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My Prayer Life - Timing is Everything

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TIMING IS EVERYTHING   1st Chronicles 12:32 and of the sons of Issachar, having understanding of the times, to know what Israel should do. Their heads were two hundred, and all their brothers were at their command. Timing can be defined as a moment in time of decision making, or it may be the ability to choose or the choice of the best moment to do or say something. Background: beginning at verse 23 of this chapter we see that King David was now positioning himself to reign over all Israel he had been king over a divided nation for seven years in Hebron, now after the death of Ishbosheth the youngest son of Saul and Abner the uncle of Saul; David was now coming into Jerusalem joined by 336,600 warriors 1222 captains to rightfully take the throne and reign in Jerusalem. Now the sons of Issachar were men of wisdom and experience and they were knowledgeable of the times. They were men who understood the natural times and seasons. They understood astrological movements and its affects and the times for plowing, sowing and harvesting. They also understood the ceremonial times and the appropriate times of sacrifices and feast days for on one occasion it states in scripture in Deuteronomy 33:19 the sons of Issachar called the children of Israel to the mountain to offer sacrifices of righteousness. They also understood the political times in which they were intent on knowing the affairs of the people; they had good intelligence from abroad and made use of it and they knew what Israel should do. In other words they had a steady finger on the pulse of the nation.  The sons of Issachar were also skilled in the doctrine of the Law, they were Scribes and men of wisdom they had the ability to interpret the Law of God and what Israel should do. They understood the Natural Times, Political Times, Ceremonial Times and the Super Natural Times for they knew what Israel should do. David  was now approaching Jerusalem and the tribes were now in alliance with David to sit him upon the throne, and he came with tremendous fire power to overwhelm (“shock and awe “) any holdouts who were still loyal to Saul, and weed out any leftover guerilla fighters or insurgents. There was not going to be a need for a “surge” or a long campaign to take the throne, what is significant in this chapter is verse 32 “The sons of Issachar” I’m quite sure informed David the timing is right for him to sit on the throne without any bloodshed (to be continued)

Father and my God I thank you for sending your precious son Jesus in the fullness of time to die for me, and everything you do is based upon timing and your timing is perfect. Father my desire is to know the plans you have for my life and that I would align myself and my will to your plan you have for me. I thank you Father in the name of Jesus.

Love you Pastor David H. Whye

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