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Is the Bible the Word of God?

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The Bible claims inspiration:


1.        In the Torah, the claim is made at least 420 times.

2.        In Isaiah, the claim is made at least 80 times.

3.        Note 3 verses in the NT:

-       1 Cor. 2.11-13 – Spiritual Words

-       2 Pet. 1.20-21 – Spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit

-       2 Tim. 3.16 – God-breathed


1.        Inerrancy – freedom from any error of fact or doctrine

a.        No contradictions – Unity

- The Bible was written by more than forty different men from practically every walk of life over a period of time that spanned about 16 centuries

b.       Archaeology – William Ramsey

c.        Science/Scientific Foreknowledge

(1)        Psalm 8.8 – Paths of the Sea

- Matthew Fontaine Murray

(2)        Circumcision on the 8th Day (Gen. 17.12)

- The 8th day is the best day for surgical procedures (Vitamin K)

(3)        Isa. 40.22 – Circle of the earth

- People of that day thought that the earth was flat

(4)        Ps. 19.5-6 – Sun on an orbit

2.        Prophecy –



Ø                More than just a good guess

Ø                Must be specific

Ø                Remote in time

Ø                Clear fulfillment


a.        Daniel 2 – Colossus Image

b.       1 Kings 13.2 – King Josiah had his name called and his life’s work foretold more than 300 years before his birth

c.        Isa. 44.28, 45.1 – Cyrus had his name called and some of his activities foretold more than a century-and-a-half prior to his birth

d.       The life of Jesus

The Bible:

1.        Is the best selling book of all time

2.        Has had more influence upon the world than any other book

3.        Is unlike any other book

4.        Is the Word of God

5.        Must be followed

6.        Will be our standard by which we are judged

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