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            But in February 2007, Lisa Nowak got into her car – which was loaded with a knife, latex gloves, a raft of emails between two fellow astronauts, and a BB gun – and drive nine hundred miles from Houston to Orlando, wearing as adult diaper, allegedly to assault a woman she perceived was trying to steal her love interest.

            Upon word of her arrest and the charge of attempted murder, her parents reacted with shocked disbelief and told interviewers, “Considering both her personal and professional life, these alleged events are completely out of character and have come as a tremendous shock to our family.”  Evidently there was another side to Lisa’s shinning public persona:  a darker side of which others, even her family, were unaware.  But, as Jung said, “The brighter the persona, the darker the shadow.”

Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership, Gary L. McIntosh and Samuel D. Rima, pages 40, 41

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