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Doing Things Differently Luke 5

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  Doing Things Differently   Luke 5:1-10    EBC     9/21/08

Lake Gennesaret is also the Sea of Galilee.  The Lake was 12-13 miles long and was approx. 7 miles wide at one point. Large and flourishing towns were built on it’s banks and the Jordan River flowed thru it. The lake was known for it’s fishing and was crowded with all types of vessels. Now scarsely a boat is seen on the lake, the area is inhabited by the poorest of peasants and ruins line the deserted shores.

 The importance of washing their nets is that if they don’t wash their nets and then let then dry- they rot and then break.

  Sometimes we get hung up on doing things and believe there is only one way to accomplish this.

  In our present setting, we read that the people wanted to hear from Jesus and Simon Peter, although he didn’t know it, needed a blessing.

  The fishermen had finished fishing for the night and were washing their nets. Jesus then used Simon’s boat as a pulpit. J. Vernon McGee-“ every pulpit is a fishing boat- an opportunity to fish for men”.

  Several things are taught in these verses:

  1- If we yield our possessions and property to the Lord it is amazing to see how He uses them and rewards us for our effort

  2- If we will listen to him he will tell us where the fish are. He will lead us to those He wants. The secret of success in Christian work is to be guided by Him.

  3- We must quit hugging the shoreline and launch out to full surrender. Faith, sorrow and suffering all have deep waters.

I. A Devoted Possession (3)

  A. Oh, what an honor it is when the Lord uses me to reach the lost crowd.

    1. How is Jesus reaching the millions today, by using people.

      a. Matt. 28:19-

      b. An ordinary day turned into a divine adventure. God's requests can come at the most importune moments or when we least expect them. Peter had been working all night and now he is cleaning his nets and Jesus asks to use his boat. We may respond by letting something else respond saying it really doesn't matter who answers the call. But, remember God's plan are always for our spiritual good (Jer. 29:11).

  B. Few today are willing to lend their all to Christ.

  C. John 6:9- feeding to the 5,000- where did all start – with the lad giving what he had

II. A Gracious Commission (4)

  A. When Christ takes possession he also gives commission.

    a. Are you sitting around fretting about your weakness or the things you don’t have then launch out into the deep of divine strength.

    b. Eph. 3:18-19-

    c. Charles Stanley - Although weary from a catch less night Peter willingly brought Jesus on board and pushed is boat into the water so that the Teacher's words would carry into the crowd.

  Peter knew that the timing for a good catch was wrong, but he obeyed and was blessed with not one but two boatloads of fish. Often God's blessings result from our compliance with seemingly insignificant requests. It was a known fact among fisherman that in the Sea of Gallilee- you caught fish at night. Obedience in small matters is generally our proving ground. Many Christians waste their lives standing on faith's shoreline never venturing beyond ankle deep water. There we have little need for God. By casting thyself farther offshore, the Christians relinquishes control of his life. The surrendered believer experiences the Lord more intimately than someone on the shore ever can.

  If we refuse His prompting to perform some small action, what reason have we given him to trust us with a more important responsibility? Many times we want to cling to a measure of control in case God does not work events to our satisfaction.

III. A Humbling Confession (5)

  A. Are you ashamed to confess your past failures to God? I’m sorry he , now already knows them.

  B. Are you now ready to say” God I’ve tried it without you, now please take over”.

  C. Have you been doing it in your own power according to what you think.

    1. God has a remedy for your failures.

      a. Psa. 30:11-

    2. What God was asking Peter to do was against everything he had been taught.

IV. A God-honoring Resolution (5b)

  A. The way to victory is thru Jesus. Are you tired of failing? Are you tired of doing it your way always to see defeat? Then do it Jesus’ way.

  B. Make a fresh start on the authority of Jesus.

    1. Toiling and struggling by night, trying to please Jesus by our own efforts is fruitless.

V. An Amazing Satisfaction (6)

  A. It was deemed out of season to fish in the daytime. But, they caught more fish out of season than they had caught in season.

  B. What made the difference- doing it according to Jesus instructions.

    1. If Simon had continued to do it the same way as always – he would have missed quite a blessing.

      a. Prov. 3:5-6-

    2. Someone said “let not habits stand in the way of God’s will”.  

Jimmy Chapman, Pastor of Victory Baptist Church is Ga. Gives us the advice on How to turn failure into Success:

  1- Allow Jesus presence into your life

  2- Accept God’s plan for your life

  3- Act of Christ’s promises for your life

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