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Deacons Meeting 8/1/20

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Standard thing we would do now is to go into the minutes of the last meeting but there is something more crucial to deal with. And that is Phil. We have a Church Meeting coming up and whether we call the person ‘Secretary’ or ‘Acting Secretary’ we need to nominate someone for this in this meeting before we go on to other matters. There is the need for a handover so that all that Phil does is clearly known. Phil will remain as an Elder, if we have concern over this, but Phil wants to resign from the role of secretary. I propose keeping him as ‘Secretary’ in name only until the inevitable happens then the ‘Acting Secretary’ will automatically become ‘Secretary’. If there is clearly someone who wants to do this here could you indicate or ask questions that will help in deciding. Please do not feel obligated but we really have to decide today how we will go forward and present this to the Church Meeting on the 19th.




Mount Calvary – Deacons’ Meeting 16th October 2019 Present: I Thomas, J Allan, L Windsor, S Morgan, R Smith, S Hole, B C Rhys, M Davies Apologies: P Musselwhite, A Jenkins Prayer Minutes of Last Meeting Agreed Matters Arising Action items from 11th September 2019 Action Item Action Response Action By Safeguarding: The Baptist Union has confirmed Ian as Safeguarding Verifier. Didcot still to mail documentation. Therefore, Phil Musselwhite and Beryl Jones can now be re-certified. Ian to action re-certification. Notice Board: Still awaiting estimate from Heather. Church Building Survey: Mr Trevor Francis (MRICS, MCIOB) will undertake church building survey. Stephen to action. First Aid: No progress on First-Aiders or defibrillator. Ian to action. Agenda Items Agenda Item Agenda Outcome Action By Sunday Services with welcome meal. The following meal ideas were presented by Ian:  Breakfast: o Cereal; o Toast;  Lunch. Agreed to shelve the Sunday Breakfast idea. Agreed that lunch is a possible future discussion. Mission. The following mission ideas were presented by Ian:  Clearer and up-to-date signage;  Door-to-door;  ‘Jesus video’;  Monthly/bi-Monthly magazine for the community (using all/parts of present mag?) repurposed for evangelism.  Business cards to advertise the Cameo coffee shop and Christmas Fayre.  Leaflets to advertise Christmas services. Ian to action business cards. Mission, Vision and More  October 23rd o Quiz Night; Malcolm to action Quiz Night. Events.  November 10th Evening Service o Informal bring and share service.  November 16th o Christmas Fair;  November 20th, 27th, and December 4th o Talking Jesus;  December 15th o Communion Service is postponed until December 22nd am.  December 22nd am o Communion Service;  December 22nd pm o Carols by Candlelight;  December 24th 11:15pm o Christmas Eve Service;  December 25th 10am o Christmas Day Service;  2020 o Jan 19th 4pm  Church Meeting - Bring and Share Tea followed IMMEDIATELY by Bring and Share Service (after clear-up); o May 31st  Pentecost in the Park; o Exhibition - History and Art in Manselton (and Swansea); o Summer Fete; o Church Visitation (Visit other fellowships to see how things could be done differently); o August - no mid-week meetings or events; o End of World War II 75th Anniversary. Ian to action Pentecost in the Park and Exhibition. Stephen to action the borrowing of exhibition boards. Finance. Cavin presented the finance spreadsheet to the end of September, attached. Explained that the deficit to date is £158.90. Cavin presented the same spreadsheet at the last members meeting. Ongoing by Cavin. Maintenance. The meeting agreed to strip and repurpose the wooden main church and hall doors. Cavin to action. Date of Next Meeting Friday 29th November at 6.30pm Provisional Date of January Meeting Wednesday 8th January at 6.30pm

Matters Arising

Safeguarding - Beryl J and Phil to be done - acceptable delayFirst Aid - will be arranged for the New Year - 4 or 5 said they would like to do: Anne Smith, Ann Jenkins, Kirsty, myself, possibly David, RichardBuilding Report - StephenLeaflets produced for Christmas Services to be delivered from the 15th - services will be advertised in the Focus Lib Dems in the next two weeksPentecost in the Park - requires us to submit plan to the council along with risk assessments


Other business


Jan 19th 4pm Church Meeting - Bring and Share Tea followed IMMEDIATELY by Bring and Share Service (after clear-up);
Feb 3-5 Minister’s Conference (Not away for any Sunday) Saundersfoot £195
May 8-10 Baptist Conference (AWAY on Sunday 10th) Bournemouth (Accommodation £129 + Tickets (unknown at this moment)
May 31st Pentecost in the Park
April/May? Exhibition - History and Art in Manselton (and Swansea);
Summer Fete - Date?July
August - no mid-week meetings or events;
September 2nd End of World War II 75th Anniversary - Special Service 6th September
September 2nd End of World War II 75th Anniversary - Special Service?
Going to Minister’s Conference and to Baptist Assembly - costs need to be undertaken
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