from Nazareth was cool, because they were used to being short.

Mary and Jesus

Mary calls for Jesus and our translation says woman, but it is more like in the south when we say “Mam”. Mary says, Jesus and Jesus replies Mam! Why are you involving me this is not my time. Jesus respectfully softly rebukes his mother, because he did not want to expose himself in this hour. Mary however rebuked responds in a way that is bizarre. She tells the servants to do whatever he tells you to do. Signifying that she was a person of authority at this event in that the servants came to her with this issue, but the power is she brought the issue to Jesus. Not only did she bring the issue to Jesus, but she also in her authority like all of us within our families, churches, and friends told them to do what he says. This is why things don’t happen in the church sometimes, because folks are more concerned about their authority or position than getting done what needs to be done. Do what he says! work with that for a little while.


There were six water pots of stone, which means they were sturdy and big holding 20-30 gallons a piece.
They were empty. Jesus can’t use you if you are full. Full of your own agenda, full of your own ideas, full of your own traditions, full of you!
Why were they empty They were empty because they were purified for ritual cleansing or they were sanctified set apart for a special purpose
They could hold water, because Jesus would not have told the servants to fill pots with holes in them.
Filled them to the Brim! till you can’t hold anymore Jesus is going to fill your life, your passions, your marriage, your bank account, your!!!!!!!!!
After Jesus tells the servants to fill the pots then he says, now draw from them. Which simply means, don’t miss your shout here, that what was empty and seemingly useless and pushed to the side is now full of what everyone needs. Tap your neighbor and says Neighbor you need to be a water pot! What you think you was created for God is about to change you into a vessel of HIS new wine!
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