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Why do I pull those out sometimes on rough week? So grab your bible Luke Chapter 2?

He probably could have guess we're going to be in Luke when you think Luke Chapter 2. Tonight's quaint little group here this morning. A lot of people traveling. That's all right. We're keeping them in our prayers. And I am excited for the new year 2020 I think God is going to do some amazing things coming up. Please keep the Christmas Eve service in your prayers. I know again A lot of people are traveling but it is a time. We always have a lot of visitors. So pray that God does something there pray that God will you know Philip a few more of these seats at least maybe for Christmas Eve, but the find Luke Chapter 2 1 Phim not going to go through here in and break down everything like a full Exposition. But one of the things it is, I've studied it stood out to me is waiting upon the Lord waiting upon the Lord, you know, so I do find that this question if you ever found yourself waiting on God, I think it's kind of a dumb question. Sometimes we wait on the Lord up for different things, you know, maybe you're at this point your life waiting on a spouse, you know, something like that something big maybe it's something with your career change. I have memories of a kid of the anticipation of Christmas, you know, what kind of like this gift, you know, thinking of something that I had asked for it. Did they remember that? You know, what kind of you know kind of thinking it was his anticipation, you know, it's kind of that feeling we have sometimes but there's as we grow up as we become adults, there's times of waiting with the Lord right? I mean there is Issues sometimes waiting on God to heal us there's different things and it's children of God. We have the Lord guiding us. We have him that we can trust in we believe he's been living God he's active in our lives and I I love this aspect about our walk with the lord. It's not like we're alone right? He's with us he sees us. He hears our prayers is with us through all thing is Emmanuel God With Us and you know, there's times in our lives where we wait upon him, right? We don't want to get out in front of the Lord in N do things that he never intended us to do right? We want to wait on God Spirit to move. We wait we walk with him. How do we know that he is outside? The five nights rules of time right? It's one of those verses that makes it kind of scratch your head. Sometimes like a day to God is like a thousand years, you know, it's like wow, I like how you know, how what's God's timing? Why isn't he doing that yet? Why are we still waiting on God to show up in this special way and I think in this story, there's several people in the story that we're waiting on God. It was great anticipation. You're the close of the Old Testament. It was all these prophecies about the coming Savior and they are in this. Of their life with they are waiting if people want the temp older there's wise man rides in different places. We see that we're just studying the scriptures believing it's got to be soon. Jesus has got to be soon the king or I'd King Jesus is coming. We know wedding scriptures all seem to point to its of 300 prophecies pointing to the life of Jesus pretty fascinating of your nice study for yourself. It's some Play button scripture. We know that oftentimes God's people are called to wait to wait in a Joseph is an example that comes to mind by Joseph. He had these dreams, right? We know for the story Genesis 38 through 50 win Amazing Story the life of Joseph, you know, God comes to him as a young teenager gives them great dream to The Godly Man a faithful man, but there's this long. Of his life where things just get crazy absolutely nuts. If you know the story ups and downs goes to prison falsely accused he was standing up doing what's right and in his whole time of his life, he certainly thought that got it probably felt like that in a man to them. It was a periods of time. Where is called to wait, I could name a hundred Bible stories Moses another one at age 40 thought for sure. He was ready to be God's chosen deliver of Israel from Egypt, right? But God knew better. It wasn't ready had to spend another 40 Years Learning the character of God. And finally he was at the the most Meek place than the most the weakest person on the earth. And at that point, he was ready ready. We had to wait upon the Lord the early church. That's another one Acts chapter 1. Jesus said something specific. He said go and wait in Jerusalem to the Holy Spirit comes upon you and then You'll be able to go right so there's this beautiful picture of the early church together fasting praying in the upper room hundred and twenty of them. What an amazing thought. There's they're not even about to go do ministry because the God hasn't shown up the Holy Spirit hasn't filled them and they're not ready to go. But on that day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit does show up and then at that point they go right then they go and they preached boldly and God does some amazing things. So whether it's a victory against an enemy, whatever whatever God has maybe put on your heart that he's going to do in the future. It's doesn't mean he's abandon you if it hasn't come true yet. He's with you. Sometimes the word is go and then Now's the Time but sometimes the word is weight is weight. So it's kind of a long introduction, but hey, you know, I was thinking there's some things that aren't worth waiting for. You know, for example, like maybe Disney World you go there and it's like, you know standing in the hot summer sun of It's a small world. You know, it's like I don't think that's worth the wait, you know, like I mean fast pass or not. I think I'll use the Fastpass on a different ride. You know, it's like I mean Black Friday standing in front of a Best Buy it. I mean we got Cyber Monday now, so it's probably not worth the wait. Did I went out to lunch go to goodie-goodies hour-and-a-half? Wait for a goody goody Burger. I don't think it's that good of a burger.

