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Jr. High Ministry

Mountain Christian Church



The whole idea behind ROOTWORKS is that we want to grow strong in our relationship with God.  We want to take the next step in our faith, if you will.  The best way to develop strong roots in our relationship with God is to get to know Him.  We get to know Him best by discovering what He has to say to us through His love letter…the Bible.  And that is what this 8th grade small group is based upon…diving in to the Bible in a small group setting to find out more about God and how He wants us to live.   So four students and an adult volunteer leader will walk through the New Testament over a 6 month period. 


·         Because the dynamics within a group change each and every time someone joins or leaves a group, students must make a commitment to be at ROOTWORKS every week.

·         Students will have scripture passages to read each week. (about a chapter a day)

·         Students will have to have thought about the passage of scripture…writing down things they don’t understand, or highlighting things that stand out to them or any other thoughts they had about the weeks reading.

·         On some occasions, students will have a study guide to go along with the particular letter in the Bible they are reading.  They will need to complete the work assigned by the adult leader of the group for that week.

·         A memory verse will be assigned every week for students to learn and recite at the beginning of each week.

·         Occasionally, students will need to journal their thoughts or prayers.

·         Students will make a commitment to pray for the other participants in the group.

·         Students will make a commitment to keep confidential the specific examples and situations group members share.


Memory verse…Recap reading…Discussion & Study Guide questions…Prayer


·         The small group can meet practically anywhere  where there is enough privacy for discussion.  (Adult Leader’s house, student’s house, restaurant, park, etc.)

·         The group will begin the week of October 20th and end the last week of April with a couple of weeks off around Christmas and the beginning of the millenium.

            (This is a little less than 6 months…approximately 25 weeks)

·         Each meeting will go for no more than two hours.

·         Adult Leaders will provide a ride one way for the students.

·         The group can meet anytime throughout the week, so long as it is a consistent time each week.

·         Students will be split up a few ways…

·         Girls with girls, guys with guys

·         location

·         relationship to each other

·         relationship to leader

·         As we begin requirements for Projects next summer, this counts as a students quiet time.

·         There is no monetary cost involved in participating.


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