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Fred oh mighty God Me My Words Be Yours.

God give us clear Minds as we hear your word to be more like you like Jesus Christ. You tell us to live holy lives. We pray this Jesus name. Amen. For my favorite passages this morning. The first chapter of John in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and the word became flesh and dwelt Among Us. It is an amazing summary of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is fundamental to our Christian Theology of who Jesus is that Jesus is God. It's an exciting Sunday. You know why the American Church continues to decline as we accept what we believe is post-modernism, right? So you guys know I'm still in school cuz I'm addicted and I am studying this whole idea of what it means to live in a postmodern society which means the church no longer influences the world but the world influences the church and that's the society. We have come across the last 40 years. It continues to be the problem. We have adapted our ways and our teachings. but in the midst of all of that in America churches in Africa and Asia are exploding Christians are laying down their life every single day so that Jesus Christ, maybe no. They don't care if they die for the name of Jesus because they know where they will go when they die. They have eternal security now. I hope if I was in that situation. That I would be willing to do the same. Now. There's a whole debate going on right now cuz we have crazy people going in churches and hurting people and I'mma tell you I'm from the south and if somebody comes in this church, I hope we take him out. And I said it online and I get some criticism for that but I believe that's our job. I believe that's my job is a Shepherd of the SWAT is the the help to provide safety for this congregation. I love you guys, and that's what I hope for. What are the midst of church trials splits and division there is but one truth the truth of the Bible the truth of scripture the truth of Jesus Christ as the Messiah of the world. C 503 years ago.

The founding fathers of the Reformation were mad at the church. They were mad that the church was selling tickets essentially to heaven. That poor people were giving their last dollar so that they can get out of purgatory.

The church was making up theology as they went along. Ohyeah the church. Leaving Christianity 101 behind this very passage for this morning. We're going to talk a little bit about some of the early heresies in the church because I believe if we look at those. Maybe it'll give us some insight and today so we have a few founding fathers. Are we got Doctor Martin Luther we have John Calvin and zwingli. Who said enough is enough and their Hope was not to create a new not denomination. Just like John Wesley did not seek out to create a new denomination know he simply went and preached the word of God and was told he couldn't be preaching on Horseback on the countryside that he had to be in the church to preach the word not true. And I'm glad to see that the Church of England has also change their ways since Wesley. It's hard to do that in the midst of our recent news of the United Methodist Church letting not our local church, but the global Church, it is fundamental to our Christian faith to understand what the word says. Likewise the only way to do this is to understand what the word means. When are you read about the word this morning? It is translated from the Greek logos, which in Simplicity means everything. God is everything. For the word of God became flesh and made his home Among Us.

His literal were the words. He spoke became a reality. We see this right through the scriptures through the creation story to the punishment of Israel to the grace given to Israel to the flood the bomb Lee Jesus walking upon the Earth that we read this morning.

The word of God is more than just words on a piece of paper but literally are flesh-and-blood. The mountains and valleys that we walk upon and those we love is the word everything and everybody. We are made in the image of God. By his words, he loves each and every one of the shoulder re-read in the fusions how we are his adopted children through the blood of Jesus Christ. The first point is he was there from the beginning the scripture tells us but do we believe it? Do we believe he was ever the beginning?

In the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and the Word was with God in the beginning. And everything came into being through the word and without the word nothing nothing came into being. What came into being through the word was life and the life was the light for all people the light shines in the darkness and the Darkness doesn't extinguish the lights. As we read through the Bible we hear the story of God and his creation we hear from the short by passages that God was there in the beginning of creation. We hear that without God we would not be here and nor with the Earth. So let's rewind the Genesis chapter 1 1 through 5 and 1 God began to create the heavens and the Earth. The Earth was without shape or form. It was dark over the deep sea and Gods Wind swept over the waters. And God said let there be light light up here. God says it happens. So how good the light was and got separated the light in the darkness and God named the light day and the dark as night and there was evening and there was morning the first day. As a theologian and a Bible student. It is fundamental that we understand that God created the universe. That what matters what matters is do you believe his word that he created the heavens and the Earth we won't get into fundamentals up that actually happened in the amount of days and all this. No, but do you believe that God created the Earth or do you not do you believe that like a child molds Play-Doh that God molded the Earth out of nothing. Betty took a formless void and put it in his hand and said, this is Earth. You believe that God made the Earth and all of its Perfection just Far Enough From the Sun so that it can have life. There's so many planets out there. But how many have life right now one? Maybe there's more we'll figure that out later, but God molded it. Do you believe the word for what it is? Arduino bats turn early Christianity. There was a group called The gnostics the Gnostic Christians and what they believe. Is that God gave them a special revelation? That their special Revelation was more important than what the whole Bible said. This was gnostics. Alright and gnostics were ruled Heretics in the early church. Now, what did the early church do the Heretics? Well, we killed right? We killed Heretics the Catholic Church of that time, but this is what they believe until think about. This is called the concept of systematic theology. So in the Wesleyan tradition and the Anglican tradition what we say is that scripture is primary. Then we have tradition and they only have human intellect. So you study the word and then you have reason it's not a choice which one goes first in with an I6. That is all my experience personally matters more than the word of God. And so as I look at the church, I look at the fall of Christianity. We're kind of going back to this Gnostic idea that we have a special Revelation from God and not with everything. And sometimes we pick sides without looking at the scriptures. And so I just really challenged us. Are we gnostics? Are we Christian? And yeah, there's a lot of heresies in the early church two of them today, but

everyone we've been there we've done that. So I say this.