Went down to Bartaco got a seat and immediately right? That's not I mean some things are worth waiting for some things are not anything that has to do with the Lord major decisions God showing up. It's always worth waiting on God to do the work right certainly. So in Luke's account. I mean we see we see Mary I can only imagine the anticipation we see the shepherd's we see receipts Simian we see Anna. So I just going to go through here and point out a few things. Look at Luke 2 starting in verse 1 pick it up with me. She says at that time. Specific time low points out the Roman Emperor Augustus decreed that expensive should be taken throughout the Roman Empire. This would have been just a random was not like this happens every year at the same time. This is all the sudden out of nowhere. This was the first census verse to taken when Corinthians was governor of Syria. All return to their own ancestral towns to register for the census and because Joseph was a descendant of King David. He had to go to Bethlehem in Judea David's age home. He traveled there from the village of Nazareth in Galilee. He took with him married to whom was in he was engaged and who was now expecting a child and while they were there the time came of it circled in my Bible That's the twin the time came for her baby to be born. Interesting, you know, the anticipation of any child is one of those things that just for the you ladies and you Dad. You've had children, you know that the house gets a little crazy. You know, I mean crazy not in that crazy, whatever Teresa's giving me the evil eye little bit. No, but that means being at me just think about Mary here at this point. She's she's large. You're right. I mean a 9-month pregnant lady is can't even get off our couch hardly much less onto a donkey and you know taking a road trip across town. I mean it across the country and I would like to Bethlehem and here she is I mean, you know, she's at this place of nesting right? I mean, that's a real thing. I mean nesting is a this thing. I looked it up American to find nesting during pregnancy as the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby. The nesting Instinct the strongest in the later weeks coming up upon delivery. So the diapers are there the wipes to crib the walls are painted all these different things. This is what modern day moms do right is what is this is natural enough. But there's no real nesting going on here. I mean they were on the move and this is God's timing and God's plan. For the Savior to be born. I mean you could imagine the tension in Buried. I mean, she's probably like in I mean obviously what's your attitude like I mean is she irritated with Joseph? I mean like did you change the hooks on the donkey? I mean, it's big as rough as all get-out. Why are we traveling couldn't have done this by yourself? I mean, I'm going to stay home, you know go like I'm staying here, you know, I mean, I don't know what's going on in her life, but I think I want to say that, you know from her song that we read last week that her and Joseph both were at this place of full surrender to Jesus right in it. I want to think that Mary had a good Godly attitude and that she says, you know what I'm going to trust God's timing on this. You know, what maybe she knew the prophecy in Micah at the Lord and me my Cafe. 52 says that for example, that's a prophecy that you owe bethlehem-ephrathah. You are small amount of Clans of Judah out of you will come for me with the one who will be ruler over Israel whose Origins are from old from ancient times. I mean we can look back and we can see The crazy, you know the situation that she was in was all apart of God's plan, right? You know, I don't think that Mary maybe she knew that prophecy. I don't know but if we going to afford to get to Bethlehem, right? So you're waiting on God doesn't mean that things go seemingly always as planned, right? You know, you may be waiting certainly doesn't mean you don't face hurdles, you know, when you'd least a surrendered to the Lord and we trust the Lord. And as much as we can buy the power of the Holy Spirit, we keep a Godly attitude. We keep our eyes on Jesus music several points. You can kind of pull from this just this little thing but you know one is it just because we know God is doing something doesn't mean that we do nothing you imagine. Josefa me. He's in this place. He simply doing what's right, you know, he doesn't he's not trying to just figure out you know, the the savior is got to be in Bethlehem and he's stressed out about all these other details. You know him is the leader of the family. He's just like, okay this decree has gone out. I know that I have to go so merry pack your bags we're going to do what's right, and