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Grace for All

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On March 29, 1948, people who lived near Niagara Falls awoke to an eerie silence. The 500,000 tons of water that flow over Niagara Falls every minute had stopped—and it didn't start again for 30 hours. Heavy winds had blown tons of ice into the mouth of the Niagara River from Lake Erie and stopped the flow of water. When the ice shifted a day later, the water began flowing again.

People who lived nearby were so used to the roar of the waterfalls that they took the supply of water for granted. Only when the water stopped did they realize how much they missed its presence. Like the never-ending supply of water at Niagara, the grace of God flows from heaven to earth continually. Theologians call it the "general" or "natural" grace of God. Because it has never stopped, mankind takes it for granted. Indeed, many people do not recognize that God's grace is flowing all the time. Like dipping a cup into Niagara Falls, there is more than enough grace for all who are thirsty to know God.

Have you drunk deeply from the supply of God's grace in Jesus Christ? Don't take God's grace for granted. Because all are in need, grace has been made available for all—even for today.

We are sinners and need only confess that grace may abound.
C. FitzSimons Allison

Turning Point [] Dr. David Jeremiah Wednesday, September 19

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