Do we believe in the words of God the creator of the universe? The Jesus walk with the father and created. Each of us Fein made us in His image in Genesis 1 26. Then God said let us make man in our image according to our likeness. And they rule the fish of the sea the birds of the sky the livestock all the earth and the creatures that crawl on the earth. We are made in the image of God every single human being Regardless of where you stand on issues of the world we have to accept that were made in His image. God is a good God and He Loves Us but do we really believe that he became Flash?

That's not question. We're going to answer. John 1 9 through 14 in the True Light that shines and all the people that's coming with the world. The light was in the world and the world came into being for the light, but the rug didn't recognize the light. Jesus was right there and they didn't recognize. And the light came to his own people and its own people didn't welcome him. We welcome Jesus today. But those who did Welcome him those who believe in his name. He authorized to become God's children. Born not from blood or human desire or passion, but born of God and if we notice here in verse 13 for not from blood so we don't have God's blood. It's not nothing that we do intellectually to become save it. It's not a walk the aisle only and get baptized and that's a no that's passion. But from God God does the work that's what's important the word became flesh and made his home among us and we have seen his glory glory like that of the father's only son full of grace and truth. These next versus we read that God became flesh, Hawaii.

But those who did not welcome those who believe.

The prior to this moment only Jews were safe. They were the chosen people of God and for all of us this morning that might seem messed up and unfortunately, that's why are Jewish brothers and sisters have been persecuted? But God had another plan. God chose to get God of not only damnation for the bluff. He chose the calm down in the Flash and say, you know, I love you all as much older. And right he chose to die and bleed on a cross he chose that he did not have to because I ran away in the Garden of Gethsemane. I went into the olive trees and would have never been found. But God chose the die. It's our choice to make if we will accept price for who he is and live as his people. For Humanity, we must choose to live holy lives according to the Apostle Paul in the book of Ephesians. I really challenged you. If you have not read through fusions pick it up read through it. It tells you exactly what we're supposed to do as Christians today. Dodge word is forever. . And that tells us what we need to do. We believe that God became flesh as the Book of John tells us. Are we falling into another church? Heresy Arians? So the Aryans we talked about them before they didn't really believe that Jesus was God know they kind of believe that there was this man and and in the womb he was wholly, but once he was out no longer, holy. Who's no longer got because God Is So, holy he would not purposely choose the guy on Cross. Now. There's another Harris he caught add option isn't and what that teaches is that when Jesus was baptized. And God said, this is my son who I am. Well pleased. That's when Jesus became the bomb. None of those are right all of those are wrong and all those are still taught in today's world. There's fundamentals the Christianity and it's so important that we know what they are that Jesus and the father and the Holy Spirit are the same in the one that the Trinity is our Theology of Christian. And anyone that doesn't believe it or not. well I don't want to say the wrong but it's black and white. It's what it is. It's why we say the creeps, you know, when the creeper made in the Council of Nicea. It was to remove heresy from infiltrating the church and heresy is the devil's work. It really is the devil will get them to the church and will ruin the church from within and the way we do that is proper theology. One of the ways that I believe the church has kind of lost its way. Is the lack of Christian education? We have not the site for our children the way that we should when I was growing up. I'm going to tell you point like I was taught some crazy stuff in my Sunday school class and when I got there really begin to think for myself and I would challenge my Sunday school teacher like 12 13 years old. It was not good. I actually stopped going to Sunday school. I am up with the adults at 13 12 13 years old and went to their Sunday school class is at least I knew I was being taught the Bible. Your generation right? They always tell us been there done that. Now our church father said the same thing they've been there done that they've been through it. Now. I love history because I don't have to repeat what they've been through. I can look at the Bible. I can look at what the scripture says. I can look at two thousand years of people that lot smarter than me and say, you know this make sense.

The word of God became Flash the die for the sins of the whole world. So we're going to read a familiar passage hear John 3:16 through 19.