we're going to go and now it mean doesn't mean we do nothing and we certainly keep doing the next right thing the little things that we know to be right even if the big thing seems You know far away or unreachable. So no help no matter how hard it gets we keep moving forward and doing what's right another thing. You know, I think we must trust God's plan and his timing. And we can't always understand God's ways and we don't know if you know if she did understand is prophecy, but when you know, God has plans we make plans, right? How does it all work together many are the man to the plants heart the Bible says but God directs the steps God directs the steps. Back and Luke. Look at verse 7. Luke 2 verse 7 so she gave birth. To her first born son. She wrapped him snuggly and strips. I like the new Livingston strips of cloth and laid him in a Manger because there was no lodging available for them. This is the king of glory the king of creation royalty, right so far beyond any kind of royalty that we can imagine in New Britain or whatever. We see the monarchy and the fanciest of places that we would think in our own intellect and mind of God of all people of God comes How does he do it? It's royalty clothed in rags, right? I mean it you're the king of glory wasn't about luxury or Comforts of this world from the beginning and this is the work of God. Let me Jesus went from this wooden and animal feeding trough to do being crucified on a wooden cross made for a criminal. That's the life of God. I mean Mary certainly been waiting for the arrival of Jesus and through the waiting the moment came and nothing was glorious about it. When nothing is far as far as the physical circumstances. I mean it was royalty was rejected even a bed. This was poverty total poverty. It was the wave in the ways of God. Listen, this is something I think is for us this morning. There's a good reminder. It's not about where we are. It's not about what right we have. It's about who I mean it's about who is with us who is being born who you know is around us. We is Christ follower. Certainly we have we have stuff. We have a home we have these things but it's not about those things, you know life is not about the stuff we accumulate and I think it's a good thing to remember that on Christmas not other stuff you accumulate but the people that we love and who we impact all along the way, you know, it's good for us to get to remember these things on the Christmas of all times. You know, we were with our kids will let their friends are we concerned about them or we just concerned about the stuff? First Dates Luke 2 verse 8 that night there were shepherds that night. I just any night that night there were shepherds staying in the fields nearby Gathering or guarding their flocks of sheep to the shepherd deer and it suddenly write the angel of the Lord appeared to Shepherds. There's some irony here because of who God picks and who the Angels pick to come too and make this announcement Shepherds were the rejects right? They were unclean. It couldn't even work on Sunday that I couldn't go to the temple and worship on Sundays cuz they had to be with their flocks. They were just ceremonially unclean. They were the outcast the poor those who were rejected by the elite of society. And even in the story, they don't have names. I mean here is and then suddenly Gods the Angels show up into these outcasts and no name Shepherds. They were the ones that God chose to blast with the announcement of the Coming Shepherd the greatest Shepherd of all of creation who has the greatest name the name that is above all names to the lowly and to the rejected at the angel didn't come to King's to the elite the Pharisees describes the religious they came to the outcasts. That's good for me. That's good for you. I don't know how you think of yourself, but that's good for you. That's what the Bible says is. Think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were Wise by human standards, even if you still think you are not many were influential not many were of noble birth. It's just like the gospel just as the Angels come to announce the Shepherds the god in the gospel comes to people like you and me. But you're the Shepherds. Were you got to wonder where they waiting? You know, where they wait. What would they hold your life? Like, I mean, I just have to sometime speculate. It's not totally there. You know, I would think that at least one of them was like why am I so Shepherd, you know, like why am I here? Why am I grinding it out these smelly animals? Why couldn't I have been you know that they are get me out of this God, you know, I'm ready to quit kind of thing. Good thing they didn't quit, you know, they would have been they would