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            I’ve always remembered a story someone told me years ago about one of our more colorful congressional leaders, the late Martin Barnaby Madden of Ill.  It seems that near the end of his long and distinguished career, Representative Madden observed that a certain young congressman was often voting as pressure groups dictated.  He also noticed that this young man would never express open dissent with anyone, but always agreed affably with whatever was being said.

            Congressman Madden spoke of this to the younger man, who admitted that he had this fault.  “But,” he said, “You know how it is, Mr. Madden.  The external pressures on us legislators are tremendous.”

            “Young man,” said Madden, “I know all about the outer pressures.  But where are your inner braces?”

Sin, Sex, and Self-control, Norman Vincent Peale, page 166

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