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Cast Of Christmas- Shepherds

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Hope your little table.

four wheeler Batman

Good morning. Sweetie. How's everyone who is looking forward to Christmas?

All right hand.

this type of work because of Technology

it was moving there to so this should go fast.

So are we going to be?

Thank you.

I don't even know where.


I know I'm super excited faces.

You know what's going on?

So busy.

Family to go along with the future.

good relationship


Email Michelle Obama God We Praise Your Name on High for the commitment that morning ready to make publicly before his brother and sisters before his family doing so, well, we are excited that he gets to be adopted into your kingdom now on this phone. What a Great Commission that is for us as a church.

We were Joyce's angels in heaven in Jesus name. Amen.

I'm super excited.

the knot stock

Not today.


York England map

I know they're going to be okay.

All right Church.

Listen to take a few moments.

Yes, I just called out now. Call it out out loud.

Before we baptized our brother.

This is my son who I am. Well pleased.

Call Holy Spirit.

We're going to talk to you though. Maybe your story.

The song with you can come with us.


The child to call him Jesus.

You conceived by the Holy Spirit.

all kinds of service and he born

And Mary, this is where Jesus chose to be born on Earth.


Great Tidings of great. Joy for interview

When is spice get birthday?

Alright with me one more time. We do not take up an offering at the church. We have toy boxes because he wants you to give out of obligation. And so we do decorations and healing at the house straight to the next facility. I need to file my taxes job better job. I fry Road church family. Joy in our home.

We praise you Jehovah Jireh for all of our needs that we can have more.

Yorkie about the gospel of Christ

Shepherd living out in the fields nearby

an angel of the Lord appeared to them and the glory of the Lord Shone around them and they were terrified that will be for all the people today in the town of David a savior. Has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you. You will find a baby. In lying in the major suddenly a great company. Angel music glory to God

So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph have a baby.

We're going to like today.

So when you were asked to do this the word was Joy. I was thinking of what I can share and so this last week so we have two adult children that live in Minnesota. And they grew up in church. They were baptized but they haven't deleted found a church home yet and last week I get a text from my daughter my son.

so it just that was brought so much. Joy, you raise your children and and even myself, you know, I went years without going to church so that brought so much joy.

He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ this foundation and the seeds for planting in inner. Children. God will complete his work.


I can just do this over and over every month in new members every week.

But what I have learned in the Christmas season through my own experiences.

I'm sure that all of you have experienced times in your life. Where you been?

Increase provide for us a chance to experience that momentary lapse of Joy momentary season of Joy. None of us. Unfortunately. We are going to go to Great Lengths. Smokies other people because we're trying to make our kids happy your friends next door.

Even though he knows you a closet 3 months later in your life.

Who remembers Arnold jingle all the way?

But Arnold goes to Great Lengths to get this toy from schist. the point of the movie

His only begotten son Jesus Christ.

Let's play.

Father God I pray that this not going to be another Christmas message, but that you would be glorified. I pray that we need to just come here to check them today, but it's not a fleeting Joy. This is joy that last forever and ever. Amen.

So God speak to us today for those that came here needing some joy and hope in their life. Would you awake and left as we look at the story of the Shepherds and what they brought to the store would we find ourselves?

With hope enjoying our own hearts in Jesus name. Amen.

Remember the Christmas gifts from the 90s. You have Tickle Me Elmo. I mean, why did we?

embodiment of rubella

Well, I just a few short years after that the dark web brought us at the zoo. People were paying three times over market value on internet.

I know you you're older than me. You might be looking at me going by.

Remind you of something poking asked if he could breathe.

Yep, this Christmas we hold on to the Reason for Hope in the foundation of your joy. Joy Christmas present so different than any other it says there in the Bible and the angel said to them.

I hope you get that little jingle stuck in your head. And this is what the shepherd's bring us. Is this Joy Angels appear to the Shepherds? Doing their work.

Well, you are the church wherever you go.

The minions will say what they always say when an angel shows up or not. You're not purple green you good news of great joy, that will be for all the people for unto you is Born This Day in the city of David a savior. Who is Christ the lord?

Did you catch it? Zhu Zhu profile

So we're going to cover all of this in the next few moments here. But God chose to send his only begotten son and you can have a relationship with the well, I thought that but what did your thing do your thing keeps you from a relationship with your father about first great luxury. Peace and joy. But they first experience with the fog in the dark.

Sending his only begotten son.

Looking out the story this week. Okay. Phone number to get it.

delivered in the manger Jesus

humble into a relationship with you

spots from me

To have a relationship with me.

Angels appear and the lowest on the wrong of people who'd be respected in God chose them.

Can you use you you?

And the beautiful thing is that on Christmas Eve at 7. We all get together again to celebrate the conclusion of pageant and find ourselves old used Christmas store.

Let me know and perhaps you're not the favorite in your family. You look back on your life and your life.