God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. And God sent his son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through him. beautiful You're not come to judge the world but to save it but he continues whoever believes in him isn't judge and whoever doesn't believe in him is already judged because they don't believe in the name of God's only son. This is the basis for judgement. the light came into the world and people love Darkness more than life for their actions are evil. No. Jesus came to save us from our sin to give us a new life in Christ. Jesus Apostle. Paul doesn't right as we become Christians as we accept Christ into our lives that there is a change in our beans Nation when you're ordained and play God's Ministry that there is a actual change that happens. It's not just a political process. God changes us for Who We Are So what is your belief this morning? Do you believe that God became flesh you accept without a doubt that our sinfulness and our need for Jesus. Are you related that you will pass a test by yourself? You desire to be a child of God, not through flesh and blood but through Jesus who is the way the truth and the life. That was how you went when I was a kid. Don't tell anybody. I was re-baptized. I didn't I didn't know what I had a bad Sunday school teacher. So Revival called beyond the grave and if I'm repeating myself, sorry go to the Grave play and it's about the Columbine shootings. And this powerful Brimstone preacher gets up there and says if you died tonight where you going to go and I have you know the devil up there and all this. I'm scared to death. Thot walk the aisle with my best friend and we got baptized right there in the swimming pool inside the church. And that moment I did I recommitted my life to Jesus. No. I went back to my home church after cuz I I didn't speak in tongues. So I never thought I would say it cuz I didn't speak in tongues church, but I recommitted my life to Jesus that night. See it because when you trust in Jesus he saves. Jesus saves us right where we are.

John 16318 from his fullness. We have all received Grace upon Grace. What's Grace? It's love. We don't deserve. It's love that none of us deserve because we're all sinners in the eyes of God. I all I want short of the glory of God. As a law was given through Moses so Grace and Truth came into being through Jesus Christ. And no one has ever seen God why because we're centers the scripture tells us that will be blinded will die instantly the only son who's that the father has made God. No. And I tell you.

one minute

Each of us this morning is subject to the law. Given to us through God through Moses and we know that the the punishment of breaking the law is sin and death we go back to Genesis, right the very first sent and he tells Adam and Eve you're going to die. That is the punishment of sin and your U-verse on this week. It's telling me what if you get a hold of your going to die don't get older. You know and so he's beginning to recognize that. And one day we will have to go before the Lord and give an account for our life. Yeah, we're forgiven. I like good parents got going to hold us accountable for our sins, right Matthew 12:36. Here we go. I tell you that people have to answer on Judgement Day for every useless word they speak. Up the ass. Do we want a get-out-of-jail-free card? Do you want it you know it if I was in jail, I would want to be able to get out. Right and this feel that we're destined to go to? You can't get off its forever. Do we have to make a decision, you know? We're going we're going to be held accountable. But Jesus came to fulfill the law. He came to save us the free us the show us love and mercy and Grace. He became flesh and made his home Among Us. That we two would have the opportunity to live forever. Your brothers and sisters. Lots of things will be sad in the coming days in the light of the United Methodist Church. But the truth is don't listen to the nonsense. hear the good news that Jesus is the only way. I threw him we are safe.

But God shows his love for us because while we were still sinners Christ died for us he knew on the cross how much we would be bad children knew it. He knew that we would do horrible things that we would go to war with each other. That we would kill innocent people. My God died for us anyway. As a young Pastor, especially I do not know what lies ahead for us. As a church, I can tell you in my short six months. I know will be okay. Because we've been here almost a hundred and sixty years. This truck has gone through this before. Just we were just weren't as big as we are now 12 million people rode why a lot of people a lot of faithful disciples. I believe in that Jesus is here that God's word is truth. And the Jesus says nothing including the Devil Himself. Can defeat this church? So keep up the good work. Matthew 9:35, Jesus went through all the towns and Villages teaching and their synagogue or play me the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. And when he saw the crowds he had compassion on. Because they were harassed and helpless. Like sheep without a shepherd. And then he said to his disciples. The Harvest is plentiful. But the workers are few. Ask the lord of the Harvest there for the send out workers into his Harvest field.

Let us be the church that Supply the workers. Brock Community as I pray other churches and our community do the same. Let us be faithful to God. As he was by becoming flash by taking the form of a slave servants. I living holy lives acceptable to God. The grow the kingdom for love and forgiveness for all in a relationship with him. What are my favorite passages here? They gave you some little background. So before coming here, I went through a church merger. Let me tell you that's very very difficult. You ask people that have been founded the church themselves with only 50 years old. I give up a 5 million-dollar piece of property to a church. They don't know. for them to comment and Revitalize and we voted and it was hard work. It was personally hard for our family. But this scripture given to me by a Catholic priest friend was vital and are pushing for it. Cuz unless the Lord builds the house the builders labor in vain. Myhighline unless the Lord builds the house the builders labor in vain. So we have to look at the Lord for our foundation. Can't be Ox. It can't be the United Methodist Church. It can't even be our history of the church as bright as it is. It's the Lord God. He is our answer. He is our truth. He is our life. So let us be United. As a Christian faith community here First United Methodist Church of Chiefland United for the mission and vision of our Lord Jesus Christ.

almighty God as we come forth. as your children May you keep us as Faithful Servants of you. Let us not be swayed by the wind. The god rooted and your word rooted and Physiology that is that you give us rooted in the the church on the tradition of the church has been around for over 2000 years.

God help us stay focused on finding the lost sheep. That's our primary goal. Finding the Sheep without a shepherd.

God help us be your church your body of a state unified but us continue to say kind words building each other up in this body. That is primary. Do not allow Satan to come into this church and cause any division any nasty words anything God from the world. Because this is your church. It's not ours. Help us be your people because you tell us in your word. If we are your people you will be our God. Help us the live lights that are holy and acceptable to you. We pray this in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. Amen.

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