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 The Revelationof Jesus Christ

Thursday Night

o   The Proclamations of the Triumph of the Lamb.  14:1-20

§  The Proclamation of the 144,000 Saints.  Vs 1-5

This scene depicts the Second Return of Christ.

The 144,000 has survived the Tribulation period.

Notice the description of the 144,000:



            Redeemed and the Firstfruits

            Purity and Piety

§  The Proclamation of the First Angel.  Vs 6-7

This angel proclaims the gospel throughout the world.

This probably occurs during the last 3 ½ years of the tribulation.


§  The Proclamation of the Second Angel.  Vs 8

This angel proclaims the destruction of Babylon.

§  The Proclamation of the Third Angel.  Vs 9-12

This angel pronounces judgment on those who have received the mark, number, or name of the beast.

§  The Proclamation of the Coming Judgment.  Vs 13-20

An angel proclaims the blessedness of those who have died.

The visual of this passage is a symbolic vision of the Second Coming of Christ.

o   Preparation for the Final Judgments upon the Earth.  15:1-8

The appearance of the last seven angels with vials.

The worship of the martyrs.

o   The Vial Judgments.  16:1-16:21

§  The First Vial is Poured Out.  16:1-2

Noisome and grievous sores attack the beast and his kingdom.

§  The Second Vial is Poured Out.  16:3

The seas and oceans are turned to blood and all sea life is destroyed.

§  The Third Vial is Poured Out.  16:4-7

The fresh water is turned to blood.

§  The Fourth Vial is Poured Out.  16:8-9

The sun scorches the earth.

§  The Fifth Vial is Poured Out.  16:10-11

Darkness falls on the kingdom of the beast.

§  The Sixth Vial is Poured Out.  16:12-16

The Euphrates is dried up in preparation of Armageddon.

§  The Seventh Vial is Poured Out.  16:17-21

The pronouncement that it is done, earthquake and great hail.

o   The Fall of Babylon.  17:1-18:24

The Description of Babylon

            Sits upon many water: the control of multitudes of humanity

            People are intoxicated by her.

            In control of the beast and his kingdom at first.

            Arrayed in exquisite clothing.

            Named Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.

Drunk with the blood of the martyrs.

John is captivated by this vision.

The Identity of Babylon

            The beast is the Antichrist and his kingdom.

            The seven heads of the beast are seven kings:

                        Five Fallen:






                        One that is:


                        One that is to come:

                                    The Revived Roman Empire

                        The eighth:

                                    The Antichrist

            The ten kings will destroy the harlot that rode the beast.

            Chapter 17 The woman is the religious power that will arise.

            Chapter 18 describes city that is formed from her influence and is the capital of the Antichrist’s kingdom.

This city is suddenly destroyed in one day.

            The kings and merchants of the earth weep over her destruction.




o   The Marriage of the Lamb.  19:1-10

The praise of heaven before the marriage.

The bride of Christ is the church.

The preparation is the judgment seat of Christ.

o   The Second Coming of Christ.  19:11-21

The Battle of Armageddon concludes with the return of Christ.

Those who have rejected Christ are put to death.

The fowls of the earth are invited to feed on the bodies of the dead.

The beast and the false prophet are cast alive into the lake of fire.

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