Keeper in your family

So maybe if you didn't get all the breaks in like maybe even get the latest job promotion for the pay raise that you were hoping for but we look to the Shepherd that we find great.

Would you call complaint that today? Or someone's obedience to follow France to publicly declare. I'm going to die to myself everything that I've done in the past goes down into the water down into the grave and you come off.

But I like to say when they come up out of the laundry just no longer you whom it applies to me.

So what do these dirty smelly despise Shepherds do? the chair falls in the middle of the night there thinking maybe was that burrito on but there they are Angel sharing good news with it.

Luke chapter 2 verse 16

It's not the same price.

Are we putting others before self? Are we following price in obedience? It's not enough that Jesus was just your savior. My friends that's not going to get you very far. Jesus needs to be Lord of your life as well.

The story continues but they found Mary and Joseph and the baby in the manger.

It's all who heard it. Wondered what they told. in other words the gospel message didn't stop there. They spread the good news.

A good friend of mine. He now lives in Missouri where if you were to stay the correct way to Missouri.

It brought me so much.

and he had to share the news with us because he said if this happens

it's okay. I made a decision whether that was something we wanted or didn't want to do. We haven't experienced. Hoping that Joy.

Wait Chapel. Someone has Joy of Jesus Christ. We can't contain it other people know.

Yes, the problem with the toys and the presents under the tree for Christmas is that we're looking for Hope in a jar in a case of diminishing returns. deal with the return of Christmas I just want to be I just want to tell you if it's okay.

It's about the people to feel surrounded with joy that you could have breached.

Look up drugs and alcohol filled my heart. I was trying to field a boy inline people.

Whose power in your testimony if you share the good news?

Then I was feeling a void in my life. I thought I had a bunch of friends in my life. That would be there from beginning to end, but when I stepped away from this function, and I stepped into love.

It's okay quickly in French. And now look at the friends that I'm surrounded by. raise

But the first Christmas gift is a different gift all together enjoy airlines out of John chapter 15.

I love John chapter 15. We spent the matter of months looking at John chapter 15 about cleaning price and what that looks like this.

I have spoken to you my joy may be in you and that your joy may be full.

I'm tired of seeing grumpy Christian.

You know, they got to go to work.

name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

because if we are following Jesus we are full of his joint his Joy make the complete.

I forgot the hope and joy. It's not dependent upon our emotions.

It's the past because we know our future we don't fight for the victory we fight from the mission.

There are 250 passages in the Bible that deal with joy.

Pounds of Christ follower we are commanded to have joy in my life then I'll sign up for that.

You know what the Bible actually commands us to Rejoice twice as many times as a command of to repent.

Don't don't lost over the repentance. We've been talking about this for a couple weeks and he is turning away. And if not a 360 right back where we started this once controlled My Life alcohol debauchery violence. I'm turning away from

Repentance is huge. Sent his son.

Don't think for a moment that he's in the party song.

when Jesus born

Nana wants a bus from this week to go see Kingdom music. That's where I got that Christian hip-hop artists.

San Antonio

bad stuff during grievances and Brian trejos the black twin brother killed in the street.

the game McMahon retaliation Restart the phone tax return.

All you beautiful women doing this for four years and guess what? They're traveling the world more.

I'm not going to speak for those that way up there cuz I know a bunch of people.

because of the power of Jesus

Dodge want your life to be constantly overflowing with joy filled with joy.

What is that how you would describe your life?

What year is right now today?

Is that how you get to describe your life overflowing from Joy?

The shepherd's Joy was a result of what God had done in their life. They had an encounter with Jesus.

But it's not a one-time encounter Jesus. It's an ongoing process from now to Eternity. Are you doing with it now?

Meeting Jesus never stops in time.

Carlsbad, California

powerful thing in your life

or have you been coming this man of God this woman of God have we becoming more and more son and daughter in the Kingdom? Wendy Shepherd

if you're going to walk and then it seems that we should pay attention to the Bible.

Not only sent but I continually repeat over 250 times. Friends, you can only hear from God. You can only understand the words in the Bible if you open your Bible.

Off of your body make a new commitment with your family to get into the word open it up before you.

You can do a devotional Charles Persian and it says read many books but live in the Bible.

Look for those opportunities of July that Donald Trump elected.

While our foundation for Joy comes as a result of what Jesus did for us to enjoy have little to do with what happens every day according to many passages in the Bible. Hope enjoy our more about mindset or posture first. Open joist. It's a posture of lyddie and that comes only Jesus Christ did.

simple Bay Home in Lodi born in a manger

will you?

for you

it's connected with the decision.

The back one of the keys to a life of Joy us to Rejoice, even when the circumstances are disappointing for patient. again, because you know who you were gone is you know, where your future

Let me close with this encouragement for you.

Don't settle for anything less.

I want to share with you Psalms 51 with you. You can have to go away song 51.


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