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Jesus' Formula for Prayer


Jesus' Formula for Prayer


Think: "Prayer" is letting God communicate with you.

Five Keys To Effective Praying:

I. Praise God. - L- v.9a; 13b

A. Acknowledge His holy name. - L- v.9; Psalm 16:8; L- Matthew 7:21

B. Acknowledge His name has authority.- L- v.13b; L-Matthew 28:18

C. Acknowledge His power. - L-v.13b; L-Luke 1:35,37; L- John 10:17,18

D. Acknowledge His Glory. - L- v.13b

"Glory" means to give weight to or to honor.

II. God's Plan. - L- v.10

A. Salvation starts God's plan. - L- John 3:16,17; II Peter 3:9

B. God's plan desires unity. - L- v.10; I Corinthians 14:33

III. God's Provision. - L- v.11

"Bread" symbolizes our physical needs.

IV. God's Purification. - L- v.12

"Debts" represent our moral or spiritual sins. Read Romans 5:1- L- John 13:8, 10

Fact: Forgiving others is a mark of a truly regenerated heart.

V. God's Protection. - L- v.13a

"Temptation" means to to entice to sin. - James 1:13

A. Pray for God's Deliverance. - L- v.13a

B. Learn God's Word. - Psalm 119:11

C. Submit to God - James 4:7

"Resist" means to stand against or to oppose.


1. Praise God for His name and attributes daily.

2. Desire God's plan of salvation and unity daily.

3. Accept God's provision for daily needs.

4. Let God purify you daily by forgiving others.

5. Receive God's daily protection by submitting to Him.

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