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Peter: Always Willing

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Thesis: To note that the Lord can use people for good works despite their shortcomings and



(1)    Peter’s name means “rock/stone.”

(2)    Peter was one of the original 12 apostles.

(a)    His original occupation was a fisherman.

(b)    His brother, Andrew, brought him to Jesus.

(3)    Peter seemed always to be in the spotlight.

(a)     “At times, he ascended to the very top of the mountain peaks, but at other times, he fell headfirst into the valleys below"”(Turner 1).

(b)    “Most believers can easily identify with the apostle Peter because his humanity comes through so often in the biblical record” (MacArthur 95).

(4)    Let us note some lessons that we may learn from his life:


I.                   Peter was willing to try:

A.    Walking on water (Matt. 14.22-36)

B.     What about us?

II.                Peter was willing to repent when he failed:

A.    He denied the Lord (Matt. 26.69-75)

1.      Like Judas, he mourned, but unlike Judas, he kept living.

2.      Jesus later confronted him so that he would be willing to face his sin and repent

(John 21.15-17).

B.     What about us?

III.             Peter was willing to get up and try again:

A.    Acts 2 – Preaching 1st gospel sermon

1.      Acts 10 – 1st recorded gentile convert

2.      He kept trying all of his life. Legend has it that he died in the AD 60’s in Rome as he was crucified upside down.

B.     What about us?


(1)    The Lord only asks that we try and that we get back up when we fall down.

(2)    If the Lord can use a person like Peter, then he can use a person like you.

(3)    If you have fallen down, then will you get back up this morning?

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