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Thanking the Shepher-Psalm 23

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                        Thanking the Shepherd-Psalm 23




  • Introduction

ILL-Video clip

The sheep is the not the most glamorous animal.

We would agree with Ken Davis that we would not want to be a sheep.

They are smelly, timid and dumb animals. 

We live in a world that is anti-sheep

Everyone wants to be in charge

We would want to be compared to a more independent animal

But no matter what we want to be, people are sheep

We are needy, lost and prone to do stupid things.

This is where God steps in-he knows us

When we stop trying to be another animal, then he can be our Shepherd

We need to be thankful that he is our Shepherd

When we study Psalm 23 we see why.

  • The Shepherds Provisions         vs. 1-3a

      • He provides all my needs  vs. 1

Physical needs-spiritual needs, not what I think I need but what I really need

      • He provides rest and contentment  vs. 2a  

When the chips are down he gives us peace through unbelievable circumstances

      • He provides refreshment for my Soul  vs.  2b-3a  

The Shepherds cup gives a new energy for living.

ILL-Perry going to Morden

  • The Shepherds Salvation           vs.  3b-  
      • He led me to the knowledge of Jesus Christ  vs.  3b

Where God leads there are only good things, why do we think otherwise?

      • He is glorified through our righteousness  vs.  3c  

God is easily satisfied, He is honored by something we did selfishly.

ILL-Driving in Minneapolis-trusting the signs.

  • The Shepherds Guidance          vs.  4  
      • I will go through troubles  vs.  4a

It should be assumed that life will not be a rose garden

      • He never leaves me-I have nothing to fear  vs.  4b  

We are holding the hand of God-Ken Davis, “I’m with Him.”

      • I am comforted by your Staff  vs.  4c
        • Counting:          keeps track of me * Guiding:            Concerned for my well-being
        • Rescuing:          Keeps me from danger
        • Protecting:        Saves us from others

ILL-tragedy in our Church.

  • The Shepherds Protection         vs.  5  
      • He makes a covenant to care  vs.  5a

He makes a kingly agreement to protect us.

      • He honors me with oil  vs.  5b  

He treats me in a way that I could never understand

      • He gives me more than I could ever want or expect  vs.  5c  

God’s ability to overwhelm us has no ending.

ILL-My own mistakes.

  • The Shepherds Provisions-2     vs.  6  
      • The Lords goodness and Love pursues me  vs.  6a

God chases after us like a love-sick person

      • I am a member of His family-Heaven is my home.  vs.  6b  

God gives us a home that is beyond our imagination.

  • Conclusion  

We have a lot to be thankful for

Provides our needs, gives us salvation, guides us, and protects us

Being a sheep may not be glamorous.

Sheep may be looked down upon

Sheep may be a little dumb

I would rather be a sheep than any other thing-because I am led by the good shepherd.

I am thankful today because my Shepherd-Jesus Christ is leading me

I will follow him anywhere he goes.

The Good Shepherd provides our needs. Vs. 1-3

·        He provides all our needs. Vs. 1

·        He provides rest and contentment. Vs. 2a

·        He provides refreshment for our soul. Vs. 2b-3

The Good Shepherd guides us through trouble. Vs. 4.

·        We will all go through tragedy. Vs 4a.

·        God promises that he will never leave us. Vs. 4b.

·        God provides reassurance in tragedy.  Vs. 4c.

The Good Shepherd protects us. Vs. 5.

·        God makes a covenant to care. Vs. 5a.

·        God restores those who are suffering. Vs. 5b.

·        God gives us all we need. Vs. 5c.

The Good Shepherd gives us gifts. Vs. 6.

·        God’s love reaches out to us. Vs. 6a.

God gives us an eternal rest. Vs. 6b.

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