have missed out on this night, you know, here's the Shepherds and I certainly Believers children of God and God shows up the angels and suddenly out of nowhere. Just like it could have been any other ordinary night. Maybe they'll just be wanting something some kind of change here. It is suddenly verse 9 and Angel shows up to these these Shepherd of the Angel of the Lord appeared among them and the radiance of the Lord's Glory surrounded them. And they were terrified but the angel reassure them don't be afraid. He said I bring you good news. That's the gospel good news. That will be great. Joy to all people the Savior. Yes, the Messiah of the Lord has been born today today in Bethlehem. The Messiah has been born the city of David. What a message. The Savior has been born. The king is here the Savior the one who all of the Israelites especially had just been longing for waiting for of all days. I mean the Savior has come in the Angels, just declare this amazing news. All the prophecies are being fulfilled literally up Heaven opens its doors to make this announcement that heaven has come to the Earth to save the world from their sins for all who would believe in this savior. The Savior has come that's an amazing thought on this very special day than God came to rescue us from our sins. What a glorious day that God came. God came and the angels come to announce it look at verse 12. You recognized him by this sign. You will find a baby wrapped it snugly and strips of cloth lying in a manger and is F1. Angel was enough verse 13 suddenly on top of that. The angel was joined with a vast host of others the armies of Heaven praising God and saying glory to God in the highest heaven and peace on Earth to those with whom God is pleased. If only I could hear that. I mean, I just want to hear that the choir of angels. Let me the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir 300 people. I mean, it's like that is Angelic and glorious. I meet you imagine. I read in Revelation this morning that there is could be a millions of angels. I mean think of the voices glory to God in the highest. Dana fascinate-u glory in their singing Angels right declared a in heaven right now. They're still there's angels in it these Godly created falling Before the Throne of God just declaring glory to God Worthy is the Lamb and here it is heaven open all when Jesus is born and Justice Angelic choir singing Glory to God in the highest Heaven peace on Earth. Peace. Peace between us and God the wait is over. There's no more immunity between us and God. It's glorious the manifestation of God himself. Look at verse 15. When the Angels had returned to heaven the Shepherds said to each other. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's see this thing that's happened, which the Lord has told us about what we wait no more waiting. Let's go, right. The day is here. Jesus has been born looking for 16. They hurried. He'll do just like their dirt out of there. They hurried the best thing I've ever heard to the Village. They found Mary and Joseph and there was the baby lying in the manger. When God says go we don't delay, right the wait is over we go with fervency and Zeal. God says go. after seeing him check this out after seeing him the Shepherds told everyone. What had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child? I mean, I think that's definitely the same call for us. Right when we when we really get a glimpse of Heaven and the gospel in the good news. When it begins to make sense to you that your sins are forgiven that God's not holding your sins against you that you are right with God that you were going to heaven that God is with you that he is walking with you the given you this new life. We can't help but tell others what God has done they begin to do the same thing. We're Messengers. We Proclaim it when God works. We tell others were astonished that God would come to us lowly, Outkast And it's not about us he begins to tell about what God has done. The Savior has come has nothing to do with you has nothing to do with the who you were. There's no shame in that we just tell others We Go Tell It on the Mountain song singing We were just doing right 18 all who heard the shepherd's story were astonished but Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often. The shepherd's went back to their flocks glorifying God forever changed glorifying God and praising God for all they had heard and seen it was just as the angel had told them they were forever changed. Forever changed glorifying God. I mean it I don't think they ever herded sheep the same way personally, you know, I don't clean the same way, you know, I don't fold laundry the same way, you know when I do.

Feel guilty on that one.

