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Somewhere between Heaven and Hell

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Jesus is King! We must live as Children of The King

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Oh mighty God. We thank you for this Advent season. for your birthday

got it for the prophecy fulfilled in your scripture. We will hear this morning.

Open our hearts and our minds to be more like you and ice cream. We pray. Amen.

Today marks that for Sunday of Advent the last Sunday before we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ coming into the world. So I hope all of you on Christmas Eve. Preparations for Christmas are exciting. But also exhausted. We decorate our homes we shop for presents. Thank goodness for Amazon. You can pretty much all night.

And we spent a lot of time with people we care about. Sometimes too much. But I love it. I love spending time with my family. And since we have been somewhat normal since we've been back here in Chiefland.

and what time do you has it been so nice asking for his presence? Now on we saw Santa Claus yesterday at Bass Pro Shop.

Sarah asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said a car that's really simple, but when he tells me he wants he wants everything for Christmas. And this is the first year, I can really remember talking to receive the death what Christmas is really about and those simple words of my wife. She told Ricky late we get presents because the wise men brought gifts for the Christ child. That's what Christmas is all about.

We prepare our homes in preparation of the coming Messiah into the world. The Messiah that will save all Humanity from their sense and failures other time you we talked about the birth of Jesus, but sometimes it gets hard to think about the end result. Write the Jesus came for the sins of humanity.

a messiah that we read about today scripture that was foretold in the book of Isaiah 736 years before the birth of Christ. Someone has to think about that. How much do we know what's going to happen? 736 that's pretty funny for me. Cartoons like The Jetsons. We should be having flying cars and all of us by your mm. I don't I don't see it. Now. We made it Management's but we haven't got there. the guy for King Hezekiah

as we continue to progress to the rest of the day as we conclude the Advent season. We all should challenge ourselves at this time of preparation. Is more than about Christmas. Are even spending time with those we love? about Jesus

It's about the bird of Christ the King the truth in it. the three years ago I was glad to be able to spend Christmas Eve in Bethlehem.

So one of my highlights of the trip is we got to go into Palestine right in the Bethlehem. I have Christmas Eve dinner for the Palestinian Christian family. It was really cool. So we driving to the house and of course, it's not like here. It's apartment complex and the entire family Mom Dad Grandma great grandma grandpa the cousins of the brothers and sisters. They all live in the same apartment building that had been in the family hundreds of years the land. And we had a couple of meals I was like that big chicken green beans, and I don't know what else but we sat there and we talked about Jesus. We talked about the politics of Israel and Palestine. We talked about what it meant to be a Christian and Halo sign were there less than 1% of the population. Now most recently their current ruler of Muslim outskirt group and believe it or not. They receive more drinks in recent days from this later, but it's scared that they are the persecuted church and there were in their home. sharing a meal now later that night. A Muslim family brought us through the Streets of Bethlehem. And My Hope was to have go to midnight mass at church of the Nativity, which is the church supposedly where Jesus was born. So they brought me through the streets. And again, I'm from New Orleans. So I'm used to monitor all type, you know payouts for the streets were crazy. There's people everywhere. And they brought me through that. They got me through the crowds into the lie. So there I am the front of the line.

So I got to the door. And I spoke zero Russian. I have blonde hair. So I kind of blended into the crowd but I couldn't figure out what it is that I went back to that family. And I had tea and I don't drink, but I was in good company. So I had Hot Cheetos and we spoke about Jesus that are we spoke about God's love and we're from two different Faith traditions and beliefs, but we can protect each other and talk about Jesus for Christmas Eve, and it was a powerful evening and for them to try to bring me through the streets of craziness, and so I'll never forget it.

It was an awesome trip. So if you ever get a chance to go. God is powerful in this morning. God is powerful. Are the scriptures that are difficult for me to understand really is prophecy by I'm trying to avoid revelation.

He says he ran again towards both a hat. Ask a sign from the Lord your God and make it as deep as the grave or as high as heaven. But I have to I won't ask I won't pass the Lord. I thought you was right there. And then Isaiah is it enough for you to be tiresome for people that you are all so tiresome before God as we enter into the text this morning what we can be noted as as we hear this dialogue between god king ahaz and Isaiah. Essentially the question is is God powerful enough. Can the god of the universe in this situation destroy my enemies for a bigger and stronger than me? I got offers to provide a Time.

Through nature, but they have not out of his humility. But out of his fear chooses not to text.

That's not something that is a good thing. We here just what God says right there.

And looking at a few verses this morning. I'm just going to briefly High Life. It says out of Matthew 16:4 evil and Unfaithful generation searches for a sign but it won't receive any design except Jonas on and then you left them.

Stargate 12 with an inpatient side Jesus will look for a sign. I assure you that no sign with.

Scripture tells us this morning that we should walk by faith not by.

How hard is it? Meaning of generation I know for me where everything is accessible online. I pretty much can you get anything I want like the Amazon anything I want.

We think about and we look for Assurance. I'm only don't know the answer and we look for sure until we think we're at the end of the road. Can I know I do? But is this not questioning what God has already said. That is powerful. 3000 Ezekiel 36 28 and along with numerous times in the Bible is the one the most quoted phrases in the entire trip.

