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 The Revelationof Jesus Christ

Wednesday Night

o   The Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll.  10:1-11

A mighty angel appears announces the end of time.

John is prohibited from writing about the seven thunders.

The little book could possibly be the last portions of the book of Revelation.

o   The Two Witnesses.  11:1-13

The measurement of the temple, announcing the length of desolation- 3 ½ years.

The two witnesses preach for approximately 3 ½ years.

They are protected until the Antichrist kills them.

They are denied a decent burial and are resurrected after 3 ½ days.

o   The Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet.  11:14-19

The proclamation is made of Christ receiving His kingdom.

The heavens are opened and there is a mighty earthquake and hail.


o   The Visions of the Nation of Israel.   12:1-17

The characters of this vision:

            The Woman-      Israel

            The Child-          the Lord Jesus Christ

            The dragon-       Satan

            The stars-          Angels who rebelled

Satan wanted to stop the birth of Christ.

The nation of Israel will be hidden for 3 ½ years and supernaturally protected.

The war in heaven and Satan cast out permanently.

o   The Vision of the Beast.   13:1-10

The imagery of the beast:

            Coming out of the sea-                rising out of the population of the world

Seven heads-                             the remaining kings or past kingdoms

            Ten horns with ten crowns-          the original ten kings

            The animals-                              the past gentile nations from Daniel 7


The beast had a mortal wound and recovered.

The beast is worshipped as deity.

His power continues for 3 ½ years.

His power overcomes the saints and his power is worldwide.

o   The Vision of the False Prophet.   13:11-18

The false prophet’s imagery:

            Comes out of the earth:   Not from Heaven

Two horns like a lamb:    Mimicking Christ

Speaks with the authority of Satan

Has the power of the antichrist

                                    The false prophet promotes the worship of the beast.

The false prophet performs miracles.

The false prophet performs deceives the world.

The false prophet makes an idol and promotes its worship.

The false prophet institutes the mark, number, and name of the beast upon the citizens.

o   The Proclamations of the Triumph of the Lamb.  14:1-20

§  The Proclamation of the 144,000 Saints.  Vs 1-5

This scene depicts the Second Return of Christ.

The 144,000 has survived the Tribulation period.

Notice the description of the 144,000:



            Redeemed and the Firstfruits

            Purity and Piety

§  The Proclamation of the First Angel.  Vs 6-7

This angel proclaims the gospel throughout the world.

This probably occurs during the last 3 ½ years of the tribulation.


§  The Proclamation of the Second Angel.  Vs 8

This angel proclaims the destruction of Babylon.

§  The Proclamation of the Third Angel.  Vs 9-12

This angel pronounces judgment on those who have received the mark, number, or name of the beast.

§  The Proclamation of the Coming Judgment.  Vs 13-20

An angel proclaims the blessedness of those who have died.

The visual of this passage is a symbolic vision of the Second Coming of Christ.

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