But man were forever changed. This is the old hymn. This is my story. This is my song praising My Savior all the day long. I mean whether it's taking out the garbage they're grinding it out at the officer making cold calls or whatever it is. I don't think that it's the same once we've met Jesus once we've seen the glory of God. And once we tasted of Heaven the way daddy Shepherds have I think we praise God we glorify God no matter what happens from here on out. I pray that all of us can sing no matter what pain or struggle or hurdles we Face. Let's be singing the Praises of God through it all through it all. Going on here. Looking first 21 8 Days Later. The baby was circumcised or obedience following the the Jewish laws. He was named Jesus. The name given him by the angel even before I was conceived we read that last few weeks. Then it was time for the purification offering as required by the law of Moses after the birth of the child to his parents took him to Jerusalem to resent him to the Lord. The law of the Lord says if it's a woman's child is first of all, you must be dedicated to the Lord. So they're just being obedient Israelites here. So they offered the sacrifice required of the law of the Lord either a pair of turtle-doves or two young pigeons that shows their level of poverty. Right there, they would not be required because of your they were not middle class. They were lower class if their you know, if there was you know, it was from what we understand of it and they were not seeing of God didn't decide. Okay these they've got the perfect home now. I can move in their life know it wasn't about that. Right? We can versus 25 at that time. I love this guy is Simeon at that time. There was a man in Jerusalem name Simeon check out. This guy's status his Facebook post. It was a righteous and devout and was eagerly waiting. He wasn't just waiting. Circle at one eagerly waiting eagerly waiting for the Messiah to come and rescue Israel. The Holy Spirit was upon him and had revealed to him that he would not die until the Lord until he had seen the Lord's Messiah. What a guy here. Obviously, he's the man of the gods word. He knew the scriptures. He's a man that was in touch with the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit had revealed something about the future, even it got to be to put something on his heart big but he's going to see Jesus. Sometimes the Holy Spirit does that in our lives put something on our heart and it's going to come in the future. Maybe it's you know a vision that you've had a dream that I believe that God still does that but here specifically he's waiting on Jesus the spirit revealed this particular thing. And he gets this glimpse of the future and something to notice about him. He certainly wasn't lazy about his face. I mean, he's eagerly waiting he's devout and you know, he's he's holy right? He's righteous and we don't get lazy when God reveals something to us. We get eager. We eagerly waiting certainly were content, but we pray we worship we keep our minds and thoughts on what God is doing is in sometimes we're striving for what's ahead we're pushing forward. You know, what was what we believe God has revealed doesn't mean we're not confirm content filled with joy of the Lord is Our Shepherd. We have all we need but but certainly when God reveals something for you to move forward with begin to eagerly wait waiting on God, but we're praying God is today the day I think me and Lord. I know you said this I just picture him there fasting praying calling upon the Lord don't give up in prayer. Right as a Jesus told me preble's don't give up in prayer. Keep praying mantis was modern-day, I think. Of course, I think this but I didn't mean he would be involved in church should be there every week. You know, how many be there more than every be at lifegroup every one of them, you know. Did definitely be at the prayer meeting at 6 a.m. I mean certainly this guy was fervently waiting eagerly waiting on God to do what he had put on his heart and he was going to do he wasn't going to just waste his days on worldly things. You know, maybe the Temptation is like all God's not with me. I'm just going to drink my sorrows away and I'm not going to church and not going to I don't care about my friends. I'm going to Lone Wolf, you know, it wasn't him. He was a faithful devout eagerly waiting on the Lord. He was righteous. He stayed right with God. You know, even though God hadn't done what he had said yet. He was waiting. I was waiting. And just as the spirit and said it happened. It happened. We conversed 27. That day that day not a day early. A day late Spirit lead him to the temple is a spirit-led man. So when Mary and Joseph came to visit baby Jesus to the Lord as the law requires so many was there and he took the child in his arms and praised God saying stavern Lord was amazing led by the spirit is The Sovereign Lord now let your servant die in. Peace. There's some truth for us there. Once we meet Jesus we can die in peace to Pieces as you have promised. I have seen your salvation verse 31, which you have prepared prepared for all people. It's for you. It's for me. It's for anyone who would believe the Salvation has come for all people. He is a light to reveal God to the nation's and he is the glory of your People Israel. Certainly. This is fulfillment of people of Israel the Old Testament. It's it's fascinating to study the Old Testament. Jesus is the coming Messiah for that but thankfully for us it's for all nations as well you and I to be The Outsiders if you will in God's allowed us. I mean I'm speaking maybe you're fully Jewish. I don't know Israelite. I'm not thankful. He's come to us as well us as well. One more person. I want to point out look jump down with me to verse. 