I will be your God. To me. This is one of those important aspects of armpit. It is a relationship that really starts right there and Old Testament that God wants us in relationship. He wants us to be his people. So we have to think to ourselves or we can people. Are we putting our faith in him and him alone? And the question for us is a personal one. Is God enough for us? Are there any more? Do we need reassurance from God or do we trust his word as truth? educause Joshua I will never leave you nor forsake you. I truly believe that. The Lord will never leave us nor forsake us because we are his people and he is our God.

As we can tell you this morning in verses 14 and 15. We kind of hit the highway Noble I were here for Christmas. And therefore the Lord will give you a sign a young woman is pregnant and is about to give birth to a son and she shall make will name him. manual evil and choose good

And here's the Highlight did the young woman who we know is Mary will become pregnant with the sign and we'll name him a Manuel. God With Us Can you imagine?

Being a young Jewish person. Hearing that the Messiah will be born the God himself walked upon the Earth. For me even a God on his throne and coming down to earth as a baby and it seems impossible.

And I'm not sure if I would believe it. Or even comprehend it. I'd like to think that I would hear this good news for what has not called for Mike there. Is that Jesus again? It would not come as a powerful Earthly King but a baby born and Exile as foreigners in the land. The significance of the name Emmanuel not only confirms that our God we got to look in his willingness to become God With Us in the flesh is a fundamental of our Christian understanding a printer that we recycle in our Creeds. We believe that.

The three in one

the Jesus and God are one and the same at the New Testament fulfilled this prophecy and I'm thinking of John one in particular.

And the word became flesh and made his phone a month. the word Bible says in the beginning was the word and the word was

the most beautiful people scripture He's versus tell us that he has that has control of Judea would be no more.

Would be under David. Did they will return back to nomadic life? Eating butter and honey. How satisfying is that sound? Butter and honey, do you like good honey, but I don't think I want to live. But for the people this would also mean return to a faithful leader. unlike a hat Who have to go back to verse 9? what that tube of worshipping false gods So many times we tried to take control and army. And we're going to fail after time if we don't go before the Lord first and ask him where what we should do. That's when we get dropped off at least at my profession. The point of this is being halfway between Heaven and Hell the sermon title. In the midst of someone's he'll like losing his kingdom a promise for good as there. the promise of the Messiah and his return the prophets of Jesus Christ to come upon this Earth and forgive Sinners Like Me and You

He rules over Heaven and her. Before the boy learns to reject evil and she was good the land of the food Kings you drink will be a man. The Lord will bring upon you upon your people and upon your family stays unlike any.

That have come since they have after and broke away from Judea and the king of Assyria.

These last few vs. Conclude the prophecy from that day and its Simplicity. It tells the reader that the unjust rulers will fall and then all people will be under jaw of Jesus as king. Think about it as long as man has ruled over each other. We have led them greed and self game. But Jesus our King. only cares about his people because he will be our God.

As a Christian is versus make make it so much more clear for me. That are citizenship regardless of where we were born what language we speak what we eat and Sunday night. We belong to Christ that our citizenship is in heaven. And I believe all people from All Nations have a responsibility from guy looking at these nurses and more than out date us thousands of years to live Jackson so that others may know Jesus Christ. We as Christians must influence. Our governments are leaders and our community for Christ. This is a Biblical model. Operation we don't have one thing to church one Christianity is are left. And if we don't like it, we have to look at this.

iser Friday

He is my king. He is my ruler. We must take Christ Our King by putting away all things on this Earth and putting his word first. Putting God Whispers don't have a Bible. I'm sure we have plenty around here. You can have one. Jesus the King has no country. No language reprieve. He is the king of all people. So let us Bow Down and Worship Him.

We must be a Child Jesus. I don't have to dress up there that we had to become children that we have to be reborn. And so hard for adults through my career so far. I worked with you for many years and then right before my last call last appointment. I was a children's pastor. I was appointed as the associate pastor of you and sits and when I got there I was told you won't really work with the kids that much all set up. You'll just focus on me. And Brooke with change. I love thing you I did but I really love the kids and

the theater genuine questions and inquiry That's what Jesus wants from us. That I'm doubting fake.

Believe In Christ away the Bible tells me so being a child of the king is our foundation as people, it's our home and our strength. And this life it is often said only Tuesday. that impact but we have one more. It's a ruler that is there for ever been in a tunnel. That is all-powerful.

Being a child of the king lose our Allegiance and dedication to him in good times and bad and we learn from this passage that what God gives.

We must remember to put him first in all things. This joyous Sunday the last Sunday of Advent. We have a to honor of singing praises to God our Father for soon becoming flesh and dwelling Among Us. Is Amanda Tyler down at our daughter? and all as we get our song Could you imagine how Mary must have felt looking down at the savior of the world? the king of kings young Mary and Joseph as parents raise their boy to lead a movement. That would shave have them and help so that all people should be safe. a simple young woman and a carpenter I'll make Jesus who you are as a humble Messiah who would only at 33 years later died on Cross For All Mankind. That is my king My Savior and the one I serve. But the question is how about all of us? We want to serve price for full Medicaid for leaving and he is the Messiah that will save us all from our sin and make us into the evil.

almighty God

Hope Center Online focus one the Messiah of the world let us put our dedication and allegiance to you first. That we know that our citizenship is in heaven. Can you add the church should be your hands and feet as we prepare for your brother? Dynamic Praise You lifetime

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