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Finding the truth

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Finding the truth

History and evidence is all around us if we take a snapshot of now

today where ever you are. Our way of life only exists with the very advanced lifestyle of Jesus, I say life-style because of the Bible and the complexity and ideas that it holds. This in itself is a miracle yet it is important to develop a relationship with Jesus .

There are thousands of questions but I think the most important aspect of finding the truth is in the Bible. Compare history with today, it's like having a paradox in time

running two lines heading towards each other how fast are you going, can you stop ?

There is one thing that is evident in the Bible that Jesus continually, even now,

oh yes more so now , is influencing  his disciples for consistency not change, not in the sense that what ever Jesus has asked you to build in your community that  you make Jesus slightly or in some cases totally transparent to fit into the community.  What is very evident in the Bible history is that  too much change brings confusion and misunderstanding. Are we going back, is compromise the word of God? I think that if we try to water down the word of God  we are clearly heading for a total disaster which is illustrated with Gideon.   Post-modern ideas ,religion; is there room in our lives for Jesus? Do we ignore what is happening? It's like having a business and someone comes and takes you over, strips the assets, takes away the name

replacing it with a grey one, the result is a compromise, no strength in the word that has been used for the compromise ,no spirit, the only word that drive's spirit is Gods word. It is hard .Look at the history all the evidence is there, you cannot tone down

Jesus, he is who he is .

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