30 sticks Anna a prophet female prophetesses prophets in the Bible. That was also there in the temple. She was the daughter of phanuel of the tribe of Asher. She was very old. Not sitting around playing shuffleboard. She's here. She's at the temples pretty amazing. She's worshipping. Nothing wrong with shuffleboard picking seashells. That's fine. Go ahead. But she's at the temple and I know she's there not even one laugh out of that. Okay, that's fine. Does bad joke? Her husband died. When they have been married only 7 years when she had lived as a widow, then she lived as a widow to the age of 84. She never left the temple, but stay there day and night worshipping God with fasting and prayer fasting and prayer and then notices next where she came along just assuming since was talking with Mary and Joseph and she began praising God. She talked about the child to everyone who had been what's waiting expectantly there. It is against amazing for God to rescue Jerusalem. Which kind of sidebar they were completely wrong about how Jesus would rescue Jerusalem. They thought Jesus was going to be a political savior, but he came as a spiritual savior one day. He will set up his physical Kingdom, but they were quite wrong on a lot of things that they were thinking but notice the main idea here is Anna. What is she doing when she's waiting? She's worshipping she's fasting she's praying. She's fellowshipping with other believers, and we're waiting on God to move in our life. I mean it doesn't do any good to to isolate ourselves to just Harden our hearts to the things of God to just feed the flesh. That's kind of the opposite of fasting fasting is one of those things where you deny your flesh and you say you know what? I don't want my flesh to get in the way of my sensitivity to the spirit of God. So I'm going to deny myself. I'm going to take some time and not eat. That's what they literally like. I'm going to just it's going to hurts and it's going to be terrible. It's going to stink, you know, everybody to be eating around me and I'm going to just fast and pray and seek the Lord and that's how she's waiting eagerly for God to show up and do what she believed he was going to do. It's amazing thing reminds me of Acts chapter 13, you know how to turn there but it's it's a such an amazing picture of the church. That's the church and Paul had been waiting himself for at least 10 years, maybe 13 years to go out and go start preaching and he's there at church. There were other worshiping the Lord. It says they're all together fasting and praying. And worshiping in the Lord the Holy Spirit comes upon the church and says, hey set apart for me. Today is a day for Paul and Barnabas and they send out Paul and Barnabas, you know by the power of the spirit as they wait upon God and God does that work? So, I know you're all okay. I don't even say that nevermind three more quick points are almost done. I promise. These chairs are uncomfortable you guys it's like denying yourself. I know. Just sitting in these chairs. We're blessed. We're blessed here this morning. Quick too few quick things about waiting on God. Number one. There is when we're waiting on God. There is an upward forward longing for God to show up and do something. I mean it whether it is something big like a change in your career or God to show up with finances or a spouse or whatever. It is all of us if we're waiting on God's there should be this longing this forward pressing into Jesus. Jesus is the author of our life of his story of the of the things that he's doing around you. He's the author and Perfecter of our faith is doing a work in you but he's he's in challenging you calling you to not just be spiritually lazy but to press on forward seeking him praying right longing for him. We don't know always know what or how he's going to do it, but we knew we do know that it's God who's going to do it. So we must be close to him their minds and hearts on the Lord thinking about him. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus fix our eyes on Jesus the second thing I was thinking from this when we're waiting on God. There is the physical and I challenge you this morning and there's this physical there's a worship fasting prayer in church. I mean, you can even just safe fasting and prayer and fellowship. I mean it when you're waiting on the Lord you're seeking an answer for something God is doing I mean, I just did challenge you encourage you fast. I mean tell the Lord like I mean. And I ate your Reverend kind of way, but be like man got I'm not going to eat until you speak to me in your word until you comfort. I mean it that happens. Sometimes I get hard hard. It hurts. Just know in my head or you know, and it's like I'm not going to eat. I just want the Lord, you know, man does not live by bread alone. But by every word that comes from the mouth of God Jesus fasted for 40 days Moses same thing. I mean it and I can't go and and you can't go 8 hours in 4 hours, maybe skip lunch. I mean if you want to draw near to the Lord and you're waiting and you want him to be closer to him fast and pray and call upon the Lord of worship and fellowship get around your other believers friends your other bleeding family.

