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The Road to Emmaus

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The Road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35

Appropriate truth by faith, “slow to believe.”

I.       Notice the things they told Jesus.

1.     That Jesus’ crucifixion was a well-publicized event, vs. 18

2.     That Jesus’ death and burial was an unexpected event, vs. 19-22

3.     That Jesus’ empty tomb was an unexplained event, vs. 23-24 (Luke 24:11)

An Observation: What they understood so far was a lot, but it was not enough.

II.    Notice the things Jesus told them.

1.     Jesus emphasized the necessity of these events, vs. 26

2.     Jesus expounded the prophetic Scriptures of these events, vs. 27

3.     Jesus explained the primary theme of the Bible (John 1:45; 5:39, 46; Acts 8:35)

An Observation: Jesus became known to them first through His Word, then experientially, vs. 15-16 (Luke 16:31).

III.  Notice the impact of the reality of the resurrection on their lives.

1.     The impact was disclosing, eye-opening, vs. 31-32 Some things that had been going on in their life made sense now, “hearts burn within us.”

2.     The impact was transforming, vs. 33

3.     The impact was evangelistic, vs. 34-35

An Observation: Jesus was available to them, but they still had to avail themselves of the opportunity, vs. 17, 19a, 28-30. Think of how differently this story might have ended.

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