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Evolution: Fact or Theory?

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Founder: Charles Darwin

               Origin of the Species


5 most popular arguments for evolution:


1.           Comparative Anatomy –


If true, then since the potato has 48 chromosomes and humans have 46, we are “as closely related to a french-fry as we are the chimpanzee.”


2.           Paleontology –



a.            There is no complete record of evolutionary development in the earth’s layer.

b.            The fossils of ancient creatures are essentially the same as their living descendants.


3.           Embryology –

Has been proven to be incorrect


4.           Acquired Characteristics –

No longer believed to be true


5.           Vestigial Organs –

No found to have a use


Scientific Facts that must be denied in order to believe in evolution:


A.          Thermodynamics –

1.           1st Law – Energy can neither be created nor destroyed naturally

-        Must be supernaturally

2.           2nd Law – Law of Entrophy – the tendency to ruin down

-        Evolution: Disorder to Order


B.          Fossil Record –

1.           Absence of transitional forms -

Systematic Gaps between groups

2.           Abrupt Appearance

a.            Cambrian Explosion

b.            Stays the Same


C.          Mutations –


1.           They occur very rarely.

2.           They are mainly destructive.

3.           They are unable to create anything; they only change existing structure.


D.         The scientific method –

1.           Must be based on observation of the natural world

2.           Can be explained by reference to natural causes

3.           Is testable by natural means

4.           Conclusions are tentative

5.           Is falsifiable


- G. A. Kerkut states that evolution is based upon 7 assumptions, but none are capable of experimental verification


E.          Must deny design


F.           Law of Symbiosis

-        Plants and sunlight

-        “Obligate relationships”

~ Yucca moth and the Yucca plant

~ Venus fly trap


G.         Evidence of Catastrophe

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