Certainly when you don't know what I mean. These are the disciplines of of God, right? And then finally when we're waiting on God. There is full trust right in the Sovereign control of God even through even though the circumstances may be a schemingly out of control. There's full trust. I don't mean some half-hearted I mean deep in in the oven is your pastor. I'm still growing in this like a deep true belief that God really is in control. Did he really does see the sparrow in it? How much more valuable are you than a sparrow T really does see the the the pain that you go through the the hurdles that you face the difficult circumstances that just don't seem right at all. May you stay at there's nothing that seems right about Jesus being born in a manger. I mean nothing doesn't make sense. I mean, but but the Lord we trust the Lord with all our hearts and we forget what we thought we just sometimes you got to just be like, okay. I don't understand but I'm going to trust The Sovereign God is King Jesus is in control.

If you're in that season where you can understand trust in the Lord Romans 8 26-28. I know it's famous. It's on your coffee mugs, but you have to let it get in your heart Let It Be written on your heart and in all things. We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose.

Let it be. Holy spirit. Let it think deeply in our let us believe it with all of our hearts. SO waiting on God is something that the common for us all something that we are called to is God's people. We just a couple of verses your Psalm 130 is amazing because I wait for the Lord as a Watchman waits for the morning more than Watchmen wait for the morning. I wait for the Lord. What are my favorites all-time some 24-14 says wait for the Lord? Be strong and take Heart by faith and wait for the Lord. The Lord is the Builder. I love this one, Isaiah 40. Says Those Nights at 4031 says those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall Mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not be faint. The Temptation for all of us is just to do things in the flash to try and just make it happen and to be angry about it when it doesn't happen. But we is God's children. We're going to wait on the Lord. We wait I was as I was studying the song came on the song. Yes, I will. This is a count one thing the same God that never fails will not fail me. Now. It says this in the waiting the same God who is never late is working all things out. You're working all things out. Yes, I will. I will lift you high in the lowest Valley. Yes. I will I will bless your name. Oh, yes. I will sing for Joy when my heart is heavy all my days. Yes. I will let it be a song that you sing in your heart.

Praise the Lord. Amen.

Before I pray this remember, you know that the the thing our greatest need has been met, right? That's Jesus. Jesus came to rescue you from your sins. They paid the price for anyone who believe and trust in him the Savior you can be saved between you and God trusting the Lord Jesus as your savior greatest need has been met. What's all balanced care if you would

Got thank you for your word to us. Thank you Lord that we know and we can trust that you're in control. Yeah, we wait upon you in our lives. God. Let us be people who are keeping in step with you every moment of every day of our life. We worship you we praise you. I just pray that we would be faithful and devout worshippers of you got those who are disciplined to take the time to eagerly seek you and wait upon you God. I just pray for my brothers and sisters and courage and bless them today in this Christmas holiday season in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. What's all stand together if you would?

May the Lord bless you and keep you may he make his face shine upon you and give you peace and joy as you walk with him this Christmas week in Jesus name. Amen, and you guys are just hey, Google.

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