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Jesus of Nazareth: Our Hebrew Lord – Online Edition – Session 1

By Dwight A. Pryor (DAP)

“Orientation & Course Overview”


1.    Introduction & Course Overview

2.    Quest for the Historical Jesus

3.    The Jesus Seminar & the Third Quest

4.    The Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research

5.    Second Temple Jewish Thought

6.    Galilee in the Time of Jesus

7.    The Pious Galilean Sages

8.    The Jewish Value of Talmud Torah

9.    Church & Synagogue: Parting of the Ways

10.   Church & Synagogue: Rejection & Replacement

11.  Jesus’ Jewish Identity and Heritage

12.  Jesus’ Devout Jewish Parents

13.  First Century Jewish Women & Mary, the Mother of Jesus

14.  Jesus’ Childhood Education

15.  The Boy Jesus Sitting with the Sages

16.  What’s In the Name “Yeshua”?

17.  Did Jesus Speak Hebrew or Aramaic?

18.  From Hebrew Sayings to Greek Gospels

19.  Jewish Ritual Immersion

20.  The Baptism of God’s Beloved Son

21.  The Anointed of God: Jesus & the Holy Spirit

22.  “You Must be Born of Water & the Spirit”

23.  Jesus’ First Sermon at Nazareth Synagogue

24.  Jesus’ Creative Reading of Isaiah 61

25.  Of Tallits and Tzitzit

26.  Touching the Hem of Jesus’ Garment

27.  The “Rabbi” Jesus

28.  Rabbis & the Raising Up of Disciples

29.  Jesus’ Role as Rabbi and Lord

30.  Rav Yeshua’s Teaching Methods

31.  Tzedakah & Treasure in Heaven

32.  The Single Eye & Being Filled with Light

33.  Scripture & Rabbinic Hermeneutics

34.  The Son of Man & Linking of Scriptures

35.  “The Kingdom Suffers Violence”

36.  “By the Finger of God”

37.  The Eternal Torah

38.  Abolishing & Fulfilling Torah

39.  Light & Heavy Commandments

40.  Messiah & the Mishnah (Oral Law)

41.  Lord of the Sabbath

42.  The Two Ways

43.  “You Have Heard … But I Say Unto You”

44.  Jesus’ Explication of So-Called Antitheses

45.  Summarizing the Torah: The Double Love Command

46.  “You Shall Love the Lord Your God”

47.  “You Shall Love Your Neighbor”

48.  Jewish Sources for Jesus’ Teaching on the Kingdom

49.  Shavu’ot, the Torah and the Kingdom

50.  Kingdom of Heaven & God’s Righteousness

51.  “The Kingdom is at Hand”

52.  The Kingdom of God & the Coming of the Son of Man

53.  The Kingdom: a Person, a Power, a People

54.  John the Baptist’s Confusion about the Coming Kingdom

55.  The Messianic Task & Kingdom Agendas

56.  Walking in the Light of Kingdom Priorities

57.  The Practice of Jewish Prayer

58.  “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”

59.  Parables Illustrating How We Should Pray

60.  Parable of the Talents

61.  Jewish Backgrounds to Jesus’ Parables

62.  Parables of Two Debtors & A Prodigal Son

63.  Parable of the Soil & the Secrets of God

64.  A Good Heart & the Pearl of Great Price

65.  The Divine Messiah & the Transfiguration

66.  “Son of Man” as a Messianic Title

67.  Jesus’ High Self-Awareness & Messianic Identity

68.  The Christology of the First Church

69.  “On this Rock I will Build My Church”

70.  Binding & Loosing for the Church

71.  Ekklesia: Assembly or Congregation?

72.  Jesus, John the Baptist & Herod Antipas

73.  “Go Tell that Fox”

74.  Jesus’ Great Love & Lament for Jerusalem

75.  Render to Caesar, Render to God

76.  “Whose Image Is On It?”

77.  Parable of the Wicked Tenants

78.  Anti-Jewish Sentiments in Matthew

79.  House of Prayer and Den of Robbers

80.  Collision Course with Corrupt Chief Priests

81.  Confusion & Controversy about Jesus’ Passover Meal

82.  Filling Full the Passover

83.  A Crowd Cries, “Crucify Him!”

84.  Who Killed Christ?

85.  Jewish Objections to an Atoning Sacrifice of Messiah

86.  Jesus’ Jewish Resurrection

87.  The Parousia (Advent) of the Son of Man

88.  How Shall We Live in Light of His Coming?

89.  The Centrality of Repentance for the Sages & for Rav Yeshua

90. The Torah-Incarnate Jesus of Nazareth: Summation and Exhortation

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